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Sun Scorched Desert

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The Sun village, located out in the desert. The village is built in a crater and is surrounded on all sides by a stone wall that protects the village. It sits in a sea of sand, underneath the warmth of the blazing sun.

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The Infinite Canyons

Large canyons that twist and turn throughout the desert, creating a maze of stone and sand. The canyons rise high into the sky, and make it incredibly dangerous to traverse this area if one does not know where they are going. The canyons rest just outside of the sun village and act as a barrier.

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The Red Desert

A dry and desolate expanse of sand and red clay. Considered to be the largest desert in this region, it is an unforgiving and dangerous place. Getting caught out here unprepared can be deadly.

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Sun Spire Mountain Range

The northern most part of the region, a massive jagged and rocky mountain range that extends the northern coast. The peaks rise high into the sky, earning their name. The red sand stone sits against a sunny backdrop as they overlook the crashing sea beneath them.

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Letony View latest post
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Silk Sand Coast

A white sand desert that sits on the west coast, and extends from Nikkousato out towards the sea. Many nomadic tribes call this region home as it is less harsh here than the rest of the desert.

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Arid Expanse

A rocky, dry and cracked portion of the world, an open landscape that extends from one side of the desert to the other. Void of most life, this area has come to be known as the resting grounds for many a lost soul. The Sun village often uses this region for training and exams.

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