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Southern Regions

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The Waste

The Waste is an expanse of sand and desert that moves south connecting the world to the north. Its a very dry and hot environment with little civilization. Many people move through the region as fast as they can, as its not that large, and very harsh to spend an elongated amount of time in. (Region 8)(Medium Danger Zone)

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Blending Fields

A dry and rugged part of the world, it is bleak and barren with little vegitation or even grass. It is a blend of dry plains and open fields with rocky out crops and plateaus. While a harsh environment people do still call it home, with the village of Aryn located here in the fields. (Region 9)(Medium Danger Zone)

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The Barrens

The barrens is just that, barren. All roads end here, as there is just nothing out here, or atleast nothing that anyone is aware of. The landscape is littered with ruins of ancient cultures from a time past. Those who spend time out here claim to be treasure hunters, looking for relics of the world before. (Region 10)(Medium Danger Zone)

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Warriors Pit

On the lowest part of the western world sits the Warriors pit, a wild peninsula that juts out into the sea. This area is very rocky, full of mountains and filled with harsh weather. It derives its name from the countless lives that have been lost here, as this was once home to a massive war. It is now used by shinobi who wish to prove themselves. Villages have been keeping their eyes on this area as it is a strategic part of the world. (Region 11)(Medium Danger Zone)

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The Brink

A continuation of the western peninsula, many believe The Brink sits at the edge of the world. Its a harsh, hazarderous environment rife with bad weather and savage outlaws. Those who are brave enough to venture to this part of the world will find themselves among terrible creatures and dangerous criminals, as this bit of land seems to be popular among those fleeing the world. (Region 12)(High Danger Zone)

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Tue May 26, 2020 5:03 pm
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High Spire

A mountainous and rocky out cropping that juts out into the sea. Nestled off on its own, the High spire region is not known for much, with very few braving its landscape. A large inlet branches inland from the sea, and many sailors use this area for fishing as it is home to unique creatures only found in these cold waters. (Region 13)(High Danger Zone)

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An icy island in the south, peppered by mist and storm. Its a harsh area, but life still holds on, as many call this place home. Its a popular fishing island, and home to many brave stalwart individuals. It tries to ignore the political environment of the rest of the world, seperated by much of the population of the rest of the world. It is home to the fishing village of Craiglorn. (Region 14)(Medium Danger Level)

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The Lower Marsh

South of the Lunar Light jungle sits the lower marsh, a swampland that covers most of the southern region. A thick bog filled with wetlands, venomous creatures and deadly plant life, it acts as a natural defense to anyone trying to move north. (Region 15)(Medium Danger Zone)

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