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» Clay Stained Red | Group Mission
by Letony Today at 9:44 am

» Ta-Seti, the Odachi
by Anubis Today at 9:42 am

» Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique| C-B Rank
by Letony Today at 8:23 am

» Wind Release: Passing Typhoon| C-Rank
by Letony Today at 8:23 am

» Piecing the Puzzle Together [Solo | Plot]
by Hyūga Ami Today at 7:59 am

» Twice in a Day [Solo]
by Hyūga Ami Today at 6:49 am

» Jegan Tracking
by Anubis Today at 6:31 am

» Jegan Kai
by Anubis Today at 6:30 am

» Silky Road [Group]
by Hyūga Ami Today at 6:10 am

» Ghostbusters
by Sakuragi Kokoro Today at 4:58 am

» By Far my Dumbest Solo Ever
by Tatsuya Nara Today at 4:06 am

» Solo Mission
by Tatsuya Nara Today at 2:46 am

» Missing Children Plot Mission
by Tatsuya Nara Today at 1:45 am

» THIS IS MY BRIDGE [Group Clash]
by Kaguya Shinigai Today at 12:55 am

» Steel vs Bone [Private | Fight]
by Kaguya Shinigai Today at 12:26 am

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