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    Kaguya Clan | Moon Village Clan Empty Kaguya Clan | Moon Village Clan

    Post by Admin on Tue Jul 16, 2019 1:22 am

    Kaguya Clan | Moon Village Clan 270?cb=20121230205935

    Name: Kaguya Clan
    Philosophy: The Kaguya Clan is well known for their savagery and thirst for battle, being one of the moon villages front line clans. They value strength over all else, and will often be the first to step up in times of war or battle. They are not an evil family, but are ruthless and quick to fight. The clan operates on a class system, where the stronger you are, the higher up in the social standings you are considered. Members will often fight each other to prove who is stronger. While the Moon village loves its clans, this is one of the few that has tight tension with the villages leadership, as most incidents of violence or anger start with a member of the clan. Despite their violent tendencies, the clan clan is loyal to their village and want nothing more than to die in service of that village.
    Location: Gekkousato (Moon Village)
    The Kaguya clan is a very old and ancient clan, dating back to the times of Higoru and the faceless beast. Before the uniting of the villages, they were a cluster of warriors who roamed the open lands acting as mercenaries for hire. When the war against the gods began, they decided to lend their skills to the causes, helping to fight against the great beast. After the great war, the Kaguya pledged themselves to Higoru and his family, vowing to serve them in times of crisis.

    When the brothers split, Omumaru, the current head of the Kaguya family sided with Hindeku, and pledged his families service to the moon village. Since then it has been a rocky relationship. The Moon village has always been known as a peace loving and relaxed village, caring more about its inhabitants than the political on goings of the world around them. The Kaguya however were very much invested in the ways of the world, and wanted their fingers on the pulse for a very long time.

    Members of the clan had been trying for years to get into a position of power, trying for a seat on the council, or even the head of the moon village. Due to their violent tendencies however, they have remained on the lower end of the village. Never mistreated, but always watched. Despite all of the turmoil and tension, the clan has always remained loyal to the village, and see it as yet another challenge to test their strength.


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