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    Aburame Clan | Moon village clan Empty Aburame Clan | Moon village clan

    Post by Admin Mon Jul 15, 2019 7:23 pm

    Aburame Clan | Moon village clan 200?cb=20150802160958

    Name: Aburame Clan
    Philosophy: The Aburame clan are a peaceful and hermit kind of people, keeping to themselves most cases. They are one with nature and spend most of their times off in the wilderness, hunting, planting or just living. They do not really enjoy the city life style and tend to live on the edges of the Moon village. They believe in community with nature, and that all things will eventually return to the soil. Little is really known about many of the members, as they do not get out often, and when they do, their stay is very short. The moos village considers them an asset due to their connection with nature and ability to live in dangerous environments. Many Aburame members have been used as spies, roaming the wilderness as random travelers.
    Location: Gekkousato | Moon Village
    The history of the Aburame clan is a bloody one, filled with betrayal and heart break. They where one of the older clans that existed along side Higoru and the ancient villages. However they were opposed to fighting off the faceless beast, and felt that humanity had deserved its punishment. When the great villages went to war against the gods, the Aburame fled into the wilderness, wanting no part in the battle to some. The secluded themselves and created small communities in the wilderness. They were forced to leave however, as the war raged on, the land became scarred and destroyed, and they were forced to move.

    Those that were left eventually settled into one of the villages, but they were considered out cast. The rest of the world viewed them as traitors who sided with the beast, and treated them as such. When the head of the family attempted to make peace with the village, he was beaten and shunned, mocked in the town square. As the fall of the villages occurred, and the two brothers split, the Aburame clan opted to side with neither brother, and to return to the wild. In order to assure their safety, the head of the family met with some council members of the Sun village. However, before they could argue their freedom, the heads of family were ambushed, attacked in the night and murdered.

    The clan was outraged, but no one was caught, and so the clan had to move on. They knew deep down that some of the other clans had betrayed them, took their anger out and slaughtered the head of the family. Hindeku, taking advantage of the situation, met with the sons who would take the spot of their father, and promised to give them a safe place to live and work within the moon village. Furious with Nikkousato, the sons accepted and moved the clan to the Moon village, where they continue to reside today.


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