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     Hyūga Clan | Moon village clan 200?cb=20150510204349

    Name: Hyūga Clan
    Philosophy: The Hyūga Clan are a proud and noble people that believe image is everything. Their entire culture is centered around a main branch and making that main branch look good. The clan is split into two branches, the high born and low born, with the low born there to serve the upper class. While the relationship between the two is a good one, the high born often are subject to a better quality of life. All Hyūga, regardless of branch, put the clan above all else, valuing family and honor the most. They live under strict rule and guidelines, maintaining a rigorous routine and schedule. They are very traditional and can be found honoring the old way of life, sometimes holding on to the past a little to much. The branches have learned to live together, with the low born there to protect and uplift the high born, even dying for them if need be.
    Location: Gekkousato | Moon Village
    History: The Hyūga clan was founded by two twins, a brother and a sister. They had lost their family to war, and decided to head out on their own. They lived under the shadow of the great villages, not wanting anything to do with the world politics. The siblings decided to marry each other, drawing much attention from their peers. This was considered a taboo thing to do, even back then, and so, no one really wanted anything to do with the duo. They had four children, two sons and two daughters. As the children grew, their parents noticed something was off, all four of the kids had white eyes, void of any iris or pupil. The eyes were glassed over and pure white, giving them the impression that the children were blind. This however was not the case, and in fact the children's vision was above average. A genetic mutation had formed, and gave the four siblings super human vision and sight, able to see the chakra networks of other living beings.

    As the children came of age, the oldest son eventually inherited the clan, taking his fathers place as head of the family. This son soon took his sister as his wife, but instead of taking the second born, he took the youngest. This allowed her to have as much power as the oldest son, which infuriated the oldest daughter. She believed that it should have been her to take that position, and grew jealous of her younger sister. In an attempt to lash out she married her younger brother, then concocted an coupe, an assassination attempt to kill the oldest son, elevating the youngest as head of the family. Behind her husbands back, the oldest daughter set out her plan to assassinate the oldest son, however the plan had been leaked and she was caught in the attempt. As punishment the woman was killed in front of the clan, and the younger sons line of the family was cursed. The clan split, creating two branches of the family, the High born and Low born. The low born were forced to serve the high born, living in worse conditions and protecting the family at all cost.

    While the tradition of marrying relatives faded away with history, the branches remain, to this day. After the great war on the heavens, the Hyūga Clan settled into the Moon village, giving their allegiance to the village. They are a valuable asset, however remain to themselves most of the time, choosing to only intervene in the politics of the village when it benefits them most.
    - Ahmin Hyuga
    - Higashi Hyuuga

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