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    Character Template and Guide


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    Character Template and Guide Empty Character Template and Guide

    Post by Admin on Wed Jul 31, 2019 5:38 pm

    Character Template and Guide
    Creating your character can be rather simple, while still allowing you enough room and space to make a character that fits the story you are trying to tell. All of your characters information will be split up between the character application and the Combat sheet. The application details all of your characters basic and personal information, while the combat sheet holds everything you need to know about your characters combat ability. In this topic we will be covering the Character Application, the first step in getting your character made.

    Characters Name
    -Insert Image-
    This is the name your character was given at birth. Please put first name then last name. We do not mind what your characters name is or which language it might be in, and is not restricted to just Japanese names. We do ask that you are serious about this part, and we will not tolerate over the top trolling when it comes to choosing a name.

    Nick Name:
    This is any nick name or alias your character may go by. These are self given names, or names given to them by friends or family, and are not titles or ranks earned. A nick name can be just about anything, but we ask that you try to stay serious, and do not use over the top trolling when choosing a nick name.

    This is the age of your character. On SG, rank and age are not tied together, meaning you can have a young or old C-Rank or a young or old S-Rank. This allows you to make an older character regardless of what rank you may be starting at. Please try to be reasonable however, we will not accept 5 year old S-Ranks or 150 year old characters.

    This is your characters gender. To keep things simple and streamlined, we will be allowing Male, Female or Other as acceptable answers. If you wish to play your character a certain way, that is fine and up to you, however for listing purposes we will be using these three classifications.

    If you character belongs to a clan, you can list it here. Please list the name of the clan with a link to its approved application. If you are not apart of a clan, just put N/A

    If your character possesses a bloodline you can list it here. Please list the name of the bloodline with a link to the bloodlines approved application. If you do not possess a bloodline, just put N/A

    This is the birthplace of your character. This can be a region of the world or one of the hidden villages. If your character was born outside of a hidden village, it must be explained in their history how they became apart of the hidden village they are currently in.

    This is the current village your character resides in. Please note, if your character was born outside of this village, there must be a clear reason that makes sense in your history. We will not be allowing characters born in one village to join another.

    This is where you explain what your character looks like physically. We ask that you place a picture of the face claim you wish to use here, as well as a physical description of at least 100 words. Try to be detailed and cover things your image may not show, or things that are changed or different.

    Height: The height of your Character
    Weight: The Weight of Your Character

    This is where you explain your characters personality. Please be detailed, and go over things such as behavior, fighting style, and how your character interacts with others. We ask that you make this at least 150 words.

    Likes: List 3 of your characters likes
    Dislikes: List 3 of your characters dislikes

    This is where you will write out your characters history. We know histories can be a pain, so this only needs to be 200 words. However we do ask that you make this as detailed as you can, with clear information on where they came from and how they got to where they are now. Your characters history will be recorded by staff and could potentially be used for story and plot, so be sure of what you put in this part.

    Face Claim: Who is the face claim you are using for this character and what source are they from.

    Owner: The ooc name you plan to use, this is to track multiple characters across the same member.

    [center][b][color=#003366][size=24]Characters Name[/size][/color][/b][/center]
    [center]-Insert Image-[/center]
    [color=#003366][u][b]Nick Name:[/b][/u][/color]






    [u][i]Likes:[/i][/u] List 3 of your characters likes
    [u][i]Dislikes:[/i][/u] List 3 of your characters dislikes


    [color=#003366][u][b]Face Claim:[/b][/u][/color]

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