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    Crystal Release | Sun Village Empty Crystal Release | Sun Village

    Post by Admin Wed Aug 07, 2019 4:34 pm

    Crystal Release | Sun Village 5775a199b3cc0e3560375ca59d2023a1

    Name: Crystal Release
    Possessors: N/A
    Type: Elemental Affinity
    Location: Nikkousato | Sun Village
    Appearance: Those who possess this bloodline are not normally born with any special features or traits.
    Abilities: Crystal release is the combination of wind and earth chakra natures. Using the sharpness of wind chakra the user can use it to effect earth chakra, creating very durable and sharp crystal type of substances. Normally dark purples and pink colors, crystal is transparent, tough and very good at defensive type of abilities. When shattered crystal leaves behind sharp and brittle debris. The crystal element can be used to create sturdy structures or items, like walls, blades or other useful objects. In addition to it being strong it is also very sharp, have razor edges and pointed ends, able to stick and stab as well as defend.

    Crystal release is weak against lightning based attacks of equal rank. The lighting is direct and powerful enough to pierce through the crystal, or vibrate at high enough frequencies to shatter the crystal. Those who find themselves attempting to block lightning based attacks with crystal will find that it simply does not hold up, and that the quick dangerous element is very efficient at shattering through the crystal.


    Jutsu List:
    - Shoton: Wild Dance of Shuriken [C-Rank]
    - Shoton: Jade Crystal Mirror [C-Rank]
    - Shoton: Crystal Needles [C/B/A/S-Rank]
    - Shoton: Burst Crystal Exploding Dragon [B-Rank]
    - Shoton: Crystal Armor [B-Rank]
    - Shoton: Crystal Fruit [B-Rank]
    - Shoton: Crystal Lance [B-Rank]
    - Shoton: Crystal Encampment Wall [A-Rank]
    - Shoton: Jade Crystal Clones [A-Rank]
    - Shoton: Divine Pathway Jutsu [A-Rank]
    - Shoton: Arrow of Light [S-Rank]

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