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    Meloku Mirriam | Sun Village


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    Meloku Mirriam | Sun Village Empty Meloku Mirriam | Sun Village

    Post by Meloku on Thu Aug 08, 2019 1:06 am

    Meloku Mirriam
    Meloku Mirriam | Sun Village Feea39174cf5b8be3ecaf953c19f93

    Name: Meloku Mirriam
    Nick Name: Melo
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female

    Meloku Mirriam | Sun Village 4b0a3256-b644-44d4-815b-547994026eb5

    Clan: N/A
    Bloodline: Storm Release

    Origin: Aryn Village - Blending Fields
    Village: Nikkousato - Sun Village

    Meloku Mirriam | Sun Village 4b0a3256-b644-44d4-815b-547994026eb5

    Meloku Mirriam | Sun Village 4318cddd9bf43235d10010d037b3ed
    Meloku is a tall, slender and sleek woman, having a very poised and nimble frame. She stands at a height of six feet, one inch, a bit taller than other females her age, and weighs a hundred and forty two pounds, giving her a very thin appearance. Her fragile frame is complimented by her light pale skin, almost blemish free and flawless. Her small body shape is contrasted by her massive amount of bright blonde hair, that cascades done her back and freely floats behind her. The striking feature is how much hair she actually has, as her entire back side is covered in the hair. It has a bright sheen to it, and is well taken care of, allowing it to glow in the afternoon air. Beneath her bangs sits a pair of big bright turquoise eyes, that seemingly have a sparkle to them.

    She is very formal and poised, and has a very regal stance to herself. Meloku is the epitome of professional and likes to appear as such. She has great posture and does not slouch or seem unprofessional in any way. She is very polite and proper, and that can be seen in the way she holds herself. She always has a smile and a happy loving look on her face. Many people describe her as welcoming and caring, and that is just in the way she holds herself. In addition to standing proper, she dresses professionally. Her attire is normally modest yet comfortable, and she prefers lightly colored dresses. Meloku can normally be seen with yellows, whites, greys or other light colored clothing.

    Meloku does not like to get dirty or sweaty, and this can be seen in the way she battles. While she loves being a shinobi and working for the village, she absolutely hates the normal shinobi attire, and chooses to wear her own articles of clothing in the battle. This normally throws off enemies and allies alike, as most people go into battle with gear, she is wearing a sun dress. She likes to stay out of the way, let the big strong men get the blood on their hands, and stay back where its clean, and no risk of ruining her hair. Her head band sits in her shinobi pack, and will occasionally sew the Sun symbol into her clothing.

    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 142 lbs.

    Meloku Mirriam | Sun Village 4b0a3256-b644-44d4-815b-547994026eb5

    People either love to be around Meloku, or can not stand her. Not because she is annoying or rude or anything, but she just has a strong personality and speaks her mind. Her normal persona is a light hearted and loving personality, accompanied by a soft smile and caring eyes. She is a very sweet person, giving people compliments and going out of her way for them. She loves spending time with others, making friends and socializing. You will rarely find her staying home all day, and instead can catch her out at the market, or in the library doing research. While she is a nice and sweet person, she can also be kind of snarky, in a friendly way. She loves practical jokes and will always make fun of someone, as long as its light hearted of course. Meloku is a happy person, and enjoys to laugh, which most of the time is more like a giggle. She will always agree to hear a joke, no matter how bad it might be, and will not miss an opportunity to put someone on blast.

    She is a very quizzical woman, values intelligence and seeks knowledge as much as she can. In her free time the young woman can be found studying in her office or reading in the library or park. Some people actually get irritated around her, as she has a habit of randomly spitting out facts or information, and loves to feel like the smartest person in the room. By no means is she arrogant or believes she is smarter than others, but takes a lot of pride in her own pursuit of knowledge, and likes to show off a little bit.

    Meloku is very possessive of family and friends, standing up for her loved ones in most situations. She is not a die hard morality symbol, and is not one to preach or harass about rules, but will definitely stand up for what she herself believes in right, and will always be the first to defend someone that she believes is being wronged or treated unjust. She heavily supports equality and fairness, and thinks that everyone should have an equal shot in life, regardless of who they are or where they came from.

    - Reading
    - Mochi ice cream
    - Orange Juice
    - Butterflies

    - Spicy Food
    - Loud Noises
    - Cowards
    - Tardiness

    Meloku Mirriam | Sun Village 4b0a3256-b644-44d4-815b-547994026eb5

    Meloku had never intended to be a shinobi, and in fact she was not even born in a hidden village. She was born to Elizabeth and Ryoko Mirriam, two farmers who lived in Aryn Village. Her family had a long heritage of being farmers in the region, and had contributed to the growth and foundation of the small village out in Blending fields. Her father, Ryoko, was the sixth born in a long line of farmers who were well known for their ability to plant and grow crops in rough and hard soil. This made them very wealthy and crucial as not to many people knew the secret to farmer in harsh terrain. Her mother was actually considered an outsider, as she was originally born in the Cinder Vine jungle by an unknown tribe. As a young child, Meloku's mother, Elizabeth, fled her tribe to seek a better life. Upon hitching a wide with a group of merchants, she eventually found her way south, to the village of Aryn. She worked in the local tavern, serving food and cleaning up beds, until one day she met Ryoko. They fell in love, built a family and continued to grow the farm.

    While life in Aryn was simple and sometimes hard, Meloku lived a very healthy and luxurious life. Due to her family being wealthy and prominent, she lacked nothing. She always had what ever she needed, including supplies and resources to live. She was given the best education and was raised among the best group of people. As her parents were hard workers, they spent most of their time in the field, and so her grandparents, neighbors and other wealthy members of the village looked after her. Her childhood was very enjoyable, she grew up to be a happy, strong girl. Even though her family were among the best farmers in the region, she preferred to be indoors, reading, writing, listening to poetry. It was a bit odd to the others, but she valued intellect and knowledge, and spent most of her time getting smarter.

    As she grew older, and got into her teen years, it quickly became apparent that she was not like the other children in the village. Most of them spent their time outside, playing and fighting with each other. Instead, Meloku spent all of her time at the library, writing her own short stories and reading the grand stories of the world. She became captivated by the exploits of ninja and the hidden village. She enjoyed reading about the gods of old, the great war with the faceless beast, and the way the larger villages operated. While she became enamoured by the world, she never believed she would become apart of it, and instead just day dreamed in the afternoon sun. She eventually got hired by the library, mainly because she basically spent all of her time there anyway. She enjoyed working there, spending her free time while it was slow reading new books she had never discovered.

    The sunshine and happiness did not last forever though, and as Meloku became more educated and started to pay attention, she noticed some horrifying. There was a stark difference between several of the villagers of Aryn. While her family and everyone she grew up around were rich and happy, there was an entire group of people who went without anything. Her child hood and left her ignorant to the poor, sick and abused that lived right there in her home village. She began to involve herself in the government of the village, attempting to see what exactly was going on, and why one group of people lived so well while the rest had to suffer. She soon learned a terrible truth, that the upper class of the village used the poor to get ahead. They exploited them with higher taxes, raised prices on goods and lack of support for those who did not belong to a higher family. What was even worse was that her own family was apart of this. They were apart of the group who used and exploited the weak and helpless.

    In an attempt to confront her father, she was only met with resistance. She was told that thats how it was, it was the way the world worked and that she needed to be grateful that she was lucky enough to grow up on the right side of everything. Her attempts to help and make life better in the judicial system was road blocked the entire way, as no one wanted to see their own wealth or position in life changed. In fact, the more she pushed, the more push back she felt, as the richer families started to shun her. Her family warned her that she needed to stop and forget about it, or that there would be consequences. Seeing no way out, and hating the current structure, Meloku decided to leave, putting her birthplace, her home and her family behind her.

    It did not take her long to realize the life of a wanderer was not for her, and ended up working for a group of bandits. It was not a life style she enjoyed, but it allowed her to survive. She stole from others and hurt people to get by, hating the person she had become just to live. Then one evening an opportunity presented itself. A group of Sun village shinobi raided the camp she was living at, burned everything to the ground and eliminated most of the bandits. Instead of resisting, she tied her self up and pretended to be a prisoner of the bandits. She weaseled her way into the group with wise words and pleas for help, eventually getting taken back to the sun village. Once there she was cleaned up, fed and presented before the leaders of the village. She told her whole story, from front to back, as truthfully as she could. The village accepted her in as an orphan, giving her shelter and allowing to fully become a member of the village.

    In her eyes, she was welcomed in as a member of the village, loved and cared for. What she did not realize was that there was an ulterior motive among the village elders. Seeing how she was an outsider from a rich family, they intended to turn her against her home, brain wash her as a fully fledged Sun shinobi and use her to exploit the village of Aryn. As of now, Meloku lives her life as a new shinobi, recently graduating from the academy. She has found a new happiness, believing she had become apart of something bigger, something greater. And while nothing has happened to her yet as a result of the village elders, the future is yet to be seen.

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