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    Kensei Uchiha


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    Kensei Uchiha Empty Kensei Uchiha

    Post by Kensei on Fri Aug 09, 2019 9:46 pm

    Characters Name


    Kensei Uchiha A6acc610

    Name: Kensei Uchiha
    Nick Name: The Black Wolf ; WOLF
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Clan: Uchiha

    Bloodline: Sharingan

    Origin: Uchiha Clan Infirmary - Sun village.
    Village: Nikkousato - Sun Village

    Kensei has an above average built frame at 6’1 and about 195 pounds. Having regained some of his weight and size after a period of malnutrition he has worked to chisel his moderately built frame to his liking. He is a bit darker than the rest of his clansman like his father along with overexposure to the sun, but retains the same natural black hair and eyes most Uchiha feature. Besides his long hair, and at times his wild beard, his most recognizable physical trait would be his broad shoulders. He has a number of tattoos across his body including several summoning like seals across his arms, a dragon appearing morphed and spliced across his own skin on his back, a wolf head on his shoulder, and the Uchiha crest at the center of his back. In addition his face has several visible scars most notably a slightly faded palm sized "X' like scar on his left cheek, and another small scar resembling a thunderbolt directly on the middle upper lip. Although scarred, Kensei retains a rather fair complexion and would be considered incredibly handsome. His long spiky black hair rest at the top of his shoulders and extends as long as to the ground which he at times fashions in a bun.  He can be spotted wearing a wolf like mask or at times an oversized straw hat. He often wears neck long flak jackets customary to the Uchiha but at times sports a ninja styled like neck long robe. On missions his undergarments consist of small platted armor across his forearms, knees and  ligaments fashioned to prevent minor damage without weighing down and slowing him. Across his body Kensei is riddled with a multitude of scars branded on him during his time as a prisoner. Sometimes Kensei sports a wild beard that covers majority of his face giving him a rugged, wild appearance similar to that which he sported the day he returned to the village.

    Kensei is part of a line of highborn Uchiha with a unique genetic alteration which changes the color of his chakra to black when his sharingan is activated.   

    Height: 6 ' 1
    Weight: 195 lbs

    Kensei is a stoic and pensive individual, laid back and aloof.  He is leveled headed and calm to the point of emotionless at times and often incredibly stoic. Calm and collective, you’d rarely expect to see him lose his cool. Very often he succumbs to Brooding while distancing himself  from others, perhaps as a result of his past experiences. He is sometimes difficult to understand and read, an enigma to even those residing within his village. He is almost always reserved, keeping to himself even during social events unless approached. Almost as a safety mechanism when confronted by those he doesn’t know closely, Kensei will often joke and deflect rather than divulge information about himself. During social events he makes an added effort to adhere to the conventions of socialization he had picked up in his travels, as a means to not draw unwanted or negative attention to himself.

    Kensei has an incredible work ethic, aware of his black sheep status strives hard to win over the approval of others however. This in response results in an incredible drive for success and recognition during missions or when aiding a fellow villager even in the face of danger. Although reserved he is not considered shy and unlike many of his Uchiha kin has displayed a high degree of mannerisms and empathy towards others. If given the chance Kensei wins over peoples hearts with charm and kindness and a surprisingly good sense of humor.  Kensei feels utterly responsible for the livelihood of his teammates and is liable to put himself in harms way for others. As a result of watching his adoptive family slayed, his vow to protect those who fight for him is a key cog in his determination.
    During missions, it is common for Kensei to zero in his focus, as he strives being in a leadership position. Dutiful, courages and honorable, Kensei follows a strict almost impenetrable Morale code he falls back on whenever tested, which becomes a driving tool against those he deems wicked. In battle, Kensei, follows the code of honor, ethics, and decency reflected by the teachings of old Monks and the Samurai at the edges of the ninja world to the east. These practices include avoiding unnecessary bloodshed, and refusing to utterly devastate his opponents, sometimes even caring for them with genuine regards to their own state.
     Although sometimes formal, even militant to a degree, Kensei has a habit of being excessively late or even vanishing without a moments notice for random amounts of time. Although considered extremely responsible, the only knocks on his character or worth ethic appear to be his lack of punctuality along with a sometimes short attention span. Similar to a child, Kensei has a habit of losing himself in thought, or within his own mind coasting through his imagination. More often than not,  you can to find Kensei being completely distracted when wandering about nature or when gleefully amused by his surroundings.

    In his spare time Kensei can be found either training or at the local sake house in the Sun enjoying and sampling the different spirits and alcoholic beverages. He prefers to spend his time outdoors and enjoys taking solo hiking and camping trips deep into the frozen tundra's.  He can also be found reading near or in the woods as a common pastime or while enjoying a cold brew.
    Due to spending a little over half of his life traveling the lands and existing outdoors alongside the band of ronin Samurai misfits Kensei has preferred to spend his time in the great outdoors with a minimalistic approach. Shunning the comforts offered to him by his clan, he often chooses a mossy forested bed surrounded by wildlife over the luxury of his dormitory.
    - Alcohol
    - Literature
    - Training
    - The outdoors/wilderness
    - Torture/ cruelty/ wickedness
    - Loud noise
    - Bright lights


    Kensei Uchiha is the son of a once prominent , highborn elite branch of the Uchiha clan in the Nikkousato Village. These members were distinguished among other Uchiha by the visibly black aura of their chakra and thus the manifestation of their jutsu when their sharingan is active.  For decades this characteristic alone justified many claims of supremacy within the clan. These high born Uchiha had long held positions of power within both their clan and village their influence extending even to the neighboring villages. Over the years, however, infighting, xenophobic ideas, and constant parricide had greatly reduced the number of Uchiha who had possessed the  rare genetic mutation . By the time Kensei was born he and his parents alone shared this unique genetic alteration within their clan and thus were the last revered and exemplified highborn clansmen. Kanatare and Elsei Uchiha held esteemed positions of office in both clan and village affairs.  Kanatare Uchiha had garnered fame for his exploits during the wars, renowned by his clansmen and villagers alike for his consistent boldness and fearlessness. Expectations were high for their only  child, Kanatare and his wife had dreamed of molding Kensei as a possible candidate for leadership in the future. Their dreams of a new dawn for the Uchiha clan which would cement their claim to power rested on their belief of dominance over even their kin. The ambitions of his parents left little room for nurture and care within their household raising him in a strict and distant manner. Clinging to their ideas of virtue, honor and dominance Kensei was kept isolated away from the rest of the village , homeschooled under tutelage of academic masters in Kanatare's efforts to not infest his prodigal son with the nuances and idiocy of the common folk. This meant a rather uneasy and lonely childhood for Kensei, under the unrelenting authority of his stern father and a cold disinterested mother. Regardless of this however Kensei's love for his parents never wavered. While most children would be twisted by the two’s  thirst for power, Kensei's burning desire for adventure and achievement had warmed his experiences and left him still a beaming child with energy and curiosity, much to his parents grief.

    On a suspiciously silent, foggy, yet dry winter night, returning from their annual visit to an ancestral village to the coast a young Kensei found himself completely alone within the large carriage. Stationed to the side of a near road, his parents gone, only a smoking driver remained watching over the cart. Realizing now the delirious dreams of a gleaming candle light and scuffled sounds had been his parents attempt at a quiet as they wandered off under torch lights. He saw an opportunity for a night of adventure like the shinobi he had read in his books. Kensei grabbed his small tanto, strapped it to his hip and pushed out the door of the mobile home darting into the  woods  after his parents. The warring lands surrounding the village at the time were sowed in danger and unbeknownst to Kensei at the time was the existence of multiple high volume operation grounds for deviant mercenary organization. Not long into Kensei's escapade before he had found himself at the center of a clearing in the forest, seemingly surrounded by a number of hooded figures, with more emerging from within the shadows. Kensei stepped forward, widening his stance as he reached and caught the hilt of his katana. Kensei fought to the best of his ability before exhausting himself and succumbing to his wounds , but not before spilling the blood of what he thought were dozens of men.

    The Leader of the band of robin Samurai was impressed by the raw ability of the young Uchiha, and rather than killing him in cold blood figured the boy would bring in a Ransom worth double the men lost. Loke, or killer Loke as he had fancied himself laid claim to his new prize by branding Kensei with a seal that would bind his movements to Loke's. The first year had been the toughest for Kensei, tortured for information he had found his fortitude tested countlessly before earning the respect of his torturers and eventually freed from his pain. Unfortunately the Ransom for Kensei never came and Kensei's captivity proved more permanent than he had hoped. He had began travelling across the barren lands with his group, eventually aiding them in miscellaneous activity or on recon missions. Loke had soon grown fond of Kensei, and rather than treating him as a prisoner or slave, Kensei was given the right to roam freely within camp grounds- albeit under strict surveillance . He had seemingly more freedom amongst the bandits than in his own home and found himself bonding with his long time enemies.

    After two years  negotiations between the Uchiha and the Mercenary samurai leader stalled to a full stop, Kensei was shortly informed of the death of his parents and the termination of all contact between the village and the group. His family, Loke explained, had been charged with treason by the leaders of his clan after being ousted as traitors and assassinated. In a moment of deep sympathy and under realization of his own food shortage, Loke had offered the Uchiha clan the return of Kensei for merely a fortnight of Food Rations.  In a quick turn of events the Uchiha clan responded by severing all contact and seizing all attempts at a hostage negotiation for Kensei's release. Claiming as a clan, with the support of their village, that  they must  "refuse to negotiate with terrorist" in what’s rumored to be a likely a reaction to the fear of any another plot for power from sympathizers hiding in the grass. Having been ostracized by his own community and with no family to return to Kensei's drive to return to his village diminish and found himself familiarizing himself more and more within the band of delinquents.

    It had been several years into his captivity now and he had created bonds of familiarity with his adoptive group.  Finding himself an integral part of his band, they closely resembled more a nomadic tribe than the mercenaries he had once found in the wooded forest. Kensei found himself striving within the small enclosed community of rough individuals, roaming the lands before they settling in the icy plains in the north. The force and might of the once bullish band of Mercs had dwindled and the renegade reputation that kept rival gangs at bay had faded just as their numbers did. It wasn't long before the neighboring gangs had taken noticed. Banding together for a timely joint assault on his nomadic sanctuary they had built their submerged within the icy woods.

    As fire rained down upon the forested sleeping community, once more Kensei saw his livelihood in jeopardy, once more he ran, clutching the blade of his forefather as he sprung to protect his new kin. Once more his sheer will not nearly enough to overcome the unsurmountable numbers pitted against him. Again, tirelessly Kensei found himself in shackles and at the whim of yet another warlord, this one however far less sympathetic than Loke Yet far more murderous. It is believed that during this period of strife Kensei had awoken his Sharingan although even this was not enough to free him of his binds. Kensei spent the next year being tortured and abused by the warlords faction, ironically, missing his previous captors.  The bandits scarred and beat him constantly, first for secrets and intel on provisional cache, or loot that may help the prosperity of his band, then for purely amusement. Kensei's will to survive never broke, even while pitted nightly against beast and other ninja. He scraped and bled for survival to the amusement of the warlord. Kensei would soon come to be known as the Black Wolf. He had become another trophy, sedating the nameless warlords bloodlust.

    Not a full moon after marking his year  in his hellish captivity, when a cracking sound broke through the darkness of the night. The foundation he found himself under crumbling before him. Following the abrupt awakening was the shrieking roars of a towering beast, and the shouts and screams of dying men. Covered in rubble and debris from the collapsing walls around him he heard the crushing steps of the gigantic beast of the night, the smell of burning  flesh riddled the air, Kensei did his best to protect himself from the falling debris,  before being knocked unconscious. Awakening he dug himself out of the unmarked landfill that would be the last resting place for his captures he saw the aftermath of what appeared to be a massacre. The huts and trees in the surrounding area scorched, the smell of dead intoxicating his nostrils,. Dropping to his knees he let out a scream seemingly of happiness before collapsing to the ground.

    A full year after the destruction of the warlords base and somewhere much warmer,  a caravan of supplies pulled  into the Sun village. Hopping off the back, a broad shouldered Shinobi with a ragged unkept beard dusted himself off. Turning he tipped his large straw hat,  thanking the driver before turning to face the village he was born in but had lost as a boy. To the surprise of all After ten long years Kensei, The young wolf, has returned.

    Uchiha Clan Secret Dossier:
    Note 2301-
    In the years following Kensei's abduction, the Uchiha clan has undergone several leadership changes stemming from turmoil and constant strife amongst our clan leaders. The dynamics of the clan drastically changed after a failed coup d'état in which Kensei's father, Kanatare Uchiha, saw to supplant himself as the head of the clan near the end of the warring periods, resulting in the immediate termination of ties and affiliations with both his parents along with many within the uchiha ranks. We have reason to believe, the village and majority within the clan, had favored the ascension of Kanatare. His nationalist zeal and overall village approval would have strengthen the bonds between the clan and village. To avoid any further bloodshed, the Village elders have entrusted the new kage with the responsibility of electing a new head of the Uchiha. In good faith, under new authority the Uchiha, and we as a collaborative council have welcomed Kensei back into the fold, after mistakenly believing him to have perished a decade ago. He will be exonerated for all of the crimes committed by his parents and be allowed office within our clan hierarchy as to avoid further insurgencies..... End note

    Readjusting to the dynamics of living within the social conventions of the village, Kensei has been spending his time assimilating himself back into the village while attempting to make up for the time lost.
    Face Claim:  Deviant art
    Owner: Ken-El

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