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    Higashi Hyuuga


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    Higashi Hyuuga Empty Higashi Hyuuga

    Post by Hollow Thu Aug 29, 2019 9:00 pm

    Characters Name
    -Insert Image-
    Name: Higashi Hyuuga
    Nick Name: N/A
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Clan: Hyuuga
    Bloodline: Byakugan

    Origin: Gekkousato
    Village: Gekkousato

    While Higashi Hyuuga does not believe himself to appear outstanding in any way, he has enough notable physical characteristics to make him remembered easily, at least as far as attractiveness is concerned in the opinions of many. Shoulder-long, dark-blue hair crowns his head and falls over his face. Higashi does nothing specific to his bangs, just keeping them swept away from his eyes. The rest of his hair is also left unbound. Higashi’s slanted eyes are a pale lilac in color, a testament to the power of the Byakugan that exists within him. Most times, Higashi has a placid expression on his face, whose features are noted by most to be noticeably handsome, though he does not have a habit of smiling. His complexion is well tanned.

    Higure’s body is lean and well-toned, with well-formed limbs. He carries himself with a deceptively languid gait, like a coiled spring, waiting for the right moment to be released. He dresses relatively simply, and does not go for brighter colors, as he doesn’t have a preference for such. However, he doesn’t seem too scared to show off some skin. If asked why, he often would mention that he dresses so, because he fears being the object of human attention, and to face that fear, he will attract attention till he can get used to it. It’s also great for ventilation, especially during combat and training sessions. All the same, he doesn’t believe “exhibitionism” should be over-indulged. Higashi wears a dull green karate gi-style shirt with slightly wide sleeves, which hangs loose enough to reveal his chest. He also wears black pants and ninja shoes of the same color. His utility pouch is attached to his belt, resting on the small of his back, so that when facing an opponent, they won’t know what he is drawing out.

    Height: 5 feet 9 inches
    Weight: 54 kg

    Higashi often creates a first impression of a stoic, cold and aloof individual, with a critical eye and unnerving silence often believed to be borne out of a condescending disdain for almost every other human on the planet. And anyone who thinks so is always wrong. Higashi is actually somewhat shy and uncomfortable around people he isn’t familiar with, and as such hides his fear of interpersonal relations with his stony, deadpan expression. Those who treat Higashi with courtesy will quickly discover a kind, selfless, honorable, and honest, though sensitive, fellow. He sees nothing in going the extra mile to make sure that those dear to him are comfortable and happy. A fellow of few words, he holds great weight on what he says, and you can be sure that Higashi will do his possible best to keep his word. His silence allows him to be extremely introspective, and Higashi is often known to wax philosophical in discussions. He can be very stubborn though, and never forgets how individuals treat him, whether the treatment be good or ill.

    As one who has worked hard for much of his life, Higashi believes in the virtue of diligence, and despises those who make light of striving and struggling to achieve great things. According to Higashi, there are no cheats to success, only self-deceptions which will wreck you. He surprisingly doesn’t appear to be competitive, but this is only because he believes that the greatest rival you can have is yourself, so he is more interested in figuring out, and surpassing, his own weaknesses, than trying to show superiority over another. Higashi believes that one should be cautious with life, for there is only one life you have to live, and as such, it must be lived with as few regrets as possible. Nothing should be truly feared, only understood. As a result, Higashi believes one must face whatever they are afraid of, so that they can overcome it and come out stronger. He despises those who abuse their power, and will not hesitate to stand up against wrong, unless he perceives that the results will be vain, at which point he will strategize on how best to covertly fight the injustice. Higashi’s goal is to become someone that not only Gekkousato, but the world can look up to, and perhaps strive to emulate.

    In combat, as in most facets of his life, Higashi thinks every action through. He believes that recklessness will cost one dearly, and as such, is careful to plan long-reaching and complex strategies, if time and space allow him to do so. A highly intelligent and observant fellow, Higashi doesn’t believe in wastage, and tries to maximize every single opportunity he gets, on and off the battlefield. While he has learned to manage being on the defensive, Higashi prefers to quickly turn the tables of a fight and put his opponent on the defensive, as he who is on the offensive has the advantage. His watchword in battle: “Be one step ahead.”

    - Discipline
    - Training
    - Friends
    - Mannerless people
    - Treachery
    - Indiscipline

    Higashi was born to a shinobi family in Gekkousato, named ‘Higashi’ meaning ‘east’, as he was born on a beautiful morning, with the sun’s rays shining auspiciously on the newborn. Both parents were Hyuuga, and powerful practitioners of the Jyuuken style of martial art. They were devoted to each other and their son, and tried raising him to be a dependable, noble and virtuous person, as they believed that such virtues would make Gekkousato more than just a ninja village, but a place that its denizens would truly love, and other nations would envy. Higashi idolized them both, and greatly desired to be a ninja, only because his parents were so inspiring to him.

    When Higashi was ten, his parents went on an ill-fated mission, which resulted in both of them receiving grievous wounds. The doctors did what they could, but Higashi’s father was in a coma, and his mother, though discharged, could never become a shinobi again. Higashi, who was in the Shinobi Academy, immediately dropped out to take care of his parents, as best as he could, taking odd jobs and other things to make his mother as comfortable as he could. Higashi chose to drop out of the academy, because he felt he needed more money than was available in the pay grade of a shinobi. His mother tried to make him go back to no avail, though Higashi tried to train himself when and where he could. After five years in a coma, Higashi’s father regained consciousness, and although he deteriorated slowly, Higashi made sure that his, and his wife’s, last days on earth were happy and peaceful. Higashi’s father passed away two years later, and his mother, unable to bear the stress of the loss, died not long after. Higashi quietly bore his loss, and returned to the academy, eager to live the dream his parents had birthed in him. It did not take long for him to graduate from the academy, and he faces the world with a soul of steel tempered by sorrow. Thus begins today’s tale of Hyuuga Higashi.

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    Higashi Hyuuga Empty Re: Higashi Hyuuga

    Post by Admin Thu Sep 05, 2019 12:27 am

    Character application approved! You can now claim your starting package and start on your character sheet.

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