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    Bloodline Guide and Template


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    Bloodline Guide and Template Empty Bloodline Guide and Template

    Post by Admin on Sat Apr 04, 2020 2:40 pm

    SG Systems | Bloodline guide and Template
    Here on SG, clans and bloodlines are two separate things, and while they can go hand in hand together, they are not mutually connected. A bloodline is a unique trait or ability that someone is born with, and can manifest itself as abilities, techniques or special traits that only that bloodline possess. Some bloodlines are unique to a family and stay within those in the family, however other bloodlines can be random and just manifest within people at birth.

    The purpose of a bloodline is to grant your character a permanent passive trait that is engrained in their DNA, and is not something they earn like ninja specialties. Bloodline features are to be unique abilities that are much harder or even impossible to find or duplicate else where. While some jutsu can exist that attempt to mimic a bloodline ability, the bloodline will always be the better version, being stronger or even using up fewer resources.

    All bloodline abilities that any shinobi have access to will not fall under a specific specialty, and will instead be considered a KKG when determining specialties for the jutsu associated with this bloodline. This means you do not need ninjutsu, taijutsu, or any other specific specialty to access your bloodlines jutsu. The only exception to this rule would be in the case of an Advanced element. It simple adds the ability to use that element to any of your chosen specialties, and as such will not count as a KKG specialty type.

    The name of the bloodline. Try to make it related to the actual gifts or abilities the bloodline gives.
    You can use foreign languages for the name of the bloodline, but ask that you include an English translation or an English version of the name also.

    This is who possess the bloodline, be it a family, a group or global. If it belongs to a clan that is also on site, please put the name and link to the clan. If not you can put a certain village that it resides in, or global if anyone in the world can be born with this bloodline.

    Status is who has access to this bloodline and if it can be joined or not. If the bloodline can be accessed by anyone, you can simply put open, indicating anyone is allowed to make a character with this bloodline. If it is closed, someone will need permission from its owner to join the bloodline.
    Note- If the bloodlines owner has gone inactive, the bloodline will be made open

    The type of bloodline explains what category it falls under, and what parameters the bloodline includes. The types are listed below.

    -Dojutsu: A dojutsu bloodline is a bloodline that focuses on the eyes, with the bloodlines abilities or traits located in the eyes of the user. The abilities must be related to the eyes or vision in some way. Since the traits of the bloodline are located in the eye, it is possible to pass the abilities on to someone else, by simply transplanting the eye into someone else. This type can not give you bonus abilities out side of the eye.

    -Physical Enhancement: A physical enhancement is a bloodline that manifest as some form of physical trait in the owner. It enhances some aspect of the physical body, and gives abilities or traits based on the physical realm. Since we do not have a strength or speed stat per say, a physical enhancement can not just be "stronger" or "faster" and must have a quantifiable definition to what they are gaining.

    -Elemental Affinity: An elemental affinity bloodline is a bloodline that gives the owner access to a unique or advanced element. It gives the owner a special elemental type of chakra that allows them to naturally create an advanced element outside of the basic. In most cases this advanced element will be comprised of some combination or enhancement of a basic element.

    -Other: Other only indicates any other bloodline that would not fall under the first three types.

    Where is this bloodline located, is it clan specific, village or region specific? This is used to determine if the bloodline can only be used my members of a specific village or region. It can be locked to one of our shinobi villages.

    Does owning this bloodline give any physical appearances, or change the way someone looks, such as hair or eye color. This will not always change the users appearance, but in most cases members of this bloodline will have specific physical traits that manifest at birth or when they access the abilities.

    Here is where you describe the primary function of the bloodline, what abilities or traits the shinobi is gaining by having access to it. As a rule, all bloodline abilities should be cohesive and fall under one over reaching theme. This is so that one single bloodline does not have several unconnected abilities that are hard to understand or visualize.

    When determining the bloodline ability, come up with one general ability that encompesses the overall idea of the bloodline. This can be one ability that gets further expanded on with jutsu, items or other types of techniques. If a bloodline ability can be turned into a jutsu or item, then it falls under this general ability, and does not need to take up a slot.

    After the primary ability, you may create sub abilities that still have to do with the primary ability, but function in a different kind of way. These are normally supporting abilities that expand on the primary one or approach it from a different perspective. You can have up to 3 additional sub abilities that go along with the primary ability.

    A bloodline may not have any abilities that mimic or are similar to perk or abilities that can be achieved through the specialty system. Examples include having access to resource increases or other perks that can be bought through the specialty system. Bloodline abilities also can not give access to free specialty points, perks or tier upgrades. Since most bloodline abilities are considered KKG specialties, there is no need to tie them to a specific specialty.

    A bloodline weakness is something that those who posses the abilities suffer from, and normally are a counter balance to the primary function of the skills they gain access to. While these weakness's can vary and be just about anything, they must make some logical sense as to why someone who owns this bloodline would also have this weakness. It must be related to the primary bloodline ability in some way.

    If a bloodline only has one single primary ability, and has no sub abilities at all, it is not necessary to have a weakness. However, if the primary ability is deemed to give to many advantages, a weakness may still be asked to be included, despite this rule. The only exception would be a bloodline of the Advanced Element type. An Advanced Element would need at least one elemental weakness, an opposite element that counter acts it in combat.

    For each sub ability a bloodline has, it must have a weakness that correlates to the bloodline in some way. While most things can be considered a weakness, there will be a few things we will not be accepting as a weakness for bloodlines. Access to elements or specialties will not count as a weakness, so you can not say a weakness of this bloodline has the inability to take an element, such as fire or water, or taking a specialty, such as Ninjutsu or Taijutsu.  

    When making abilities and weakness's, we look for creativity and things that are unique. The more unique they are, the easier they will be to grade or get approved.

    Leave this section blank, staff will update this section as characters get approved and added to the bloodline.


    Jutsu List:
    Leave this section blank, staff will update this section as jutsu get approved and added to the bloodline.




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