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    Usagi No Chikaku Empty Usagi No Chikaku

    Post by Guest Thu Apr 09, 2020 11:18 am

    [u">Name: Usagi No Chikaku [Rabbit’s Perspective]
    Possessors: Usagi Clan
    Type: Dojutsu || Physical Enhancement
    Location: Usagi Clan || Gekkousato

    Usagi No Chikaku does not physically affect the Usagi Clan and its recipients to a great extent. Due to how it is a failed Dojutsu that does not manifest in the eyes correctly, then it does not truly come to surface. However, the Usagi Clan mostly have a dominant trait of expressing bright eye colors due this fabled Dojutsu (Blue, Green, etc). The clan is usually identified by these unique colors with there being variations of the blue hues. Even when the clan member shares traits with another clan, it retains these colors. This is most likely because the Dojutsu is present even though it is damaged. As a result, the clan members also seem to have a quarter of their iris missing in their eyes as if it has been lobed away from around the pupil.

    Usagi Clan members, because of this Dojutsu, suffer from horrid vision as well. As they lack some of their vision, the clan fastens lenses from glass and snaps them into place in many frames of material they find. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find Usagi Clan members who have bad vision to either wear glasses, goggles, or monocles. They use various types of fashions over their eyes in order to try to correct the cleft in their vision called by the damaged Dojutsu. The only exception to this are the Usagi Clan members who have adequate vision enough so that they are able to see without the aid of lenses or those who are blind.


    Usagi No Chikaku (“Rabbit’s Perception”), simply known as Chikaku, is the Usagi Clan’s inherent ability. With themselves born with more sensitive hearing than usual, it is said that they become sensitive to sounds even before they are born. This is mostly due to the Usagi Clan said to be able to inherit Dojutsu once upon a time, but it developed incorrectly, causing their vision to diminish. As a result, the chakra pathways that circulate in the brain to the eyes are disturbed. Thus, the eyes never directly benefit from this immense flow of chakra. However, by shutting the eyes, the chakra reroutes itself to the next best sensory part of the brain: the ears! Usagi Clan members are said to have their chakra pathways activate in a similar fashion in the ears in order to perceive the world around them and the brain maps it out in extreme detail.

    This is nourished by the clan members upon birth due to it being one of their most precious, and vital gifts. It is because of their highly sensitive hearing that Usagi Clan members are born with minds that perceive their surroundings easily in the dark using the sensitivity of sounds that would identify things from pressures of contact. It shows passively, even if slightly higher. However, it is when they age to ten when it becomes prominent along with their ability to use Doton-based techniques. The most basic of techniques, the Usagi tend to dig holes when they’re young as a passive playtime [Doton: Moguragakure no Jutsu]. Thus, the Usagi are more thought to be akin to rabbits due to their liking to rush into holes and always use Doton-based techniques.

    The benefits and effects of this Kekkei Genaki is obvious from being in the Usagi Clan’s presence. The five percent of the Usagi Clan who are born blind are able to passively use the trait in order to identify sounds and items that are clearly 10 Meters away with minimum use of Chakra and become more sensitive to the sound and air waves than most of their clan members. Beyond that, the strength of the Usagi Clan’s ears can hear sounds more distant, but cannot identify them. For this, they must expend chakra in order to have their brain identify the distinct sounds afar. Because of this ability, they usually are said to rival the Byakugan in gathering intelligence via sound that the Byakugan can gather by sight. It is most likely the reason that they are aggressive towards the Hyuga Clan.

    It is not only the use of Sound Waves they make use of, but also Seismic Waves. The Usagi have evolved their Doton and relied on it to the point that any waves that move through the ground are felt as sensations just as they do sound. As a result, they register the same pictures and depictions of the area whenever someone would step on the designated surface around them. As usual, those with no vision see the minimum distance. However, it is when the Usagi Clan concentrates this focus for their auditory sense that the Seismic and Sound waves become more definite to them. This makes them excellent sensors to uncharted environments and how they have been able to survive in Gekkousato’s harsh border areas.

    Regardless of Usagi Clan’s hearing, there is an undeniable passive trait that is present from birth: impeccable balance. Due to the ears being their most prominent feature, the Usagi Clan use the full benefits of their auditory abilities in order to maintain their balance. Technique and Skill that involves acrobatics and complicated movement are easily within their grasp. This makes it so that the Usagi are able to learn most Taijutsu skills that are present in the Shinobi world, even if they are disgusted with Jutsu techniques. Their impressive balance optimizes their movement agility, making it so they have the advantage in evasion, speed, and reflex due to their dependence on this dependable balance (but they still cannot have the advantage of shinobi who are the next rank above them as expressed as +1 Meter Movement/Post) which increases to +1 with each rank (Max of +4 by Rank S). This movement is further increased by another 1 Meter(s) when their signature activation ability "Pulse" is active as they gain more balance and speed (+2 at Rank A).

    The only real difference between the Sharingan, Byakugan, and other Dojutsu beyond this sensory is that transplants of ocular jutsu would correct Chikaku. Because of this, when trying to benefit from one or the other, the auditory prowess of Chikaku is decreased and is equivalent to normal hearing. This is theorized to be because the chakra pathway attempts to correct itself in order to benefit from the ability fully. Thus, even if a Usagi tries to benefit from a transplant, they will find it difficult to use it with their inherent technique as the chakra pathways become chaotic.


    Although the Usagi Clan has substantial abilities, it goes without saying that their ears are also a great weakness. They consume chakra overtime as the chakra flow from the brain to the ears is still a mutation. Out of all the dojutsu that it is originally based off of, the chakra consumption is taking as sounds become blurry or hazy when one has been listening for prolonged times. Horrible control and maintaining this ability makes it difficult for most who are young to precisely juggle activating this as well as using other abilities. Thus, explosive blasts and sounds that disrupt the sensory abilities usually make it more difficult if the user has not mastered their ears. They are at the mercy to auditory cues and high concentrations of Wind which makes it so that Wind and Sound release is debilitating. In many situations, due to them being exposed to these attacks, their auditory advantages and balance is disrupted and negated for a moment during their disorientation.

    Chikaku is the result of a mutated and scarred Dojutsu. As a result, users who try to transplant Dojutsu from other clans may find difficulty and frustration with Chikaku. For instance, those who have no vision who receive a transplant will reflect those with partial vision due to them gaining some vision and the eye becoming sensitive. A second transplant will correct the fault in their vision making them non-distinguishable from their clan. However, the more transplants the user has, the less effective Chikaku will be. This is because the chakra pathways from the brain to the ocular nerves will correct themselves, making it so that the ears are less receptive to the chakra that flows to them due to the mutation of the original member’s eyes. Hence, for every transplant, the user will suffer -50% effectiveness of distance with their Chikaku abilities and can only activate the abilities by spending one post with their eyes closed (deactivating their Dojutsu and reactivating Chikaku). Not only that, but opening their eyes, the Dojutsu transplants do not function correctly, making it so that the user’s chakra pathways try to correct themselves again to the eyes (needing the member to spend one post with their eyes open).

    Users of Chikaku, the Usagi, also have to be careful of a very notable variable in the environment: mediums. Depending on the environment, the Usagi Clan members can be at a greater advantage and disadvantage, making it so it is dangerous for them in battle to not know their surroundings. As the Usagi Clan’s abilities are based on Seismic and Sound Waves, the many mediums and active dangerous flora, fauna, and flowing water (which carries sound well) give messages to their auditory pathways to identify the vast area. However, since the environments of Nikkousato retain loose sand, bombarding sandstorms, and consistent winds in certain areas; their abilities will suffer greatly since these mediums muffle sound or do not carry waves well. As a result, the members will have their abilities cut by half their effectiveness when within these areas and have their optimized balance completely negated.

    This creates several weaknesses that greatly hinder one who tries to use both of these skills in battle, or even one. Since the user still has Chikaku, sensitivity to loud sounds and stimuli is still present and painful (even when inactive). Not only that, but the individual can be exposed to sudden flash bombs and loud bombs in order to force the user to close their eyes or disrupt their hearing. This makes it so that the user has difficulty switching between the Kekkei Genkai, and has more weaknesses. Utilization is difficult when against experienced shinobi who are able to manipulate both stimuli.

    - Usagi Clan (NPCs)
    - Hikari Usagi

    Jutsu List:
    - 10,000 Years of Suffering [E-Rank]
    - Pulse [D-Rank]
    - Bunny Bomb [D-Rank]
    - Sculpting [D-Rank]
    - Sculpting - Rock Brick Cane [D-Rank]
    - Rabbit Roundhouse [D-Rank]
    - Hare Hurricane [D-Rank]
    - Rabbit Gale [D-Rank]
    - Tunneling Like a Rabbit [D-Rank]
    - Hare Hopping [D-Rank]
    - Rabbit Tornado [C-Rank]
    - Great Hare Hurricane [C-Rank]
    - Rabbit's Lunar Eclipse [C-Rank]
    - Summoning: Earth Release: Bunny Burrowing [C-Rank]
    - Rabbit's Run [C-Rank]
    - Severe Hare Hurricane [B-Rank]
    - Whack-A-Mole Technique [B-Rank]
    - Rabbit Rainstorm [A-Rank]

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    Usagi No Chikaku Empty Re: Usagi No Chikaku

    Post by Admin Thu Apr 09, 2020 1:24 pm

    So for the most part this bloodline looks fine. However we are going to have to app these jutsu separately, and then once they are approved, they will get added into this application.

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    Usagi No Chikaku Empty Re: Usagi No Chikaku

    Post by Admin Thu Apr 09, 2020 11:12 pm

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