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    Post by Guest Thu Apr 09, 2020 1:25 pm

    Name: Usagi Clan
    Philosophy: “The way of the rabbit is survival.”
    Location: Gekkousato
    Status: Open || Village Restricted

    “Perhaps they are right about this?” Her sweet, gentle voice was filled with resolve as she spoke up.

    Words uttered by the head of the Usagi Clan’s eldest child Lady Asagi as well. She was holding the Clan’s co-head in her arms, the Summon known as Kokou. Lady Asagi Usagi was looked upon as an eccentric woman. Even during the period of when the Gods had come to a decisive end and the children walked into the wilderness, she was one of the first ancestors who befriended the beasts of the land. The woman was notorious for being glassy eyed due to her poor vision that made things blurry, but also clever in nature. It was not thought of at the time, but she would be notorious for making one of the most notorious clans among the two villages.

    The establishment of the Star Village had harbored people of many kinds. Asagi Usagi was one of these people who was known for being a klutz. She bumped into things because of her horrible vision caused by the mutated Kekkei Genkai that was deformed and useless. She would depend on one of the beasts that came from nature that negotiated on how to help her live. The beast would be well taken care of, safe from the wrath of the Gods as she would live like royalty while having the woman take her name (as she believed she would be the reason she had life). In exchange, she would teach the woman how to nurture her other senses and teach her discipline in this time of struggle under the wrath of the Gods.

    Asagi Usagi had not much of a choice, right?

    From that day on, she would heft the rabbit around as she would feed her, fulfill her requests, and even call herself her “daughter.” In exchange, Asagi Usagi would learn how to use her body’s natural spiritual energies in order to survive and augment her senses. Asagi would rely on sound to the point that her broken and blurry world would become vivid and rich with detail. She would even gain the aid of the rabbit who taught her that she could see precious minerals with her unique vision, dig for them using her body’s natural energy, and even be vigilant in her surroundings when journeying beyond the Star Village’s safety. She became a very precious woman who relished in exploration, profited from rare finds she took from the Earth, and even would raise a family under the name of Usagi; respecting the contract of the beast which her husband would have to respect.

    It was not until the brothers, sons of Higoro, would dispute that she felt uneasy.

    Asagi, an older woman, would feel nothing short of hesitance that day as her and her many children would side with the need for structure. However, with the way her Kekkei Genkai worked, and her family growing with the same illness in their eyes, Asagi had no choice but to decide to go with Hindeku as the Usagi would not survive and fair well in desert regions. They would journey into the dangerous lands filled with flora and fauna. It was a world that was easier to survive in as Kokua, her summon and self-proclaimed mother in her old age, was able to fill wisdom to the woman about the lands and even teach her about some of the dangers of the land. Eventually, reaching the cliffside following Hindeku, the woman and her family would help establish what would be Gekkousato.

    Regardless of the smooth establishment of the village, Asagi still felt hesitant about staying within the village. Her family had become large, and the family of Hindeku had been born. During this period, Asagi had been tending to Kokoua the rabbit with respect and care as old age had come to them both. Their children had become many that were summoned and help that ran errands throughout the village for Kokoa, and as for Asagi? Her own children would start to take husbands at an early age and bear their own children. She did so out of respect of Kokoa who desired to have a massive family in the “Usagi” name. Though Kokoa and Asagi fulfilled their roles respectfully to one another, Lady Asagi passing on her teachings of her gift of a ruined Kekkei Genkai to her clan, Kokoa still feared the notion of the future of Gekkousato being the home of her family. She insisted that Hindeku’s leisurely methods and affection would eventually fail.

    It was not until Hindeku had ruled under the mantle of Second Gekkoukage that Asagi would see what her “mother” meant.

    The Gekkoukage’s habits were out of control! It was beyond the Usagi Clan Leader, even as someone who had desired freedom and fertility. Asagi, in her old age, would breathe the last of her concerns to the newly crowned Lady Akemi. A woman who was crafty and clever, but also upheld the ideas of the Usagi family. Along with her sisters, she would start to structure the Usagi just as the council had begun to structure themselves to act as true rulers and Hineski as the figurehead. The difference? Akemi was not one to tolerate the indiscretion of Second Gekkoukage Hineski.

    Akemi was a woman of action! She was always surrounded at her feet by the Usagi Clan’s signature summons who would act as symbols of the clan as well as her allies in battle. She would take them along with her complaints of Hineski early to council. Eventually, she would (without hesitation) insist that her clan would not live under such childishness and compulsive masculinity! She would take her clan insisting that they would live in wilds just as the mother rabbit Kokoa had done so and her mother who would explore the wilds for precious materials had done so long ago.

    Akemi found difficulty with leaving the village. Husbands and fathers of the Usagi children had insisted that they desired to know their children. Fearful of Akemi and her shrewd nature, her daughters insisted that they would leave the village on orders of their clan head. When Akemi was met with backlash from pleading daughters and men who protested to the Usagi Clan’s divorce of the village, she would make a decree to further divorce them. Akemi insisted it was the ignorance and slothfulness of “Man” that was causing her to leave the village. Discussing it with the eldest summon, Moka, the daughter of Kokoa, Akemi Usagi would decree that the male gender, the weaker sex, would be divorce of the clan and the Usagi’s eldest would bare the name “matriarchs” as they would go into the wilds.

    The timing was excellent! The Second Gekkoukage’s rule was nearing its end with the devisement of political parties. Akemi Usagi would struggle at first with the clan in the wild as her Grandchildren caused what was thought to be extra weight. Pregnant mothers who were nearing the pinnacle of giving birth also were to be considered. The Usagi were resourceful, so building caravans and using the loyal beasts, the rabbits, as escorts into the wildlands was an advantage from them. It was not until they would reach tranquil land, Valley of the Kings, that they would find stretches of land, fertile fields for farming, and reservoirs of clean water that they would finally live in.

    The village was not far and the Usagi were always within ear shot and trek from hearing the latest. Some Usagi would journey into the village and make trade with the locals using the resources they found in the wild in order to help the clan flourish. The children of fathers who were divorced from the clan would have the chance to see their fathers would see daughters and sons would see mothers. It was a blissful arrangement that was understandable and tolerable by the Council, and the village would even benefit from the Usagi Clan learned to excavate and trade. They were still dependent in a way, but they separated themselves from the affairs. The more heard overtime, the more stubborn young Akemi Usagi became!

    The overthrown Second Gekkoukage was a laugh for her! The Third Gekkoukage’s tyrannical rule was interesting, but also crippling.

    As the clan refused to rejoin the village, the Third’s policies and guidelines made it near impossible for the Usagi to enter the village anymore, straining their relationship and encouraging further independence. It was then the Usagi had truly been on their own and animosity towards the world of man became fierce! The Usagi would further be vigilant as they believed the village of Gekkousato would even spy on the clan if they were not careful.

    They had all they needed.

    With the resources that were used from the village, the Usagi had fastened themselves as a powerful clan in their own right through hardship. With them relying on the land, their diets sustained their health, their manipulation of chakra had them use any and all Doton-based skills to shape the lands as they saw fit, and the friction with Gekkousato made for them to separate themselves for what was the Shinobi System. Instead, they would bless only their distorted image of a God through their stories to encourage their children. From then on in, the Usagi believed that Lunaris was a woman and not their loathsome symbol of a man. They further distorted the creation of the world as they believed it was a rabbit by Lunaris' side that helped encourage fertility, health, and kindness towards brethren.

    Well...sort of. Gekkousato was looked upon with spite. It was as if they abandoned the Usagi.

    Time went on and mothers would give birth to children conceived during their visits. Once again, Akemi felt some bitterness towards the generation of males born in with the females of the clan, but it could not be helped. With the gates of the village closed to even the Usagi, they would have to raise them with the traditions of the Usagi. They would use them as a means to forage. Animosity was obviously shown to these males who would grow among them, but eventually the Usagi would meet a sudden shift as they would experience news from the village: a change of regime was in order.

    The Usagi would take advantage of the village’s sudden uprising caused by Seraphina Kaguya opposing Garouga! The rabbit clan believed that the woman was just what the village needed as well as would advocate for her. Akemi and her eldest daughters would come to the village when Garouga’s rule was weak during the voting and campaigning. They would declare with their breaths and even manipulate with emotions that Usagi wanted to truly return and have their children unite with their fathers to have complete families. However, even with the woman’s most braizen of schemes, Seraphina’s reputation as a Kaguya clan member was too potent! Not to mention Akemi herself was not trustworthy as someone who divorced the clan with extreme prejudice to begin with. There was also the reputation of the Usagi that they were very promiscuous in order to grow their families, so they did slightly more harm than good.

    With Garouga the winner, the Usagi would flee back to the wilds out of fear that their interloping would meet retaliation.

    It was not until the assassination of Garouga that the Usagi would show themselves again. With Seraphina in power, the clan would beckon for themselves to be able to return to the village under her rule. To appease the Kaguya’s good side, the clan Matriarchs, the eldest members which included Akemi, insisted their loyalty under Seraphina. They even insisted that she was the ideal candidate and image for the village as well for the Usagi. Of course they would not be trusted within the village, but they would be able to retain the village’s previous relationship. The Usagi would establish themselves as a settlement within the Valley of the Kings while sharing their children with their fathers in Gekkousato. As a result, the clan was splintered between the Usagi Settlement within the Valley of the Kings within their Doton sculpted homes and reliance on natural resources while other Usagi children would have the chance to become shinobi with their families in Gekkousato.

    Either way, it is a hard time as the increase in murders cast suspicion on everyone; especially the Usagi who move beyond their own beliefs and the Matriarchs’ influence over the clan’s structure.

    Common Traits:

    Potential and Curse

    The Usagi Clan’s ability of sight seems to be a bittersweet curse that befalls upon members. No matter how much some of them seem to desire the longing to see like others, some will vary in disposition, with few having the worst effects. The division of the Usagi Clan’s vision, however, does seem to greatly affect their ability to use Chikaku, and make some more worthy than others to become fighters. Others seem to live normal lives and become satisfied with teaching the other Usagi Clan members “Arts.”

    Twenty-Five Percent of the Clan…

    The One-Fourth of Usagi Clan members are born with twenty-twenty vision, or something close to it. They are able to see the world around them like any other person along with the aid of the Usagi Clan’s Chikaku ability. The perception, however, dwindles as with perfect eyesight. The chakra still reaches their eyes, making it difficult for chakra pathways to redirect to the ears as they still attempt to react a Dojutsu that will never manifest. As a result, the Usagi Clan members it not very different from any ordinary person, except for a heightened sense of hearing that comes from their clan’s bloodline.

    Usagi Clan members who have great vision have difficulty with trying to use Chikaku fully unlike their other clan members. They rely on their eyes, making it so that their hearing will miss details here and there. It is very much still possible to surprise them within this regard. Thus, they are able to hold their own in chaotic battles where they are fighting multiple opponents and failing to sense projectiles at times, especially when making up with an arsenal of jutsu to strengthen their defenses.

    Seventy Percent of the Clan...

    A majority of the Usagi Clan members have experienced damage to their eyes as per the genes for the mutated dojutsu they inherit. Their vision is less than half between both eyes (Ex. 10/10 vision - 15/5 vision). As a result, the Usagi member have difficulty seeing out of one or both of their eyes. Usagi Clan members who become this way often have their vision corrected using eye glasses or goggles; often a merchandise or item on the clan member that varies in shape or size, but more than often reflects their declining vision and sense of style. Some Usagi Clan members have often had monocle-like patches or goggles that represent an avian-like style fastened from metal and glass that they unearth using Chikaku. The Clan’s eye-wear has been sold as a premium item that has been recognized by certain clans and individuals as novelty items exclusive from the clan’s craftsmanship.

    The Usagi Clan members who have this lack of vision are actually more versatile fighters and warriors in the clan. A matter of fact, they make up the bulk of the clan’s defensive and have a greater chance to become matriarchs. This is because of how they use their hearing and the Kekkei Genaki to make up for the lack of vision. They are able to see things with their eyes, even though blurry, and are able to make up for the lack of details using their hearing. For a Usagi Clan member with horrid vision, they are able to utilize Chikaku with more strength and passiveness. A Usagi Clan member with lacking vision will always have their hearing making up for half of their lacking vision without using their chakra, making it very difficult for them to be caught off guard. Furthermore, their Chikaku is substantially better, when focusing, making it so that they see at least double the range and processing sounds by sustaining it with chakra. The details are also more vivid as they have relied on hearing to see things, making the sounds seem more like a silhouette within a void of darkness. Thus, the Usagi Clan member is able to react more accurately to stimuli since they are constantly processing information from their hearing and focused zone, something those who use their eyes are not used to.

    The faults of this is that Usagi Clan members with this failed vision have a lack of jutsu. For an example, because they require corrected vision which is hampered greatly, Clone Jutsu and variants of Genjutsu are very hard to perform for them. Most often, this means that opponents who face them will be able to identify faults in genjutsu or their cloning technique. Transformation techniques, or anything that has to do with crafting and fine details, are unable to be done with great precision as they can offset colors and details (Even Basic Jutsu suffer greatly). This makes it so that Usagi Clan members who usually have this lack of vision mostly concentrate on other skills: via the fine chakra control and crafting of Doton-based skills to give definite shape to Doton-based jutsu. Most of the Usagi are proud of their faltering vision, especially to not seek implants as they would be indistinguishable from the one-fourth who have normal vision. A lot of Usagi Clan members with this vision problem focus on their martial skills and use summons to supplement their phenomenal sensing ability.

    Five Percent of the Clan...

    The truly worst situation for the Usagi Clan member, but also the most respected. These Usagi Clan members are born without vision into a world of darkness, and the clan’s traditions purvey that they must know warmth above all else. The blind Usagi are mostly those with the most potential and lowest survival rate due to them being very vulnerable because of this trait. Usagi Clan members who have no vision often stay close to the clan due to them needing to develop their Kekkei Genkai appropriately. The Usagi Clan’s five percent are kept close to their mothers in order to learn how to adapt and train the pinnacle of their ability. At times, this may mean they have childish or even naive personalities.

    The Usagi Clan members who are born blind are the most gifted and beneficial of the Kekkei Genkai. The members do not have vision, and so their details come from their hearing. Usagi Clan members use Chikaku in order to make up for their lack of vision, making it so they passively hear details as far as the eye can see and identify. Because of this, Usagi Clan members who are blind have a secondary ability, ‘Beat.” This is the pronunciation skill where they identify the individual based on more traits than the following two: via Heartbeat and Breathing. Thus, a Usagi Clan member with no vision will compensate with noticing the sudden shifts in heartbeats and breathing rates as if they are looking at faces. Usagi Clan members who have no vision make full utilization of these properties in order to identify things within their range when focusing that others may not. Due to them being sensitive and their ears nourished with chakra to make up the difference, they expend less chakra than most members to focus their hearing as they have a sensitivity to sound waves and seismic waves. These elements along with Rhythm makes it near impossible to gain the initiative against a Usagi Clan member who uses their abilities to the fullest, lest they take advantage of their weakness.

    Of course, the susceptibility to sound is more prominent than most, making them completely helpless against sound-based users. Since they lack perception of sight, most visual stimuli-based genjutsu are ineffective against these members (sound-based are super very effective). Usagi Clan members who are of this categorization rely on martial skills and their summons in order to help them survive, as standard-based abilities are useless at most. Bunshin Techniques, Henge Techniques, and Non Sound-based Genjutsu are useless for them to use (because they lack the perception to conjure imagery or render fine details). Usagi Clan members of this caliber have no hope to process genjutsu an imagery. Some Usagi Clan members opt away from this as they are so heavily revered due to their lack of sight, but they cannot deny that they crave the knowledge to know of things such as color, shades, and even the source of the warmth they feel in fine detail.

    Common Culture:


    The clan of rabbits, whether summon or individuals, seem to share a unique dialect. This becomes apparent by how the Usagi seem to refer to others in a charming way: "Master" or "Mistress" which usually is disrespectful in some lights when in the face of nobility, but for commoners, it is a psychological ploy by the clan to appease them and give them the impression of dominance (when in fact they are being manipulative). The Usagi seem to also seem to answer their own questions in a way, often as they end most of their phrases with "Yes?" or "No?" as if searching for confirmation. To further this dialect, the Usagi are more often by tongue very assertive or suggestive when they come of age. This is due to their nature and teachings to promote fertility over all else.

    The clan's default greeting is the traditional bow: hands before them and clasp together as if in prayer. They maintain this reverence similar to how they addressed the Sages that were summons. This is even more prominent in the face of the clan's head matriarchs who reign over the clan as counsel. The clan does not have a true head as long as there is an elder matriarch of the previous generation. Therefore, the clan gives notice to the matriarchs at all times, and does not differentiate between them as they call them "Grand Mother" or "Grand Bunny" (since often a Matriarch is a mother of a mother, and there has been no phenomenon where a grandmother has not lived to see the children of their children). The Matriarchs act not only as counsel and overseers of the overall clan, but also enforcers, accountants, and teachers.

    Fighting Style

    The Usagi Clan’s style of fighting is greatly marked in their tradition. They insist that their fighting is called “Arts” or “Dances” and does not merit the title of being called Taijutsu. This is mostly due to themselves trying to greatly distance themselves from Shinobi culture. Their fighting is not very subtle compared to most arts of clans. Where as most manipulate chakra in order to reinforce their blows, the Usagi consistently reposition themselves, rely on speed, and use shifts of gravity in order to perform swift take swift blows reinforced by their leg-strikes while being supported by their family (Usagi Summons or fellow clan members).

    Dressing Style

    Whether it is with their garb that they wear in battle or outside of the battle, it is usually one in the same. The Usagi Clan's undergarment is a one piece that weaves around their torso and body. This is because the Usagi do not use a lot of weight for protection. Since they rely on their speed, they are very agile and wear clothing that lacks resistance to the wind or extra armor to hamper their movements. Thus, they will wear this one piece with the mesh light breathable fabric that goes beneath at stops at shoulder and arm The difference is that the Usagi are characterized with faux rabbit ears made from fur and flexible metals on their head. In Gekkousato, this often gives them the moniker of "rabbits" as they bear a resemblance. Males do not often wear these accessories due to them not warranting the same intimidation, but some try if the clan is more inclusive of them for some circumstances.

    The only slightly heavy armor is that of the Regaria they wear upon their feet, which does not hamper them due to Usagi Clan members learning the art of dancing, movement, and flexibility. The Usagi Clan use their legs for everything, making flexing strikes and sweeps with the hard armored geta on their feet to deliver decisive blows and even deflect swords and other weapons.

    The Usagi Clan members, whether walking around or in battle, wear these outfits along with their kimonos sewn with their emblems upon the back. As the Usagi make a number of items and take many trades in the village, sewing clothing and adorning them with jewels is not above them. Most Usagi Clan robes and silken kimonos are made by their hands and fetch a good price that is used to fond their clan. Most of the time, Usagi are most noticed by their hair styles that are symmetrical (Pony tails, even flowing hair on shoulders, etc).

    - Hikari Usagi

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