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    Hare Hopping || D-Rank Empty Hare Hopping || D-Rank

    Post by Guest Thu Apr 09, 2020 2:15 pm

    Name: Heahoppu [Hare Hopping]
    Specialty: Kekkei Genkai
    Rank: D
    Element: Doton
    Cost: 5 Chakra || 5 Stamina
    Range: N/A
    Duration: 3 post (or 3 instances)


    Usagi Clan members due to their hearing have great balance allowed by their auditory strength. Nausea and delirium caused by manipulation of sight does not come as easily due to their impeccable ability to stay on their feet. Usagi Clan members are found to be above their peers in movements when it comes to acrobatics, maneuvering of their body, and lean/flexes that seem almost impossible for those who know nothing of a center of gravity. It also allows them to have access to a skill of “Heahoppu,” the manipulation of Doton and their own chakra to make a momentary shift of weight that allows them to bound off the air itself. It is theorized that this is the Usagi Clan’s birth right of Doton-based users due to it taking the principle of manipulating one’s weight for a quarter of a second (similar to Doton: Keijūgan no Jutsu) to balance on the space and kick off once again propelling themselves a distance (3 Meters (+3 Per Rank Up)). Young Usagi that are becoming adolescents soon find themselves able to bound off of space once. The experienced Usagi can kick off, propelling themselves three times in three separate instances in mid-air before finally succumbing to gravity. Hence, they never really mastered the ninjutsu it was based off of, and due to their sensitivity with winds and harsh vision.

    Status: KKG || Usagi Clan

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    Hare Hopping || D-Rank Empty Re: Hare Hopping || D-Rank

    Post by Kensei Sat Apr 11, 2020 4:39 pm

    Hare Hopping || D-Rank B3369410


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