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    Gem Sisters || Group Summon


    Gem Sisters || Group Summon Empty Gem Sisters || Group Summon

    Post by Guest Thu Apr 09, 2020 4:17 pm

    Summons: Gem Sisters

    Name: The Gem Sisters

    Listed Names:

    Red/Ruby Rabbit: Ichigo [Strawberry]
    Blue/Sapphire Rabbit: Ume [Plum]
    Yellow/Topaz Rabbit: Remon [Lemon]
    Green/Emerald Rabbit: Meron [Melon]
    Purple/Amethyst: Budo [Grape]

    Type: Normal || Group


    Normal (C-Rank) [Any One of them]
    Group (2) (C-Rank) [Remon & Budo]
    Group (3) (B-Rank) [Ume & Ichigo & Meron]
    Group (4) (A-Rank) [Remon/Budo & Ichigo &Ume & Meron]

    Contract: Usagi
    Elements: Doton
    Specialty: Ninjutsu
    Meters per post:

    C-Rank (Normal): Can move 5 MMP
    C-Rank (Group): The group as a whole can move 5 MMP split among themselves
    B-Rank (Group): The group as a whole can move 7 MMP split among themselves
    A-Rank (Group): The group as a whole can move 9 MMP split among themselves
    S-Rank (Group): The group as a whole can move 11 MMP split among themselves

    Hit Points: Each can be hit by

    C-Rank (Normal): Can be hit by 1 C-rank attack or 2 D-Rank attacks
    C-Rank (Group): Each creature can be hit by 1 C-rank attack or 2 D-Rank attacks
    B-Rank (Group): Each creature can be hit by 1 B-rank attack or 2 C-Rank attacks or 4 D-Rank attacks
    A-Rank (Group): Each creature can be hit by 1 A-rank attack or 2 B-Rank attacks or 4 C-Rank attacks
    S-Rank (Group): Each creature can be hit by 1 S-rank attack or 2 A-Rank attacks or 4 B-Rank attacks


    C-Rank (Normal): Has 80 Chakra
    C-Rank (Group): Each creature has 25 Chakra
    B-Rank (Group): Each creature has 60 Chakra
    A-Rank (Group): Each creature has 95 Chakra
    S-Rank (Group): Each creature has 130 Chakra


    C-Rank (Normal): Has 20 Stamina
    C-Rank (Group): Each creature has 15 Stamina
    B-Rank (Group): Each creature has 20 Stamina
    A-Rank (Group): Each creature has 25 Stamina
    S-Rank (Group): Each creature has 30 Stamina


    Gem Sisters || Group Summon TheGems
    [Face-Claim: The Carbuncle of the Puzzles & Dragons Series]

    The Gem Bunnies, even small (a foot and a half in height and no more than a foot in width), are primary summons of the Usagi Clan that are almost synonymous to the clan of matriarchs and young women across the ages. The Usagi Clan, because of their traits, have been said to represent them in every way: hardened, swift, and just as snide and cunning. Answering to the elder and the clan’s matriarchs and mothers, they are a small group of rabbits that act like the children counterparts of the Usagi Clan due to their young age and just how much time they spend around the younger ones who summon them to aid them in skirmishes or some of the casual needs of the clan when it comes to construction or other things of importance.

    Gem Sisters || Group Summon Carbuncle2
    [The Gems at Play!~]

    Their appearances are reflective of the Sage and their exposure to Senjutsu Chakra. Due to this, their bodies are hardened in some places, almost like bristles mixed in with cotton soft fur. It is especially hard around parts where the jewel-like stone is upon their body, perfectly centered in place. This is where most of their chakra is stored as Doton has sealed it into place, making it almost a core for their chakra. When damaged, it seems repairable when they retreated back to their home, The Valley of Kings. The stone stone on their body seems to represent their health.

    The Gem Sisters are various rabbits in number, but always are the five colors. Their shapes may vary due to their personalities from plump to even somewhat more firm and lean. However, they always seem to be an average size of a foot and a few inches (1 ft' 8 inches) and their ears as high as eight inches (Total of 2 ft' 4 in'), but only when balancing on their hinds legs. Because of these properties, they are barely more comparable than any other rabbit animal, except that they are more intelligent enough that they can use speech and their body has hardened in certain places due to the crystalline form.

    The Gem Bunnies consist of five sisters, and true to the clan’s nature and assortment of names, they are named after sweet foods and treats which the Usagi as a whole (summons and clan humans) have developed a taste for (Usually fruits and pastries). The Gem Bunnies have no vast differences in their ability as they are all the same but vary by their names and personalities, and usually are partnered with a certain clan member. Not only that, but the five seem to be numerous, allowing them to appear and help in abundance of the clan members as they are a part of their fighting style. However, there is one major difference, that being the clan’s rabbits seem to have a variation of ability depending on the number that appear.


    Plate Shifter - The Primary Ability of the Clan of Rabbits. The summons are able to utilize the clan’s technique Earth Release: Tunneling Like a Rabbit and not expend Chakra after the first use in order to remain underground (but still must expend Stamina to dig). As the Summons do not have hand signs, while underground, they use the already present Earth to create structures from the ground in order to support their ally above ground. This results in them being useful on Earth-based terrain, but they must be beneath the Earth to use this skill.

    Bunny Brigade - The Gem Sisters utilize the Usagi Clan’s trademark technique for making use of their ears. As a result, it is assumed they are always using the Usagi Clan’s Kekkei Genkai and jutsu “Pulse” at C-Rank (These must be listed as Jutsu as well). The Gem Sisters are able to consistently be aware of the movements of things above ground as long as they touch the Earth in some way (this includes if they are standing atop of other structures). Together, the rabbits pay for these techniques and divide the cost as they find it easier to work together as the Usagi Clan always does.

    Bunny Battalion (S-Rank) - The Gem Sisters Ichigo, Ume, and Meron are not very coordinated. However, when Budo or Remon are present, the three rally behind the natural leaders! As a result, the rabbit summons are able to attack with their Earth-Style Jutsu when commanded by the leader. No longer are the limited by the simple ability of being able to use Doton only when underground making them ferocious attackers and defenders whether on top of the Earth or below its surface.



    Pulse (D) [Doton: Doryū Jōheki]
    Earth Release: Tunneling Like a Rabbit (D)[Doton:Usagi no yōna ton'neringu]
    Earth Release: Earth Shore Return (C) [Doton:Doroku Gaeshi ]

    [B-Rank (Including C-Rank Jutsu)]

    Earth Release: Earth Shift Core (C) [Doton: Chidōkaku]
    Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique (D) [Doton: Shinjū Zanshu no Jutsu]

    [A-Rank (Including B & C-Rank Jutsu)]

    Earth Release: Rock Shelter (B) [Rokkusherutā]
    Earth Release: Earth Style Wall (B) [Doton: Doryūheki]

    [S-Rank (Including A & B & C-Rank Jutsu)]

    Earth Release: Rock Gun Technique (C)
    Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld (B) [Doton: Doryūheki]

    Items: N/A

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