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    A Chance Encounter!

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    A Chance Encounter! Empty Re: A Chance Encounter!

    Post by Meloku Fri Apr 10, 2020 1:03 pm

    It was a beautiful day out, with a light breeze and a shining sun, a perfect day to get out and about in the village. Children were running through the streets playing games, shops open for business and Shinobi patrolling the borders like they normally did. It was the kind of day where mothers would shoo their kids out doors to enjoy the afternoon. Meloku was not one of these people, as she had mainly stayed indoors and to herself since arriving in the Sun Village. This place was still new to her, foreign, and while the higher ups had done a good job of acclimating her, it still did not feel like home. She had spent the morning cleaning the small bedroom she did call home, ironing her dresses, and rearranging her furniture. This could only be done so many times however, before boredom started to set in. She was a people person, an out going lively lady who hated being couped up in one place.

    So, the tall, pale skinned woman decided it was time to see the village she would now be apart of. Organizing her belongs, she threw a small pouch together, slipped on a nice flowery sun dress, and topped the outfit with a large sun hat. She had to admit, it was a cute outfit, but boy did she hate that ugly ninja head band they gave her, it did not fit with any of her outfits. So she tucked it away in the bag, and headed out. Her goal was simple, stroll around the housing district, get her bearings, and become a little more familiar with the village. Simple right, no need for wild exciting excursions. The sun was hot, bearing down on her, but the warmth was nice, and every now and then a breeze would catch her, making it even better.

    About half of an hour had gone by, Meloku made a couple laps, dipped in and out of a few shops. and really just tried to learn her environment. Apparently, without her noticing, this had caught someones attention. The young woman did not realize that someone had started to tail her, following her through the crowds, and turning down the same streets she did. A common street thug, no doubt, and as the crowds thickened, this bandit made his move. Dashing from behind her he quickly yanked her purse out from under her arm, tearing off down the street and into the oncoming group of people. With a scoff and a look of disdain, she took off after him.

    While Meloku may have appeared helpless and innocent, she all but was, and knew perfectly how to defend herself. This thug had picked with the wrong lady. He was quick though, speeding through the streets, it was just enough for her to keep up with him. She slipped a kunai from beneath her dress, locked her eyes and gain speed, aiming to deck him right in the back. Just as her aim had narrowed in, he turned a corner, only to come face to face with a boy who had just finished stuffing his pocket with a red bandana. The thug had to slam on the breaks, halting quick enough to not slam into this boy as Meloku just managed to turn the corner, slowing her pace, and trapping the thief between the two.

    A Chance Encounter! 4a4-2-2
    The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

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    A Chance Encounter! Empty Re: A Chance Encounter!

    Post by Meloku Tue Apr 14, 2020 6:02 pm

    Meloku rounded the corner, her breathing picking up and sweat beginning to pour down her soft pale skin as some of her long blonde hair started to stick to her forehead. She gripped the kunai tighter, fully ready to nail this thug in the back of his head if she had the chance. How dare someone just run off with her purse like that, this definitely was not a good first impression of the sun village. She fully rounded the corner now, only to stop abruptly as the thief she was chasing was now standing still also, staring down some other guy, as they stood pretty close to each other.

    Then something unexpected happened, the black haired boy move quick, almost in a blur as passer bys started to form a circle around the group. He moved with such speed, tucking his arm up under the thief, then flipping him and sending him crashing into a nearby stone wall. The impact knocked the man unconscious almost instantly, causing him to limply lay against the wall. The boy who had dropped the thug then turned to her, apparently assuming she was the one he stole from. She stood upright, straightning her posture and her dress, but keeping her eyes locked in on the scene.

    "Excuse me, but i am fully capable of taking care of myself, he just got the jump on me is all, i was fully prepared to handle him.' She scoffed, taking a step closer to the knocked out man laying in the dirt. She then quickly replaced the kunai into its spot in her ninja bag. "I appreciate the concern, and the help with this...thing, but i know how to handle myself. Now if you will excuse me, i shall be getting my belongings." With that she huffed and stooped over, picking the dusty purse off the ground and tucking it under her shoulder.

    A Chance Encounter! 4a4-2-2

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