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    Hare Hammer || B-Rank Empty Hare Hammer || B-Rank

    Post by Guest Thu Apr 09, 2020 5:10 pm

    Name: Hare Hammer
    Type: Weapon
    Size: Medium
    Rank: B


    A simple wooden Staff that is carried around by Moka, the Rabbit Sage of the Bunny Contract. Although it may seem like it is simply wood, this carved staff has actually been growing in the Rabbit’s Ravine, an area where the Rabbit Summons used to reside. As a result, it has soaked up the natural chakra, Senjutsu Chakra, to the point that it responds to Chakra as if it was a special weapon. The Staff is approximately twice the size of Mocha, roughly six feet tall. She hefts it around using her strength. It’s head is wide and cylindrical on one end of the top while the other end is thin. The staff’s shape is triangular in a sense as it crookedly runs from this large end to the small base end. It’s overall form is quite thick as it is enough to hold as a two handed weapon, similar to a War Hammer.


    Although it seems simplistic, this weapon is actually quite powerful! It responds well to chakra, giving it properties depending on the Chakra Nature. This usually means increasing its strength, but in reality, it responds best to Doton-based Chakra. It is able to be used as an effective weapon to smash things even without the Chakra running through it, although it could be used as no more than a makeshift hammer that is very durable. It is not until when exposed to Chakra that this weapon truly shines.


    When exposed to Chakra, this weapon is able to increase in strength. Destructive properties multiply the weapon’s strength to make it on par with a Warhammer. However, this is in exposure to any Chakra. When used by the user and they have a Doton Chakra Nature as their base, this increases the strength of the impacts by double. It is because it is made by the Usagi, a Doton-based clan, that it has these properties to respond well to this Chakra. The weapon also seems to be able to be used to build structures with a slam of its head or base upon terrain in order to raise Doton structures or trigger specific Doton-based jutsu. However, this does not forego the hand signs. It is just usually used as a substitute for slapping one’s palm upon the terrain.

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    Hare Hammer || B-Rank Empty Re: Hare Hammer || B-Rank

    Post by Kensei Thu Apr 09, 2020 7:45 pm

    Hare Hammer || B-Rank 210


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