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    Sculpting || D-Rank Empty Sculpting || D-Rank

    Post by Guest on Fri Apr 10, 2020 2:42 pm

    Name: Chōkoku [Sculpting]
    Specialty: Kekkei Genkai
    Rank: D
    Element: Doton
    Cost: 10/15/25 Chakra (Small/Medium/Large Size Objects)
    Range: Close (Direct Contact)
    Duration: Immediate (1-Post/Use)


    The other prime ability of the Usagi Clan that involves their sensory of Seismic Waves and their ability to craft the Earth. Using their sensory, Usagi Clan members mold chakra in their hands in order to make them able to craft Earthen material. This shaping displays itself in the form of a gentle green chakra over their palms after making the designated three hand seals (Ram - Monkey - Rabbit) and slapping their hands together. As a result, the Usagi Clan member is able to touch the Earth and conjure a designated amount of material in order to shape it, pack it, and even loosen the material by changing its composition. This mostly involves packing a lot of dirt and material into something as strong as a staff or even breaking that staff back down into simple grains of dirt. The higher the rank, the more skilled the member is with their sculpting. It is a simple technique and shaping something like a block of dirt and soil into a solid sphere is rather easy. However, when focusing their Chikaku to see large massive forms in detail like Earth Release wall and sculpt its shape by pressing their hands across the surface and distributing their chakra to sculpt it takes much more vast amounts of chakra and focus (Once again, affected by rank). With experience and proper training in Bukijutsu, Usagi Clan members pack the Earth they find in order to create Mallet/Hammer-like tools made from complete Doton and pressured soil.

    Status: KKG || Usagi Clan

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    Sculpting || D-Rank Empty Re: Sculpting || D-Rank

    Post by Admin on Wed Apr 15, 2020 7:55 pm

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