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    10,000 Years of Suffering || E-Rank


    10,000 Years of Suffering || E-Rank Empty 10,000 Years of Suffering || E-Rank

    Post by Guest Fri Apr 10, 2020 2:45 pm

    Name: 1 Man-nen no kurushimi [10,000 Years of Suffering]
    Specialty: Kekkei Genkai
    Rank: E
    Element: N/A
    Cost: 5 Stamina
    Range: Close [Kicking Range]
    Duration: Instant [1-Post]

    A signature attack of the Usagi clan that has evolved over the previous three generations…that involves kicking men in the groin. Even if this may seem trivial (and quite overly dramatic) this is the basis of the clan’s kicking techniques. The clan fended off many of the aggressive men by learning kicks that aimed towards the groin area with such focus and precision that it shatters any metal or protection that is specially located in the groin area of the body. This can be said to break a lot of pelvic bones muscles regardless of the user being male or female, but especially effective on males due to chakra infusion, skill with precision, and old fashioned womanly rage.

    The attack is simply performed with a distraction: usually the formation of the Hare Hand Seal and the uttering of the technique. Usually, after idle time has passed, making the technique seem like a farce from close range, the individual usually follows up by simply lunging out their foot with a pelvic shattering groin kick. Some may usually affectionately weave their wrists around the neck of the target in an attempt to charm them before lunging forth with a knee. No matter the variation, the targeted area and the concentration of force is unmistakable.

    Regardless of the intention of the technique in furthering the Usagi’s fighting style and use of kicking attacks, it seems to have cast the Usagi family’s name in a respectful/fearful shroud when uttered by some males. This is not some secret clan technique or even an attack that is exclusive for them. This technique is simply an unexpected attack that is too lewd and undisciplined to call that an art of shinobi and too inhumane to be thought of normal by most. With their muscular legs, thighs, and quads combined with unparalleled kicking speed; the Usagi Clan is the most infamous for this technique due to the severe damage to those who crossed them and is of the clan’s opposing gender.

    Status: Kekkei Genkai || Usagi Clan

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    10,000 Years of Suffering || E-Rank Empty Re: 10,000 Years of Suffering || E-Rank

    Post by Kensei Sat Apr 11, 2020 4:23 pm

    10,000 Years of Suffering || E-Rank B3369410


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