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    Hare Hands || D-Rank Empty Hare Hands || D-Rank

    Post by Guest Fri Apr 10, 2020 3:43 pm

    Title Name: The Hand Hares
    Name: Ainu (Grey (F))  Airi (Red (F)) - Akito (Grey (M))

    Type: Normal Summon
    Rank: D

    Contract: Bunny
    Elements: Doton
    Specialty: Ninjutsu

    Meters per post: 1 Meter Per Post

    Hit Points:
    -Can be hit by 1 C-rank attack
    -Can be hit by 2 D-Rank attacks

    Chakra: 30 Chakra

    Stamina: 20 Stamina


    Hare Hands || D-Rank Usagi3
    [Face-Claim: The Pooka from Odin Sphere Series]

    Cleaners, Cooks, Medics, Historians, and Scavengers; the Usagi Clan are proud of their House Hares. Small rabbits without the hardening pieces of crystal and Earthen material, these are the simplest summons of the Bunny Contract that pride themselves on walking side-by-side with the Usagi Clan’s women in order to help them with day to day life. Some of these summons pride themselves on saying that they have seen some of the Usagi Clan’s very children be born with their own eyes and have watched them grow all the same as if they are wet wives. The small rabbits are perhaps one of the most common forms of the rabbit contract and vary in many identities.

    Regardless of the name, these rabbits do have similar shapes and sizes. They are identified by their rounded back feet and hips and slender upper bodies as humanoid rabbits. Their colored coats vary from the natural colors of the rabbit, but also including a red shade. There are said to be some with even more rare colors that have heightened skill sets and are more personal to the Usagi. They all are as tall as a small child going to approximately three feet, and that is not including their rabbit-esque ears (which make them 3 feet' 10 inches usually). The females may wear identifying aprons and bandannas along their body unlike the males who wear simplistic shirts and may have glasses as they have the Usagi Clan’s trademark poor vision.

    These rabbits, even though small, should not be mistaken for helpless. Although they do not have movement capability of the special Gem Rabbits and the power of their elder Moka, they still possess some ability to defend themselves. The most common tool is that they use their small paws to slap against the terrain and erect minor Doton barricades in order to defend the clan. Since they are so common, a series of them often work together to build multiple barricades so that they may be most effective in trying to hold off an attack while they use their basic skills to help the clan. They may not be fighters, but they know how to defend and run in order to live another day.

    Abilities: N/A


    Earth Release: Practice Brick Technique (D) [Doton: Renga no Jutsu]

    Items: N/A

    Name: Summoning Jutsu
    Specialty: Summoning
    Rank: D
    Element: N/A
    Cost: 10
    Range: 5 Meters
    Duration: 3 post(s)
    Description: This is the basic summoning jutsu used by all summoners and taught right as someone begins working towards this specialty. Once you have made a contract with a summon, this jutsu allows you to summon any creature from that family. You first must offer blood to the summon, normally by biting your thumb or using blood already available. Then you must complete the hand signs, placing your open palm with the blood face down. The jutsu will activate and whichever animal you intended to summon will come forth. The effects of the summon depend on who is summoned, and is not dependent on this jutsu.
    Status: Usagi Clan
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