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    Jagānōto- The Juggernaut Empty Jagānōto- The Juggernaut

    Post by Vosk Fri Apr 10, 2020 8:06 pm

    Name: Jagānōto- The Juggernaut
    Possessors: Open World
    Type: Physical Enhancement
    Location: Open World
    Appearance: No physical traits
    The Jagānōto, or Juggernaut bloodline, is a physical enhancement bloodline that forms in the muscles and tendons of those born with this trait. Juggernauts are born with tightened muscles, which make them harder, stronger and more compact, and allow them to endure higher concentrations of pressure and tension. While the increased muscle expansion is what they are born with, the actual ability of the bloodline is something completely different, and the tightened tendons is only what allows the juggernauts to perform such feats. As the body moves, it builds up momentum, creating energy and storing it in their body. The more they move, the more these increased muscles rub together, creating a force that is contained within the body. This energy can then be harnessed by the juggernaut, allowing them to release this energy in waves of high density pressure. While it most often resembles or feels like blast of wind, it is actually not any single element, and just pure energy created by the body. The various techniques that those with this ability have been able to create vary from offensive blast to defensive and protective techniques. The key to the ability is movement, and in order to access this energy, the body must be in constant motion. Because of this, each technique or jutsu will require a specific number of meters to be moved, or a specific type of movement to be made in order to use the technique. The energy can not be stored and saved for later, meaning that in order to use the charged pressure, the technique must be used within the same post that the movement needed was done.

    The most obvious downside to this ability is that movement is needed, and in order to use the charged energy, those with this bloodline must move in the same post they plan to execute their technique. While this does not seem like a weakness on the surface, if anything were to keep them from moving, or they were restrained for a moment of time, they would be unable to access that energy and lose anything that was stored up that post. Because they are constantly moving and using built up energy as a weapon, those with this bloodline can also get tired or fatigued quicker. Most of their bloodline techniques require stamina as the cost, and each of their bloodline techniques cost 5 extra stamina regardless of its rank.


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    Post by Admin Sun Apr 12, 2020 11:45 am

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