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    Post by Oniyokai Wed Apr 15, 2020 5:40 pm

    Kamidogu Oniyokai
    Kamidogu Oniyokai  D217db6c1244fba7f9f9c92584654549
    Theme Song
    Name: Kamidogu Oniyokai
    Nick Name: Yokai
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    Clan: Kamidogu Clan of the Sun
    Bloodline: Kemuri no Sosa - Smoke Manipulation

    Origin: Sun
    Village: NIKKOUSATO


    Kamidogu Oniyokai  4343286_640px
    Yokai is a very healthy young man, even in comparison to some adults twice his age. He has an impressive physique given his well toned body. His legs and arms are slightly bigger than your average 18 year old male. His muscles are a bit more thick and solid, throwing hints of his work ethic to those who notice such things. His hands are a little big for someone his age though it is only slightly and the palms are rough and firm. His feet that fit a size 10 and are a little rough from moving around and being on them so much. His calf muscles are very hard and solid, all in all giving this young man a better physique than some grown men twice his age. He has several small cuts and scraps on his body, easily noticeable with a few even being on his face. Not the least bit shy about them, Yokai rarely, if ever, attempts to hid then. In addition to that he has a birthmark of a howling wolf on his left shoulder.

    His hair reaches to the center of his back length though Yokai keeps it tied back in order to keep it managed so that it doesn't get in his face when he is working, training, or fighting. His hair color is a dark brown that looks almost black, though upon closer inspection one can see the brown. He stands about 5'10 and weighs close to 170lbs, excluding the weight of his clothing and his skin tone is slightly tanned , not so much that he is a light bronze but enough for some to see he spends some of his time outside.

    He will almost always maintain a very relaxed expression, having very few smile or frown marks as he doesn't do much of either very often. His eyes are usually half closed giving people the impression he is tired or stoned, though this just how is eyes are naturally shaped. The color of his eyes are the same as any from the Kamidogu Clan which is gold-ish yellow.

    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 170lbs


    A very observant individual, Yokai is almost always reserved or calm in any situation. Being more of a thinker, he prefers to simply sit in the background while quietly chasing his ambitions. He isn't so much distrustful as he is aware. He doesn't put much past anyone, always feeling that under the right circumstances anyone is capable of anything. Which isn't something he holds against people, being that he is fully aware he is capable of the same. He simply comes off more guarded at a first meeting than he would with someone he has known for a long while. Sizing up a person to see if they are as genuine as they claim to be. This sometimes makes him give off a inquisitive air about him, not necessarily pumping people for info but rather allowing them simply talk to much. With a sort of "gift of gab", its rather easy to get on people's good side; a trait he is known for. He knows how to remain aloof and yet show subtle signs of interest. Often giving him a mysterious and unpredictable appeal air about him. He doesn't make himself unapproachable, in fact, he enjoys the company of others and isn't shy around new people. Just a bit more cautious about what he says and does mostly.

    Though he is very emphatic, he is a firm believer in letting one learn from their mistakes. He feels that always helping someone from their problems cripples them. His philosophy is that one cannot truly grow unless they learn to overcome the obstacles life throws at them. This in mind, he will almost never assist someone if he deems the person capable of handling it. So long as a life isn't immediately in danger, he is the sort to see how things play out; feeling he is doing the person in question a service rather than being callous. In truth, he cares deeply for any one he calls friend or comrade. With his troubled past, Yokai has seen and lived in a dog eat dog world. In order to not only survive, but to thrive in the world one must be mentally built for it. And lessons learned firsthand always show just exactly where one stands in the world. To cheat someone out of something of the magnitude, in Yokai's mind, is just as bad as killing them. Because if someone who isn't cut for a task is chosen to see it done, others could be effected in the worst ways. A harsh philosophy, but one Yokai believes wholeheartedly to be true and thus almost always acts accordingly.

    Though he is not easily angered, he does not take kindly to threats. He will gladly face any sort of threat face to face, regardless of circumstances and will not waver. Yokai is far from fearless but where most would freeze from the feeling as they try to fight it, Yokai accepts the feeling as a normal reaction and copes. He will never admit he needs help, due to his philosophy, and meet his problems head on. A weakness, some would say, since Yokai is quite indiscriminate when it comes to dealing with his problems. However, he will not turn down help if it doesn't jeopardize a mission or if it is of the person's own volition. Yokai knows the value of teamwork thus he will never simply let someone he cares for or allied with die. If he can tell by the situation at hand that the task is to difficult, without question Yokai would interfere. Because the dead can't learn from dying.

    Yokai is a very driven and ambitious young man, always eager to showcase his skill and ability in any competition. Despite his normally calm demeanor, he shows more emotion when in any contest. Simply put the young man can't resist a challenge, mostly out of sheer pride and the feeling of being victorious. There is also a sense of "testing ones merit" as he would say, to see whose path had benefited whom the most. Combat or politics, Yokai takes joy in both as it keeps his mind sharp and aware. Under the ideals that a weak body makes a poor warrior and dull mind makes poor scholar, Yokai is a well-read and physically fit individual. One of the few ways to actually get under the young man's skin is to interrupt his training or studying. A task not easily done due to the sheer amount of focus and determination he pours into both tasks.

    Likes: List 3 of your characters likes
    - Ancient History
    - Edged Weapons
    - Competition
    - Revelry
    - Early Mornings

    Dislikes: List 3 of your characters dislikes
    - Pointless Rambling
    - Chores or Menial Tasks
    - Bullying
    - Weak Attitudes or Actions
    - Waiting


    The story of Kamidogu Oniyokai, Yokai for short, begins with his birth. While most babies are born in a hospital or even their home, Yokai  was born in a renowned brothel. His mother was the best courtesan in the Eloquent Palace brothel house. Her past was a mystery to all, save for herself and the family she left behind. She had been the eldest daughter to a samurai turned farmer, who decided to marry a woman he met in his travels. Yokai's mother, Kai, ended up killing her own mother upon being born. As a result, the father scorned Kai and treated her cruel whenever opportunity presented itself. The height of his cruelty came when he sold Kai in order to pay off a gambling debt. Thus is how she ended up at the brothel.

    Given her profession, naturally this would lead to the birth of Yokai. Sadly he would never know who his father was, seeing that not many men would claim the son of a whore. Yokai spent only a small part of his life at the brothel, before his mother managed to buy her own freedom and leave the brothel. Though in that time he became exposed to life much sooner than one would ant for a toddler. He'd been abused by patrons and even the heads of the brothel, both verbally and physically. Often times being told that someone like him was only bound for a low lot in life. By the time Yokai was 4, Kai earned enough money to pay off her father's debt o the brothel and immediately moved to Nikkousato. This put her out the grasp of her father and could  raise her son in a positive environment and offer him a fair chance to build the future for himself.

    Bastian's life in Nikkousato was quite a eventful one, at young age he began to work so he could assist his mother with financial matters. However, watching his mom work so hard to take care of them both gave Yokai incentive to want more for himself with his life. After his 10th birthday, a shinobi suggested he enroll in the ninja academy since they paid shinobi for completing missions. Given that up till now Yokai had become known as a fast delivery boy for a local food shop, the shinobi figured Yokai to be a good candidate. They discussed about how fast he was with deliveries and how strong he was with manual labor with his mother. He also possessed keen intellect and a willingness to learn, traits that would serve well for any shinobi. After taking some time to consider this Yokai ran this by his mother. Knowing that it was a dangerous life, he assumed she would be outwardly against it. However, Kai agreed with the choice without a moments hesitation. A decision that shocked Yokai as he could only guess why she would do so and dared not to question it.

    She would go on explaining to Yokai about his lineage of being a member of the Kamidogu clan of the Sun. It was actually her mother whom died giving birth to her that was a member and possessed the kekkai genkai if smoke manipulation. She herself even knowing some jutsu, taught to her by random members she encounter after learning of her bloodline. She explained that she kept this from Yokai because speaking of it reminded her of her father and resentment towards her. The Kamidogu were renown for their skill as a shinobi throughout history and the fact this chance was presenting itself was like fate rearing its head.

    Yokai had done some homework about the academy, but with everything that was going on in his life he couldn't just abandon his mom. However, it would be her own words that swayed his mind to join the academy. She assured him how she would be fine and that he should go with what he wanted with his life, "Live the way you want to live son" were her exact words. And with that he enrolled in the  Academy. Managing to graduate from the academy at the age of 13, and from there was able to move on to the next step in his life.

    The years to follow after Yokai graduation would prove to be exciting for him. Doing mission he was able to make money for is mother and himself, at the same time do what he loved doing the most which was learning. He leaped at any chance to do a mission, and wanted to fight strong enemies so that he could test his skills on those that will make him push the envelop. Simultaneously he also was eager to see what new things he could learn each day, whether it be about places or people, past or present. Only when his mother became ill did his routine change, this event occurring when Yokai was at the age of 16. In order to properly tend to her, he cut back on his duties as a shinobi and had spent the next few years assisting with her recovery. In this time he missed out several chances to progress to further ranks within the shinobi hierarchy.

    It would be on his 18th birthday that he met a young lady that had been transferred to care for his mother, whom was still sick but with help was slowly on the mend over the last few years. She would suggest his return to being a shinobi after catching Yokai training himself one morning. His mother echoed this statement with assurance that she was doing better and explaining that she held some guilt about her halted his life to tend to her. With some promises made that the young lady, her name being Oichi, that she would take care of his mother; Yokai informed his superiors that he was ready to return to active duty.

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