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    Bridge, Bath, & Beyond [Closed]


    Bridge, Bath, & Beyond [Closed] Empty Bridge, Bath, & Beyond [Closed]

    Post by Guest Wed Apr 15, 2020 10:04 pm

    Name: Battle for the bridge (solo)
    Rank: -
    Details: Two shinobi have been caught up in a battle for a bridge. The bridge is key territory in controlling a region, and of course everyone wants to hold it. In this clash, two shinobi are fighting over control of the bridge, and whoever manages to knock out their enemy or fend them off, gains control of the bridge.
    Requirements: The bridge is 60 meters in length, and 10 meters wide. The battle continues until one of the participants is knocked out or flees from the bridge.

    [Defending] Sun Village
    [Attacking] Moon Village

    Type: Solo Clash
    Reward: C-Rank v C-Rank:

    Winner gets 30 EXP + 10 Ryo
    Loser gets 5 EXP

    Bridge, Bath, & Beyond [Closed] B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Bridge, Bath, & Beyond [Closed] B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Bridge, Bath, & Beyond [Closed] B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7
    "My body needs a hero! Come & save me!"


    Racing colors of red and orange competed for the distant horizon. So far, the sun had seemed to be no competitor for the two that evening, but the darkness was trailing certain enough. Then again, it all could be wrong. The skies were a blur to many of the eyes that saw it that day. A certain clan would narrow their lids as thin as blades before finally giving up with a restless sigh of frustrated breath. Still, there was some optimism at heart as they continued to walk as if they could catch up with the sky, but in reality, that was not their goal as they headed far West along the road.

    “It could be worse! Yes it could!” A woman’s raspy and spiteful voice would say as she continued in front of the car. Supplies were stocked in along with the thighs of women who nestled upon crates and barrels of the cedar carved carriage. “We could be like this one here! Yes we could! Not a thing he sees! He just hears parades on dust and the sound of that turning wood! Could not see a single star if he tried and would. No!” The woman’s jabs and pokes would be a merciless stabbing to the pride of the one who followed behind the carriage. He headed the back of the vehicle that was pulled by his fellow kin. The elder would look back from under a pure snow hood and a set of red luscious lips would smile. He would see none of it except the crane of her neck as she continued her assault.

    “Is that not right, my young Grand BunBun? Say yes! Do not spoil my fun!”

    Pouting! His cheeks would show nothing short of a pout as his foggy blue eyes would stare in vain. She was always like this! What kind of grandmother spouted such murderous, insensitive jabs to their children? Well, Akemi Usagi the eldest in the Usagi Clan matriarchs would. Even as her grandson, Hikari Usagi, was trailing behind her as security and wheeling the cart to the bridge into the Sun Village’s territory, she still felt the need to be her crude and unkind self. The violet haired boy endured the worst from her mouth...yet….he also learned from the best...which was also her.

    “Well, Grandma BunBun! Yes, I cannot!” He would raise his nose and reply with a cheeky smile, “But I understand why you are so cheeky today! Let us make sure to dip your wrinkly skin in the waters, so we can do something time has not done for you in a while: get you nice and hot!”

    “Oh?” A sudden familiar phrase would come that was world famous for the little bunny, “Ooooooooh! Such sass! My Grand BunBun has grown into his pair! May I add, nice and fast? Yes I would!” The head of the clan would twirl her walking Khakarra that would ring through the air. Stamping it across the ground, she would get out a hearty laugh. Everything would come to a halt for a moment as she would turn her neck like an owl. A wicked smile upon her face. “Do not forget little rabbit! For it I was the one who taught you how to be so fast!” She would brag, “Now, turn that mouth against me again, and I will have your-” she stopped. Her eyes landed on a certain face in the cart that twisted expression that was brooding.

    “Mind me not little Grand BunBun. No. Do not.” Her breath would seep between her lips. “Let us finish this another time when your hind is left unprotected because a certain mother has forgot.” If only he could have seen the malicious smile on her face, he would know fear. However, Hikari did not need to. For him, the heartbeat he heard was enough. The woman would walk the path with an excitement comparable to a murderer who had a thrill. He knew this excitement well when a punishment was doled out to the clan.

    Bold he was for the moment, Hikari had spoken while making the post of the trip. He could not see the racing colors of the setting sun, but he could make out that he was almost to their destination. The wind was more frequent as it whispered into his sensitive ears and the Earth was less beneath his feet. He slowly approached the bridge: the backdoor into the Sun Village’s most relaxing Hot Spring that the Usagi adored sneaking and dipping into.

    His “Mission” would be done soon for being an escort for his family. He just desired this all be over so the old hag would cool her head with her luxurious bath.

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    Bridge, Bath, & Beyond [Closed] Empty Re: Bridge, Bath, & Beyond [Closed]

    Post by Meloku Fri Apr 17, 2020 2:31 am

    Meloku stood in the center of a bridge, a rather large bridge that was known for connecting the land of the sun to the other regions. It was one of the main ways to get into the sun village without having to wander the god forsaken desert. Normally a trip outside of the village on a beautiful day would have been nice, a pleasurable stroll taking in the sights, it sounded nice in theory, but this was not the case. Instead, it was hot and dry, the desert air still reaching this part of the region. Her reason for being out here? Not to take a nice stroll through the country side, but to defend a stupid bridge from a pack of traveling...bunny people? She still did not quite understand her mission, the briefing was weird and did not make that much sense to her, but regardless, she was new to the village and did not want to fail her first real mission.

    Apparently a group of Usagi clans members, whatever that was, had been coming in and out of the village without permission, just to enjoy the natural hot springs that formed in the desert environment. Sure the hot springs were nice, and people came from all over the world to enjoy them, but they resided in Nikkousato land, and direct permission was needed to partake in the springs. The Nikkoukage had had enough, and had assigned her to handle the situation. So here she was, her task was to greet the clan on the bridge, and persuade them to turn back and leave, whatever way she could. It sounded like it was going to be a troublesome task, and by the sound of those she was defending the village from, they would not go without some kind of problem. So she readied herself for a conflict.

    About half an hour had gone by since arriving at the bridge, and finally Meloku could see a group of brightly colored individuals approaching. Her long blonde hair swayed in the afternoon air, her light yellow sun dress blowing by her knees as the tall woman locked her eyes and glared out across the bridge. The bridge itself expand the total length of the gorge it was over, a rushing river down beneath. It was a sixty meter bridge, but Meloku was standing only ten meters from the edge, where the bridge met the solid ground. She was going to do her best not to even let them step foot on the stone archway. As they neared the edge of the bridge, Meloku called out, trying her best to shout over the rushing river below. "Greetings Usagi Clan! I am here on behalf of Nikkousato. I have been advised to ask you to turn around, and leave until you have aquired the proper paperwork for enjoying our hotsprings! If you do not comply i will be forced to remove you myself!"

    After she called out, the pale nimble woman completed a set of hand signs, then allowed a large yellow, glowing wall to rise up out of the bridge behind her. The wall was 5 meters behind her, so 15 meters from the edge of the bridge. It was 10 meters wide and tall, taking up the entire width of the bridge. It would shimmer in the sunlight, pulsating behind her. Meloku would then assume an intimidating pose, and await a response from the clan. Hopefully they would comply and go back home. She did not want to have to hurt a bunch of rabbit people.

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    Bridge, Bath, & Beyond [Closed] 4a4-2-2

    Bridge, Bath, & Beyond [Closed] Empty Re: Bridge, Bath, & Beyond [Closed]

    Post by Guest Fri Apr 17, 2020 1:36 pm

    Bridge, Bath, & Beyond [Closed] B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Bridge, Bath, & Beyond [Closed] B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Bridge, Bath, & Beyond [Closed] B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7
    "Take this time to realize that you always shut your eyes in the midst of trial."


    This did not seem promising.

    The cart’s wheels stopped turning and the sound of the hearts within the cart had changed. There was a hint of curiosity and dread that would speed up the rates. Hikari would listen to them all and look as if he had seen the expressions on the face of his kin change. “I-Is...something wrong?” The boy would ask but not get an answer. At least, not right away. There was a press of the lips and a mused hum that indicated something was irregular with their route that they always had taken.

    “An encounter bunny.” He would hear his grandmother’s raspy voice. “And not the kind that is pleasurable. No it is not.”

    The woman that was standing upon the bridge had given a fair warning as she called out to them, but not one that was appealing. The rabbit elder at the forefront was proud, and she did not take kindly to just giving up. “You are asking for us to get paper?” She asked in a tone that conveyed nothing short of bewilderment, “Just to soak within some hot waters and steamy vapors?” She would have her hand lift to the women pulling the cart to hold. Her eyes were blurry, but they would narrow as sharp as blades to see the girl. With a walk, she would stop short of the cart, with a laugh.

    “That is no fun little girl from the sun,” She would continue, “How about another proposal! A one and done? After all, we have come such a long way, and I rather lounge in a bath than be told to run, yes?” The woman would turn her back to the Sun Shinobi, if only for a moment. A finger curling with her moving hand, “Come little Grand bun!” The lady would call, “This looks promising! I just may like this one!”

    Hikari hesitated at first hearing his grandmother’s call. The woman had a funny way of showing affection to him and always put him in the most dangerous situation. He recalled being told to get her a flower she liked which ended up being a lively, aggressive fly trap with a taste for meat. That was not a fun moment for him since he was going to die at the age of ten. Swallowing he had nervously approached the woman. He would feel the touch of the hand on his shoulder as she would gesture a slide to his back and then a push to the edge of the bridge.

    “Take this one down a notch, would you not?” The woman proposed, “If this little one is out cold? Each one of us will leave dragging him away, young and old!"

    Another one of her games….

    Nonetheless, Hikari would look back only to hear her footsteps pitter away after saying such a thing. “Go head’ little bunny! Do not make us wait!” The elder rhymed as she went to the cart. She took a seat as if she was a queen on a throne ready to see a barbaric fight, “Fight the pretty girl for your Grandma Bun! The victory and her is for you to take!” The woman would let out a laugh as she would slap her knee and reel upon the cart.

    “Grandma Bun!” His cheeks would puff angrily, “I am not a tart for you to serve!”

    Regardless, he was in this situation already. Young Hikari would turn back to the bridge feeling the ground where it would end. His misty sapphire gems would reach out for the support of the rope as he took the first step on the boards. Carefully, he would move as he seemed almost helpless. His balance was klutzy and shaky on the bridge it seemed. He was not used to such terrain without focusing his chakra. With his foot on the first board, he would get his stance. His hands would lift as he readily weaved hand signs before his blind eyes.


    The rabbit-esque ears would move on his head like they were alive. Fresh chakra would pump through them like blood through vessels. With slight movements, he walked as if he had the most careful balance in the world on unsteady ground unlike a moment ago. His empty gaze would focus on the woman finally as if he was ready to take care of their “business”. He would approach her slowly, but stop short of five meters to separate them.

    “Oh!” His world famous words spilled from his lips, His hand moving across his mouth as he seemed hesitant with his approach. He could not see her face or her gaze, but that heartbeat of hers told him what her expression could. “You serious.” He said with a gentle smile. His hands went to his lap as he would treat it like a casual meeting. “My name is Hikari is a pleasure to meet you ma’am!” He spoke politely.

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    Bridge, Bath, & Beyond [Closed] Empty Re: Bridge, Bath, & Beyond [Closed]

    Post by Meloku Tue Apr 28, 2020 3:34 am

    The young...thing? would approach the bridge soon after receiving a command from who or whatever it was that was in charge of this caravan. Meloku stood there on the bridge, solid and holding her pose. It seemed as if they were going to send this person to try and deal with her. She had expected confrontation after all, especially after hearing from the reports that they were a devious bunch that was often caught up to no good. As he neared the end of the bridge, she placed both of her nimble pale hands on her hips and listened to whatever it was he was going to say.

    "Look, i do not really care what your name is, i am simply here to keep you from crossing this bridge. And yes, i am a bit serious right now, this is a mission handed to me from my superiors and i can not let them down. So if you intend to challenge me, then so be it, i am left with no other option that to meet force with force. Meloku would begin to walk forward slowly, only moving about 3 meters, leaving 2 meters between her and Hikari. She only really knew a little about this group, and was not exactly sure what this small boy was able to do. So she kept her hands ready, and her eyes locked in on the small thing. "So tell me, Hikari was it? What will it be? Are you going to tell your family to retreat, or are we going to fight?

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    Bridge, Bath, & Beyond [Closed] Empty Re: Bridge, Bath, & Beyond [Closed]

    Post by Guest Tue Apr 28, 2020 4:16 am

    Bridge, Bath, & Beyond [Closed] B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Bridge, Bath, & Beyond [Closed] B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Bridge, Bath, & Beyond [Closed] B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7
    "Take this time to realize that you always shut your eyes in the midst of trial."


    “Force with force?” Hikari would echo the young woman’s words as she approached. “Mmm! I love someone who can actually be rough with me too!” A muse of his lips as a mischievous smile appeared on his face. He would approach her, leaving the one meter between them as the young rabbit would stand in a stance. His hands were behind his back as they were useless to this clan anyway. His rabbit-like ears were twitching while his heart was beating in anticipation after hearing the young woman once.

    “W-what?! Fight of course!” The rabbit would clasp his hands on his cheeks. His face blushing. His head leaning forth, “L-look, between you and me, I-I do not care what my grandmother says! She just talks about grandchildren this, grandchildren that! The only thing that comes from this battle from me? You have a cute voice, and I would love nothing more to spend some time with you...even if it means fighting me!” Hikari had squared his form, but however, it would not last long.

    There would not be a moment of hesitation. That was not the Usagi clan’s way.

    There was a quick sweep of his foot as he danced on his heel, spinning around his foot as he would aim to strike with a high sweeping quick would come as the rabbit would allow his other foot to propel him upward. The metal heel at the base of his foot was the crux of the power along with his legs that threatened to impact the young woman. His eyes would close perfectly as he would prepare himself to move with the rhythm. Whether she would dodge or block, he would allow himself to fall low in order to sweep his neck kick to come sweeping with other other foot alternating. The last strike would be a swift kick to her mid-center as the rabbit had begun his elegant dance.

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