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    Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete)


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    Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete) Empty Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete)

    Post by Admin Tue Apr 21, 2020 9:45 pm

    Kunai Throwing contest!
    During the Festival, we will be having a kunai throwing contest topic, and it is an interesting competition with a new twist on how contest work, as this one will be completely random, and will simply take your participation to have a chance at winning. The contest is simple, a topic will be posted on May 1st, in which you may make a reply to. The topic is about a kunai throwing contest hosted in the villages, where each character participating gets the chance to throw a single kunai at a target. However, the winner will not be determined by what is written in the post, but by a random means. You can begin signing up right away but will be unable to reply to the actual contest until it goes up on May 1st. The contest and sign ups will remain open until May 22nd, allowing you plenty of time to get in and make a post. This contest is only available to those who have at least one approved character.

    In order to win the contest, you must make one post detailing how your character participates. You can talk about the prep, getting your stuff ready, talk about being on the line and even talk about throwing the weapon, and hitting the target. Before the contest opens a random number between 5 and 1500 will be picked. Your post must fall anywhere between 5 words and 1500 words, with whoever's post coming closest to the randomly selected number being the winner. So this event is considered random, all you need to do is write a post, and if it comes the closest to our selected number, you win the prize! So writing skill, detail and fluff does not matter, so enjoy the post, make it as silly, goofy or serious as you want to. Come May 22nd the number will be revealed along with whoever managed to get the closest, higher, or lower! If you wish to participate you can reply with your entry post below, detailing how you do it. If you own more than one character, you may enter them all.

    First Prize:
    -Range Finder
    -50 Ryo
    -15 Exp

    All Participants:
    -25 Ryo
    -5 EXP

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    Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete) Empty Re: Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete)

    Post by Admin Fri May 01, 2020 12:12 am

    It was a sunny afternoon, a clear blue sky with puffy white clouds hung overhead as crowds of people began to filter in to the arena. The sun village, who was hosting this years contest, had set up a makeshift arena in their shinobi grounds, which was where the participants would try their hand at winning the grand prize. A large circle was roped off, creating a ring in the sand, with a large wooden set of stands boxing in the circle. The stands quickly began to fill with random citizens from both villages, as there where many people who were excited to watch this years event. Every year one of the villages hosted a grand competition, with this years being a kunai throwing contest. On one edge of the sandy pit was a set of booths with a line drawn in the sand. Each person who wished to join would be placed in one of these stalls. Then when it was their turn they would be asked to step up to the line, take a single kunai, and attempt to hit a small, straw target 200 meters down the pit. Not only was the target extremely hard to hit, but the field had plenty of obstacles sticking up to block the target, being metal post, chunks of wood and other things meant to distract and disrupt the throwers aim. Those who wished to win big were going to need a calm steady hand, and a sharp mind. A cool breeze fluttered over the village as the final group of onlookers filled in the last set of sits, and the announcer allowed all of those wishing to compete to enter their stalls. After everyone filled in, the announcer made his grand speech, and with a loud cheer from the crowd, the Kunai throwing contest was on!!

    (Post your reply below. It must be one single post, and be anywhere from 5-1500 words.)

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    Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete) Empty Re: Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete)

    Post by Ryojin Fri May 01, 2020 5:48 pm

    Ryojin huffed slightly. He reared back his kunai as best he could and simply shot it forth. He was hoping it at least came somewhere close. Who knew? It could end up being just short, too far, either way it didn't really matter. He wasn't one for showing off.


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    Uchiha Akegata Mikomi
    Uchiha Akegata Mikomi

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    Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete) Empty Re: Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete)

    Post by Uchiha Akegata Mikomi Fri May 01, 2020 6:06 pm

    Mikomi threw her Kunai "YEET"


    Who is Uchiha Akegata Mikomi?
    What can she do?

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    Cure [Dorīmā] Uzumaki
    Cure [Dorīmā] Uzumaki

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    Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete) Empty Re: Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete)

    Post by Cure [Dorīmā] Uzumaki Fri May 01, 2020 7:35 pm

    Cure wasn't much of the physical typed but exercise and competition were both supposed to be healthy growth incentives for any responsible ninja and as a very responsible ninja he decided this little competition is worth giving a shot. However there was too many people here for Cure's liking and there emotions were drowning him. However as a responsible ninja he would still endeavor to do his utmost best and show an acceptable level of sportsmanship and effort. Cure carefully selected his most aerodynamic kunai and checked the balance of the weapon a few times to get a good feel for the weapon. Next he greeted any nearby competitors with a nod as he carefully lined up his body and his arm for the most optimal angle that could produce the most satisfying results. Next he wets his finger before testing the breeze for a full minute, then he begins to carefully observe each obstacle and figure in their existence along with the approximate change of the wind versus the current flow of the wind and including the aerodynamics of the kunai all triggered by the set up and angle of his body which was one of the most important pieces in his mind as he was the start of the chain reaction that would utilize the various factors and determine the probability of success. Cure started to really enjoy the equation unfolding in his mind so much he almost forgot to throw the kunai, he even forgot all the foreign emotions that had been flooding into his mind. It was only when a particularly sharp flash of annoyance invaded him from multiple sources that he sheepishly remembered others were waiting. How unsportsman of him! He scolded himself inwardly. After being properly scolded he did one last quick run through of the factors and his complete equation before finally letting the kunai fly elegantly from his hand. Letting luck and probability take over from the science he worked hard to build on.....


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    Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete) Empty Re: Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete)

    Post by Guest Sat May 02, 2020 10:23 pm

    Everyone wanted to see. There was something amiss. There were hazy eyes.

    Eyes that stared at the target within the throwing content had seen many participants thus far. Young and old had been standing aback as they would whip out kunai with great accuracy. Some of them were poor and were thrown with fragile hands or some so outdated with a threat to rust. Others were well experienced and would hit their mark. No doubt were there undeniable numbers of others who came to throw the kunai, but then...they came!

    The Usagi Clan would never miss out on a grand game or a gamble! They absolutely loved to mingle while showing off anything they could: bodies, skill, a mixture of both if they needed be. However, they were no strangers to playing with the hearts and minds with a bunch of people all at once. At this instance, they would be the ones that played with heads today since they were not at their usual scene. Some would sit on tables, chairs, and laps while relaxing with an arm cast out. Some of them along the necks that were rolling to get a look at their forms. They started at innocent places at the beginning of the day: playing with tufts of feathery hair or cheeks.

    “Come little bunny!” The elder flicked a piece of sharp metal between her fingers, “Come put on a show, you can! If you are not trying to find yourself to mate, then do something about filling those hands!” Yes, you can!” The Usagi elder would get a laugh before tossing the piece of metal with a toss towards the one Usagi Clan member standing about and talking casually about simple things. Smells of flours, music, and perhaps even something about being a happy bunny with his teammates in the village. They looked at him strangely as he spoke so casually about being a shinobi, but not as much as they would when they saw him hold a kunai.

    This was not his speciality…

    Hikari Usagi did not toss weapons in battle unless it was absolutely needed. He swallowed deeply as he would have a wrinkled frown upon his face. His hazy blue eyes that were sweeping about the room saw nothing, but his ears could see many blank faces that were going to himself. His hand would lightly tap the Kunai against his palm as he would turn his empty stare ahead where a hand would point. With the collective claps, roars, and whistles; it was apparent there was a plank on the wall they were directing him to throw the weapon at. He was not good with games and had performance issues. Even though his skills were as adequate as his sisters flirting, throwing Kunai might be another story.

    Hikari would stand in the middle of the room now. His hand would wrap against the bandaging of the Kunai that was in his grasp. He had pulled his right hand back over his shoulder so slightly. The sound of the metal’s song came from his palm as he would twist it in his grasp. He focused his attention to the distant plank while the faux pelt covered the ears of his would twitch as chakra poured through them as blood would any other body part. A serious expression had come to his face as he would focus hearing the sound of the crowd that was sending ripples through his imagery to see the world around him like a droplet of water would in a calm lake.

    “Come now, bunny! Focus your head!” The elder would call once again, “If you are lucky enough, we can find a girl who will be impressed enough with you to toss up her legs!”

    So...that was her game? That settled it! He was going to throw the match!

    Hikari would let his lips press as he felt nothing short of dread hearing his grandmother. It was another one of her schemes to get Great Grandchildren. She was nothing short of intolerable to the boy. Hikari would once again assume the form, his aim seemed to be ready to cast the kunai towards the distant plank. With a whip of his arm, it would go flying into a distant plank within the establishment as he aimed to hit anything...ANYTHING other that that stupid target. He would let the metal kunai fly while his mouth would open and a spread of his mouth would chuckle with a mischievous smile.


    [754 Words]
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    Akane Uzumaki
    Akane Uzumaki

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    Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete) Empty Re: Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete)

    Post by Akane Uzumaki Tue May 05, 2020 11:58 am

    Akane wasn't the strongest ninja. She wasn't even the best ninja. Still, she would do her best. She grabbed the kunai, aimed for the target, and tripped, releasing the blade to who knows where. On the floor, crying, she asks, "D-Did I make it?"


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    Kenji Haruka
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    Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete) Empty Re: Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete)

    Post by Kenji Haruka Thu May 07, 2020 10:32 pm

    A simple show of skill to assert his dominance as the best kunai thrower in both of the villages. Seems easy enough, once he won he could brag about beating everyone with only one eye, it'd be a nice little accomplishment to brag about. After all he was lacking depth perception, a pretty big handicap when it came to throwing stuff so he'd be pretty skilled to make up for it with this throw. Still, just because he used kunai often as his back up weapon, doesn't mean he used them to throw... Or at all actually now that he thought about it. Eh, he could probably pull it off, how hard could it be to simply grab it, aim and throw?

    Walking up to the designated spot, Kenji grabbed the kunai and took a good look at all of the obstacles in the way of the objective, along with the actual size and distance he'd have to cover without hitting any of said obstacles and finally factoring the wind as a small breeze was currently blowing over the crowd and by extension, the objective. It also didn't help that everyone was cheering and excited to see people attempt to be the winner of this contest that it was interrupting Kenji's thought and his focus. Taking all of this information into account, Kenji did the only logical thing he could do.

    "Welp, I'm fucked." Kenji said out loud to no one in particular with a shrug before turning around on the spot followed by throwing the kunai behind him with as much force as he could muster in the careless throw. If he was lucky, it'd actually hit somewhere near the objective and he could cling onto that fact that he nearly hit the target and he didn't even try. Although he had doubts he could actually the target even if he tried.

    Ultimately though, he didn't care where the kunai actually landed and instead the one eyed shinobi begun walking away from the contest as he pulled out a candy stick and stuck it in his mouth, savoring the cherry flavor of the stick. Maybe he'd find something else to do while he waited to see who was the winner, would be cool if it was someone he knew. He was pretty sure he had seen Hikari earlier but he had to wonder if Hikari was going to participate despite the fact he was blind. If Hikari won though, Kenji was almost certain he'd have to retire and question his life decisions because if the blind person was better at throwing stuff than him, what was the point in even existing? Still it would be a funny and cruel joke if the blind person won the thing to help people see better at distances.

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    Post by Kozyuru Sun May 10, 2020 3:15 pm

    A weapon throwing contest? Definitely something Kiida knew he should try his hand at. After all if he was destined for greatness what was a little competition like this? Some would say that he shouldn't bother himself with such minor worries such as a competition amongst fellow ninja. But the problem with that thinking is that if you distance yourself from your followers you create a disconnect between those who would fight for you and worship you. In that void created by the distance anyone and anything can get between there and that is not something Kiida would want his followers to have to deal with.

    The fans in the stands were making noise probably based off of another contestants toss. However Kiida knew he was not here for them. He was here for himself, and to prove that he had what it takes to win. This was not simply a contest for him, it was an obstacle that he would have to face in order to win the hearts and minds of those he wished to be his subjects. And so with that in mind he took up his single kunai. Spinning it around on his finger he focused on the target he was meant to hit. A straw something way down about 200m away.

    Normally it would take some skill but with all these obstacles in the way he knew that they had basically made it impossible. If only he knew any jutsu that could either alter the kunai or move the obstacles out of the way allowing a clearer shot. Sighing he would take a step back and get a sort of running start. With that he hoped the momentum would carry the kunai through the air and if it was to bounce off of any obstacles it would not change the weapon's trajectory too too much. A final breath and he went through the motion. He watched it sail through the air his lungs stuck as he held his breath hoping to hear light thud of metal on straw.

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    Post by Alvah Sun May 10, 2020 4:18 pm

    Walking the festival grounds with his entourage, Alvah visited several of the stalls and observed their goods, prices and business tactics, mentally noting everything he saw for his own future use. As he continued to peruse the grounds he eventually came upon the Kunai throwing contest and was completely uninterested, until he saw the grand prize. The range finder was a legendary tool and would greatly aid in his quest for power. Alvah huffed at the thought of having to compete with such... lower quality people, but he would be victorious. Going up to the check in desk and registering, he stepped up to the throwing line and pulled out a single kunai and waited for the call, before attempting to toss it as close to dead center that he could aim, hoping for a bulls eye!

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    Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete) Empty Re: Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete)

    Post by Elebolt Sat May 16, 2020 2:21 am

    While walking towards the contest Arashi muttered to himself "I don't think I'll make it, still I should try right?" he was nervous, what if he embarrassed himself, he thought deeply. Then he realized  "Well if that happens, I'll just have to train more. So I guess I don't loose anything by trying... All right let's do this."

    He approached the arena and waited his turn, after while he was already there, in front of the target. With a deep breath and some concentration, he aimed and finally threw the kunai. Realizing he had finally done it and leaving everything else to fate, he closed his eyes hoping for the best.

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    Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete) Empty Re: Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete)

    Post by Guest Sun May 17, 2020 12:59 am

    Tatsuya rolled out of bed wearing a pair of sweat pants, he was supposed to head to some sort of kunai throwing competition today. It seemed like some easy cash so he had no reason not to pop by and give it a shot. He’d do some stretches first, making sure he was nice and limber, before heading into the shower to wash off and get ready for the day. He went into his small kitchen to pour himself a bowl of cereal but nothing but crumbs came out of the box,

    “Shit.” He’d finish getting dressed and went to quickly pop out to the store and get himself a new box of cereal. He made his way down to the corner store but they were all out of his favorite flavor of cereal. Well now it was personal, he wasn’t going to let a box of cereal get the better of him! He knew there was another store on the other side of the village that also carried the same brand of cereal so he ran over there to get one! Aghast! Along the way, Tatsuya discovered that the village had been overrun with hordes of the living dead!  Tatsuya narrowed his eye,

    “My God, not again.” A group of the zombies spotted him and started shuffling his way, they seemed to be classic Romero zombies and not runners, so that was good, it would be a lot harder to get his cereal with a bunch of corpses sprinting all over the place. He quickly dashed up the side of a small building and took to the rooftops, hopping between buildings as he made his way across the village. There were plumes of smoke rising over the village from fires that had broken out and the screams of the living and the ghastly moans of the undead pervaded the air around him.

    “Man this is a really shitty way to start the day. Get your act together people! You act like you never had to fight off the hordes of the living dead before!” He shouted down at a man as he was being torn to shreds by a dozen oozing corpses.

    After a short time, he was able to cross the village and reach the other convenience store but this one had already been ransacked, and flames licked out of the windows.
    “Sonofabitch!” Tatsuya jumped down from the rooftop, driving his wakizashi through the skull of a shambling corpse as he landed, and stalked into the store. The stands were flipped over and cup ramen and sugary drinks were spilled everywhere. He went to the aisle where the cereal normally was and righted one of the shelves and started rooting around in the pile of spilled boxes underneath it,

    “Crushed… smashed… trashed…” he said as he tossed the rejected boxes of cereal over his shoulder,

    “Ah-ha!” He cried out in sudden triumph and hoisted a miraculously unmolested cereal box over his head.

    Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete) Cereal

    As he did someone’s head warily poked over the counter, the store clerk!

    “Oh thank goodness! I thought everyone was dead! Please, you have to-”
    Tatsuya breezed passed him, throwing a few crumpled bills onto the counter,

    “Yeah, relax, keep the change buddy.” as he dashed back home, leaving the man staring at his retreating back, mouth agape.

    A short-while later Tatsuya re-entered his home, with a few extra bloodstains than when he left. It was ok though, it wasn’t his blood. He got a bowl out of a cabinet, filled it with cereal, and set it down at the table. He grabbed some milk from the fridge and sat down in front of the bowl. Unfolding the spout he tipped the container of milk over the bowl of cereal and the ancient, stinking contents of the container oozed out and plopped into the bowl with a hearty smack. He stared at it for a good minute before sighing,

    “Well now I’m just not hungry.” He headed to the contest grounds on an empty stomach and pitched a kunai into one of the targets. No one was there but it probably still counted.

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    Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete) Empty Re: Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete)

    Post by Kannagi Sun May 17, 2020 7:24 pm

    "You'll never be as good as us, Kannagi!" cried a little bald-headed boy with green eyes.

    "Yeah, girls can't do it like boys can," another explained, pushing up his small wire framed glasses.

    "Girls aren't allowed, Kannagi! We'll tell on you!" The smallest boy, maybe seven years old shoved his index finger in her direction.

    "If you throw it, you're just going to miss! You haven't even trained," sneered a plump brown haired boy, his face smeared with dust and sweat.

    "This is for boys, only boys are shinobi." Daizen's words were stone cold, and his folded arms and lofty expression made it obvious to all of them who the leader of the band of children was.

    Kannagi stood in the center of a group of boys her own age, all of them about eleven or twelve. They wore shorts, t-shirts, belts, hakama, and fitted boots. They were prepared for trekking, trapping, hunting, and fighting. Today was the day all of them would compete for bragging rights around the other children and Kannagi stood there stubbornly, her jaw set and her feet planted hard in the sand. "I can beat any of you! Dress or no dress, I can throw a kunai, too!" She declared shaking a fist at the boys. The blue haired little girl pushed her bangs to the side and stalked towards one of the boys: the charismatic and tough leader, Daizen.

    "Give me a kunai and I'll prove it to you. I'll prove you all wrong!"
    Daizen looked down at her, though she was actually taller than he was, the condescension was pure in his gaze. "You're not aloud. You're just a girl. Go help in the kitchen or meditate or something." Her nose wrinkled as she took a deep breath. Kannagi was tired of being told what she could do, where she could go, and what her role in the family was. She understood and enjoyed the role of a woman, finding fun and laughter and love in the warm hearth of the Irezumi women. Kannagi just longed to do even more. She wanted to play and train and fight with the boys. She wanted to be able to be both a protector of the family and a protector of the family's spirit. Kannagi had in fact been helping her mother at home in the kitchen until boredom pushed her out the back door and towards the kunai competition. Now, she felt the powerful urge to drive Daizen to his knees with a hard kick to his no-no place. Instead, she reached out and grabbed for the kunai on his hip holster. The blue eyed girl snatched it up and held it out as a threat, before striding between two of the other boys and towards the target.

    Kannagi closed her eyes briefly, concentrating on the target upon the post ahead. A gentle breeze helped move some of the hot desert air around. Beads of sweat tickled her hairline. She did a couple of centering breaths and opened her eyes. Kannagi reached up and pulled the girlish flower crown from her head, tossing it to the ground. The girl had gripped her flowing skirt and pulled it off too, revealing amidst the gasps that she wore tight black shorts underneath. Kannagi jumped around and loosened up her nerves before letting her body get into position. Squinting, the girl took aim and then threw the kunai at the target. It rushed through the air, moving quickly. She stood frozen in excitement and even Daizen stared slack jawed at the kunai. "Come on," She urged under her breath. "Come on.."

    "Come one,"
    She said out loud, ignoring the stares of the other shinobi around her. Kannagi's childhood memory faded out and she watched the kunai that she had hurled heading for the target. It hit the target, but more than a ring away from the center. Practice makes perfect, she thought to herself. When she was a kid, Kannagi had missed the target all together. The little girl she had been was punished and forced to stay home for an entire week of "reaffirming family time" and being taught the laws and roles in the Irezumi family. This time today, Kannagi had thrown the kunai from three times as far and managed to hit it. She took it as growth but a dark frown on her face told everyone the truth.

    "Still not good enough,"
    the woman murmured walking away from the crowd.

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    Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete) Empty Re: Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete)

    Post by Guest Mon May 18, 2020 9:06 pm

    Imino Shizuka of the Yurei clan approached the contest. People who throwing Kunai in all different kinds of manners. Some people chucked them and left while others seem to spend way too much time on throwing a simple Kunai. She picked up a Kunai, simply checking if it was balanced and when satisfied she put some honey on the handle and left it. Another participant picked it up, failed to throw it, and was done. She picked up her Kunai and threw her own Kunai. It mysteriously floated very slowly to the target, knicked off a Kunai that was stuck there, and then lodged itself in its place instead.

    She then left, standing by a corn on the cob store, and began counting the number of corn on each cob. Why would she do such a thing? Probably to fill up the time.

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    Shikazze Nara
    Shikazze Nara

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    Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete) Empty Re: Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete)

    Post by Shikazze Nara Tue May 19, 2020 11:27 pm

    Many in the Nara clan had doubts and concerns about the likes of Shikazze and his stand with the Nara clan. With many of the older members of the clan having issues with the way that Shikazze viewed the shadow arts, though they all hoped that the young Nara Shikazze would prove them wrong and become a powerful ninja that held the Nara family name with honor, something that Shikazze planned to do at any cost as he didn’t want to let his mother or father down. And this contest that he found himself making his way to was something that he was sure he could use to prove that he was a good of a ninja as any of the other Nara’s his age in the clan or his rank for that matter. As Kazze was more then sure he was able to hang with any Genin in the Nara clan if not any Genin in the Sun village or sun and moon village together in basic skill. And he was sure that a contest like this would more then help Shikazze show that. And with that the Young Nara would proceed to uses the shadows bellow him to remove his kunai from its pouch and let if fly gracefully towards the target in hopes of making the Nara clan and the Sun village proud.

    Purple Phase
    Purple Phase

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    Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete) Empty Re: Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete)

    Post by Purple Phase Wed May 20, 2020 2:19 pm



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    Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete) Empty Re: Kunai Throwing contest! (Complete)

    Post by Admin Fri May 22, 2020 12:15 am

    The word count target is 1,314! so with a word count of 1,109, Sojiro is the winner of the grand prize!

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