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    Post by Cure [Dorīmā] Uzumaki on Tue Apr 28, 2020 3:30 am

    Dorīmā Uzamaki

    Dorīmā Uzamaki Cure_f10    Dorīmā Uzamaki Cure13
    Name: Dorīmā Uzamaki
    Nick Name: Cure
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male

    Clan: Uzumaki
    Bloodline: Uzumaki

    Origin: Craiglorn
    Village:  Village Hidden in the Sun

    Cure has always been inspired by his eldest sibling and the way he dresses is similar in theme albeit different. Cure wears a surgical mask at all times with a variety of different colored bandannas he wears with it. He wears prescription glasses as well but also uses special contacts to change his eye color every so often at random and no one knows his true eye color as a result. Finally he generally wears a doctors outfit also of a variety of colors and designs but always with a wight medical lab-coat with a vine like design on the bottom. The color of the vine varies and that is the only difference in the lab coats. He always wears surgical gloves of various colors and designs and combat boots the closest item on him to non medical gear. Only his family knows he's male as the clothes he wears hides any sign of his gender and leaves a the aura of a mysterious professional. Underneath his mask is a trimmed beard that is hidden beneath the mask and his hair is often in a short buzzcut hidden beneath the bandannas he wears. Not many have seen the man beneath the doctor's mask and that's how Cure prefers it, just like their elder sibling. Cure has a high gentle chime like voice and a deep booming baritone voice another similar trait from his sibling. This also serves to obscure his gender and identity.

    Height: 5ft
    Weight: 145lbs

    Cure can fight but he's not likely too, at least not in public and not seriously. Cure is a gentle soul and he prefers peaceful solutions. His actions are often inspired by his eldest sibling but he does have a few unique qualities his own. He's a healer and avid medical practitioner more interested in healing others and bringing peace then harming and destruction. Cure isn't gullible but he does prefer to see the good in others and he has a hard time refusing to heal anyone who's hurt no matter the identity and has been known to heal friends and foe alike. Unlike his elder sibling he has a soft spot for rugged and handsome men, and he has a strong empathy to others. He's often quit and quite serious and hardworking. Were his Plague can be known as a goof Cure is often seen a a Parental or authority like figure. Professionalism is his motto. The only exception to this is Plague.

    Likes: List 3 of your characters likes
    -Reason: Those who can be reasoned with and understand compromise. Intelligent.
    -Medical/Studying: The knowledge and practice of anything medical and the process of gathering knowledge in general or both of great interest to him.
    -Hot and Rugged Men: Not saying more
    Dislikes: List 3 of your characters dislikes
    -Corruption: Dirt on ones soul accumulates until it the soul becomes warped. This is a hideous tragedy. Bullies, Criminals, False Idols, etc. These are the pathway to a shattered soul.
    -Death: A doctors job is to save lives, although inevitable every live lost is like another stain on his soul. Is it possible to become clean again?
    -Emotions: Ironic as it may be the fact that Cure feels so heavy is both comfort and curse. To feel can be truly painful when you carry the worlds joy's and sorrows directly in your heart. This is the pain of an Empath.

    Cure had always been shy. He wasn't really good with people are animals for that matter. He was too meek, too quiet, and too empathetic. In the Mafia Family he was born too this was shameful and unnecessary. Thus his parents ignored him more so then most of his siblings and the few time they remembered his existence they spared him only the briefest moments of scorn before ignoring and forgetting him again. It was easy to do even for his other siblings but not everyone forgot he existed. His eldest sibling Plague always saw him and never forgot him. True Plague pretty much raised most of their siblings but all the same Plague had a huge impact on cure. Cure started to follow Plague around constantly like a little bunny and developed some similar qualities and quirks. But Plague taught him about individuality and the beauty of everyone's unique personality. Cure definitely did have his own unique quirks and he got very interested in studying and medicine. Whenever his siblings got hurt or injured he'd rush over to try to patch up their boo boo's. He took medicine and the feelings of others seriously and Plague said his personality was soothing and responsible. For this reason Plague gave him the nickname Cure which he would use in place of his name all the time. In the future Cure went only by this nickname and kept his real name hidden.

    When that faithful day came where his eldest sibling was exiled from the family Cure wanted to follow immediately but his parents had chosen then to finally give a crap about his existence. They felt Plague had misguided him and led him astray and imprisoned him for a year trying to convert Cure to their cause. After a year Cure finally escaped during which he learned his parents sudden acknowledgement and his imprisonment was caused by a cousin of his who knew about his quickly budding medical skills and had sold Cure out to his parents. It was a heartbreaking discovery despite Cure knowing what his family was like. Upon his escape instead of being exiled he became wanted and he began to wear full doctors gear as his disguise similar but different to his eldest sibling. He spent a year between the two villages and a few other places studying what he could about the medical field before finding a home in the Village Hidden in the Sun where Hard work and professionalism were highly valued. No one tried to dig deeply into his identity so long as he pulled his weight and contributed to the village. Best of all logic reigned higher then emotion there so he didn't have to worry much about his overwhelming empathy towards others. After living there for a year Cure was anxious to find and reunite with his eldest sibling Plague. He began his search henceforth.

    Face Claim: N/A
    Owner:  Nature King

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