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    The House always wins (Private)

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    The House always wins (Private) Empty The House always wins (Private)

    Post by Story Teller Tue May 05, 2020 11:12 am

    The House always wins (Private) Webp-net-resizeimage-11

    Name: Seraphina Kaguya
    Gender: Female
    Village: Moon
    Rank: S-Rank
    Title: Gekkoukage

    The festival of rebirth was in full swing here in the Moon village, with the entire village enjoying all of the activities and festivities it had to offer. Colorful streamers, banners and lanterns littered the entire jungle village, hanging from trees, buildings and cords that dangled them over the village square. It was a wonderful time of the year for those who called this place home, a time to come together and celebrate such an important time of year. The sun had already set on Gekkousato, with both moon and sun shinobi enjoying the night life the village had to offer. While there were plenty of things to do, such as restaurants, bars and dance halls, the village had just recently received a new attraction in the form of blinsky's gambling hall. Blinsky's was a well known set of betting halls and casinos through out the world, but had never been established in the shinobi villages, until know. This excited many people as it was a world renown brand, and the moon village people loved their gambling.

    None as much, however, as Seraphina, the Moon kage. She was a rare sight to see, often locked up in her office doing the work of the nation. In fact, many of the villages thought of her as a cold, stoic person who never really got out to enjoy life, she was seen as a dud. But that was the furthest thing from the truth, as she was in fact a very lively and out going person. The unfortunate part was that her job took up all of her free time, and the pale slender woman never really had time to enjoy the little things in life anymore. Tonight was going to be different though, as the itch to play cards had been creeping in. After a long day of paperwork, Seraphina decided to take the evening off, and made her way to Blinsky's. She removed her traditional leader outfit, donned an elegant evening gown and stacked her coin purse full of Ryo.

    It was much easier to pass through the crowds of the village than she thought it would be. Since it was a rare thing to see the woman out in public, many people simply glanced pass her, the thought of it really being their Gekkoukage did not even sit in their mind. Her tall, thin form pushed through the crowd, her long white hair tied together, flowing down the flat of her back. She wore a very light, violet colored dress, and did not look like the normal cold leader people knew her as. She managed to get to the gambling hall with ease, and saw that it was indeed packed to the brim, like she had expected it to be. Sliding her way through crowds of patrons, Seraphina found a dark corner that held a cards table, one that currently had no other gamblers at it. She took a sit on the red velvet stool, lifted her pouch up and noticed that the tables game was a very old card game, The Ninjas Gambit. It was a hard but fun game, and one she was ready to enjoy.

    The House always wins (Private) Empty Re: The House always wins (Private)

    Post by Guest Tue May 05, 2020 5:25 pm

    The House always wins (Private) B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7The House always wins (Private) B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7The House always wins (Private) B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7
    "I Wish I Was Strong Enough to Lift Not One but Both of Us!"


    This day, of all days, was probably one that would be talked about for eons. Passed on by pauper. Illustrated on walls. Perhaps even uttered well beyond the passages of time. Even if it had not been told accurately, the lies probably would have been closer to the truth than anything else. The only thing that would have seen it all and never speak would be the iris of the lunar moon that gazed down and would see exactly how that night would begin!

    Seraphina Kaguya was Gekkousato’s fourth shadow that would watch over the people and her subjects. She had ended tyranny not by her own hands, as far as anyone knew, but by pens and policies. The gates were open only because she uttered a word that turned into decree and then became law. She had stayed busy writing numerous scripts to make sure that the people would walk the streets. Who else would revel in the presence of the woman than the shinobi? Well, to the least of anyone’s surprise, a particular clan of rabbits that were better known as vixens of the village.

    The Usagi Clan were a band of settlers that had long annexed the Moon Village due to the perverse history of the second. It was only because of Seraphina Kaguya, a woman that the matriarchs would acknowledge, that the rabbits even considered walking within the village for any reason. As for her fans? Who else was a bigger worshipper of Seraphina than the honorable and proud matriarch that walked into the village. Her clothing as pure as snow, her head covered in a veil that was a white hood, and her knee high plating and breast was covered in thin plates of metal solidifying her as the iron-maiden and wicked mistress of the Usagi Clan, Elder Akemi Usagi.

    The House always wins (Private) Aya1-by-ladytuonela-d6zxjw9
    Face-Claim: Aya from Samurai Warriors series as Akemi Usagi]

    “Out of my way!” A raspy voice would follow the chime of a Khakarra, “Out of my way, I say! Yes I do! Banksy? Binkie? Blasphemy!” The woman spat. “Nothing compares to the grace of your eminence leaving her prison of a tower! I will not stop until I lay eyes on Mistress Kaguya! Heed my word, I will wait not another hour!”

    The Gekkokage had her guards and her company just as Akemi Usagi had her own. To her left the brown-fair skin dirty bunny who was known as the chocolate of the clan. To her right? A gentle cherry with a fiery spirit when it mattered the most. They would both keep up with the woman’s pace along with the young teenage bunnies that followed their trail. “Hurry your brood, Akari! Umi! May these children keep up, or take them to bed! If I am an minute late! I shall have their head! Starting with-” The woman would whip around, playfully, her hand covered her eyes. She would thrust a finger out pointing randomly, or it seemed, to one of the children.

    “That one!”


    Hikaru Usagi...was just unlucky!

    It was no secret that his grandmother had it out for him. She made sure that he knew of it every minute of every hour of every day! So, quickly, he would run behind the clan members that would rush the gambling house. Pouring in, the scent of jasmine, lavender, and vanilla had filled the hall in a mere second. The girls, as always, made themselves at home as the bold chocolate rabbit would walk to the nearest table, asserting her dominance by lifting her thigh and planting her high iron heel upon the wooden table. “My turn to play boys!” So the rabbits would begin their siege of the gambling hall. Akemi Usagi did not want small fry or even cared for games. She walked with a pouch full of money to the nearest table attempting to get as close to the Gekkokage as possible.

    “My Ladyyyyy!” Sang the rabbit who would smile and bow her head. Her Khakrra in the grasp of her right hand, a sack full of chiming pieces of metal in the other. “Excuse my rashness! When I heard you were here I had to come, yes I did! When my preparations were done, I came straight here! Had to pull myself together, yes I did!”

    And so the sucking up would begin.

    Hikari had not wanted anything to do with it. None of his sisters, nor his clan mothers, nor any of the chaos of the hall. He would instead explore the confines of the gambling hall. Only when he would go to the back of a dim area, not that it would make quite the difference, did he try to listen to what was going on. The voice that would come nearby, it was familiar...perhaps recent? One that would shock him as his eyes perked open.


    The humiliation! She was here?! On a night like this?! With his family about?!

    This was the worst case scenario! She had not known about the Usagi Clan’s nature, and not from him no less with his mood. Tonight would not be the best night to leave an impression. His cheeks would burn red. He just hoped that tonight was so bad that he would have to skip over the explanation about his family...and his terrible little obsession.

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    The House always wins (Private) Empty Re: The House always wins (Private)

    Post by Nemotoashi "Nemo" Houga Mon May 25, 2020 9:27 pm

    WHO CARES?!? Everyone does. Gambling is an important pastime for most people. DUMB PEOPLE. What would we rather do? A NEW CHAPTER OF VANDAL EATERS JUST CAME OUT. We don't like it. WE LIKE IT VERY MUCH. The twist with the dragons being all desc- SHUT UP WE HAVEN'T READ IT YET. What? We are the same person of course we've re-SHUT UP.

    Nemo walked down the street towards Blinksy's new gambling hall. His inner self was in a turmoil. And had been for the last few days. As they grew more bored, his selves became more and more antagonistic. He had left where he was staying in order to gain peace from the incessant conflict.


    What Nemo had seen, was of course the Usagi clan entering the Gambling Hall.

    WE KNOW WHAT THOSE ARE. We don't have any interest in that do we? OF COURSE NOT. So are there any complaints with going gambling then? NO. Thought not.

    Nemo walked in slipping quietly into the entrance. The inside was crowded, and the arrival of the Usagi clan hadn't changed that. He looked around for a non crowded table. Readjusting his blazer as he did. He was dressed much better than usual. He made his way past the guests, toward a table that looked mostly unoccupied, "Excuse me, mind if I join-" THE KAGE. KI- Calm ourselves "-you, Madam Kage?" His voice was low and soft, betraying none of what lurked beneath. Nor alerting any nearby to his words, besides her.

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