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    Kishida, Setsuka  Empty Kishida, Setsuka

    Post by Setsuka Thu May 07, 2020 8:07 am

    S E T S U K A
    Kishida, Setsuka  TPJhNBe
    Name: Sestuka Kishida.
    Nick Names: Snake Eyes, Oni-Kishida, The Blood Warden
    Age: Twenty years old.
    Gender: Female.

    Clan: The Ketsueki Clan.
    Bloodline: Chiton. ( Blood Release )

    Origin: The Baulder Woodlands.
    Village: Gekkousato. ( Moon )

    <div style=" float: left;">Kishida, Setsuka  AYhrAV2</div>Height: 5'6"ft
    Weight: 168 lbs

    Setsuka is a slim woman, who has matured well into her twenties with fair skin almost akin to the moon itself one might describe while appearing quite youthful for her age. She has a natural pear-like figure she gained through her training along with well toned muscles for her lean figure. Often her garb hides away her beautiful figure, however, those with keen eyes or good observation may catch good glimpses of her plump bottom... Yet many are caught by the trance of her eyes and how they illuminate the darkness with their red-like tint with her pupils taking the shape of slits at a constant state. Many often fearing or mocking this at first. The color of her hair is naturally similar to a dark chestnut color while always styled with loosen wavy locks for a natural appearance Setsuka enjoys to create for herself.  

    Despite being a shinobi, Setsuka adores kimonos too much not to wear them out in public when given the chance that they have become her dress code. She enjoys wearing red lipstick and placing eyeliners, however Setsuka was born with or rather developed a facial expression that often appears as though she wishes to be malefic or ill intent towards others. Sadly by now this is just her natural expression that has been given many a time; attempts to fix in the mirror and she continue to do so in hopes of one day mastering a welcoming warm smile for her friends and the family she dreams of someday.

    A conundrum of a woman who tries to rationalize things around herself, Setsuka is someone who is down to earth and often displays being very mellow throughout her daily life but finds it difficult to express the right face or tone. She’ll be pretty nonchalant about things in her mind while attempting to enjoy times she spends with others. It is difficult for her to feel complex emotions that aren’t stimulated through joy or pleasure. Setsuka also often finds it extremely hard to be empathetic because of her dilemma. Due to her difficulty in understanding emotions she cannot express correctly, or experience it first hand, she often keeps conversations that requires an appropriate emotional response short; such as the death of a fellow friend or getting into personal talks found in all relationships. Her problem hasn’t been surfaced quite evidently as she partakes in activities with the community as a ninja and tends to keep to herself.

    She at times feels like a wolf in sheep clothing with the rest of the flock. Though its only because of her social awkwardness and her only known engagement as a ninja thus far was by taking the life of a random thief. In a very odd sense she took a piece of their blood onto a petal of a cherry blossom or paper for keepsake as a reminder of her first kill. Over a period of time, she has come to slowly understand her actions and choices not only affect her but those around her as well. She’s become a part of a community of a vast world where she is depended on by not only as a skilled warrior but a beckon for the weak and innocent in her mind. Developing a sense of loyalty to her new found village, a place where she can almost truly not worry about being branded a monster... Yet she still feels like one here. Ultimately, Setsuka desires normality in her life someday as a wishful thinker who often stays in the background watching others, wishing to be like the strangers she observes safely at a distance more each day.

    Likes: List 3 of your characters likes
    + Enjoying strolls around the village.
    + Oversized stuffed animal toys.
    + Ramen Noodle Soups of all kinds!
    Dislikes: List 3 of your characters dislikes
    - Not finding solutions to everything...
    - Unsafe areas.
    - Spicy food!

    Somewhere far from the central hub of the village Baulder resides a few farms that helps supply the village. Within this forest was one particular farm owned by the Ketsueki Clan. The clan itself kept itself at arm's length from the villagers. During the fall, did Setsuka Kishida was born into the family on this particular farm. For quite the years to come, their home and settlement became a hostile environment due to scarce produce of the land they established upon. This made many of the settlers feel a strained in not only their livelihood but also their pride. It was in between this transition that a series of events unfolded for Setsuka that would help define why she became who she is now...

    The seasons came and gone, and winter always hits the hardest against all their hard work. It was very difficult to preserve the harsh landscape they had to thrive on, and they attempted many methods to better produce crops for themselves and others only for this particular season to toll their efforts. The people became more and more agitated with each coming year after the other since and slowly shifted their frustration towards the Ketsueki clan residents. Time and time again they would blame the leader and his family for not being able to fix the dilemma. They began to particularly get threats from one of the villagers on a constant basis. Though he never fully followed through with his violent claims, the family felt unwelcome. Both mother and father decided it was time to leave, so they sent out a message to father's sister, who was much older than he was, to guide them to a new area. Her name has never once left Setsuka's mind to this day yet she has forgotten mother's and father's...  The woman's name was Ayuri and when she arrived she brought news that the rest of the clan was moving out towards a foreign land across the seas. Their conversation was overheard by the servants of their manor and so soon word spread quickly like a blazing fire across the villagers of Baulder.

    It was this night that Setsuka was at only seven years old, witnessed the man who constantly yells at her father to be stalking around their home. It sparked a curiosity in young Setsuka to follow the man into the night by their home, only as she attempted to keep up with him did she suddenly found herself losing sight of his whereabouts. As she searched and search she almost gave up looking around her own home for the assailant until she noticed a particular light was still shining through the cracks of what appeared to be a basement within the storage room. She’s been there a few times and it puzzled her so as the curiosity of child took over she ventured forth into the underground lair. To her surprise did Setsuka find the smell of iron extremely strong down there. As she continued down the staircase did she notice a hot trail of liquid as a darker shade of red like a ruby. It trailed to another portion of the basement she had yet to explore. Opening a door to the next room she found the man, only he wasn’t moving and covered in the dark red liquid. She witnessed her aunt Ayuri take her blade and decapitate the man limb by limb before realizing that Natsu was watching for who knows how long of a time. Quite shocked to this discovery her aunt has felt ever responsible for Natsu’s early introduction to the cycle of death. "Fuck.", she said. In return Setsuka mimics her, "Fuck?"

    It was this night the man had successfully murdered Setsuka's parents in their sleep. Her aunt was there at the right time, and luckily Setsuka was not found... Since then Setsuka began to display much change to her character as being more self reserved, quiet, and less inquisitive along the lines of among many things. Her aunt, who has decided to be with her as her only deserved family, took keen interest in her future. It was her aunt's idea to take them far away from Baulder into a new sanction. They made their way into a new village known as Gekkousato to many. It was here that her haunt Ayuri spent her last years teaching Setsuka her bloodline, how to fight, how to kill, and how to be part of the ninja society with her guidance and the help of the village before her own health deteriorated into turmoil, leaving Setsuka alone for the first time since their first encounter with one another. Whether it was the right things to do or not remains undisclosed, and above all Setsuka herself remains unsure of her future other than holding onto her dreams and loyalty.

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    Kishida, Setsuka  Empty Re: Kishida, Setsuka

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