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    Irezumi Bloodline


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    Irezumi Bloodline Empty Irezumi Bloodline

    Post by Kannagi Sun May 10, 2020 9:53 pm

    Irezumi Bloodline

    Irezumi Bloodline 3Da0Wdj

    Possessors: The Irezumi Family; a large nomadic family where 90% of possessors are male
    Type: Other; Elemental Affinity/ Physical Enhancement
    Location: Dry Lands and Sun Scorched Desert, the places where the Irezumi family are most likely to be
    Appearance: Those who possess the bloodline ability are unique in that they have light skin despite living and traveling often through the desert and scrubland. Their bloodline allows them to create paper from their body and it protects the skin from sun damage, giving the users a lighter skin color than some might expect. Additionally, some users or users who have expended too much chakra can display splits, cracks or paper like peeling of the skin.


    • Kami "Paper" Technique: Paper release allows the user to create and manipulate seemingly endless paper from their bodies like any other element of ninjutsu. It can be used offensively, defensively or supplementary based on the amount of chakra used for individual jutsu. From creating paper weapons, to paper walls, to paper wings, the Kami technique is chakra based. The style of use for combat or other means is based on user preferences. The paper in use is resistant to normal fire and water, Kami techniques would still work during a rainstorm for example, but it is not strong or weak against any element based jutsu.
    • Enhanced Chakra: Because the members of the Irezumi family are in touch with their spiritual side, focusing on meditation and use of chakra throughout all members, those with this bloodline have an enhanced chakra pool. Many of the members are able to cast more jutsu at once than most shinobi of the same rank. Those in the Irezumi family have more chakra than shinobi of the same rank, the gap becoming increasingly noticeable as they rank up. C-rank members start off with an extra 30 chakra points and that number increases by 10 for every rank up received. (ex. B-ranks have +40 chakra, ect.)


    • Fireproof: The members of the Irezumi bloodline can not have an affinity for fire as an element. It contradicts creating paper from the body.
    • Genjutsu Weakness: Members of the Irezumi bloodline are in touch with their chakra and have great self awareness. This can make some users more apt to falling for genjutsu triggers. It wouldn't be so bad, except the Kai release jutsu costs an extra CP per rank to break out of the genjutsu. (ex. D-rank 5 CP, C-rank 10 CP, B-rank 15 CP, A-rank 25 CP, and S-rank 35 CP)


    Jutsu List:
    - Origami Object [D-Rank]
    - Origami Setting [D-Rank]
    - Paper Doll Technique [D-Rank]
    - Cinder Screen [D/C/B-Rank]
    - Paper Crane Technique [C-Rank]
    - Shikigami Flying Technique [C/B/A/S-Rank]
    - Kami Coffin [B-Rank]
    - Leech Tag [B-Rank]
    - Paper Clone Technique [B-Rank]

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    Post by Kensei Thu May 14, 2020 2:12 pm

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