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    Tatsuya Nara Character Sheet


    Tatsuya Nara Character Sheet Empty Tatsuya Nara Character Sheet

    Post by Guest Mon May 11, 2020 2:56 am

    Character Sheet

    Tatsuya Nara Character Sheet SlipperyRealisticCavy-size_restricted
    Name and Application: Tatsuya Nara
    Rank: B-Rank
    Title: Genin
    Village: Nikkousato

    Clan: Nara Clan
    Bloodline: Nara Bloodline
    Organization: N/A

    Religion/Groups: N/A

    - Water Release
    - Earth Release
    - Ice Release

    Meters Per Post: 7 MPP
    Actions: 2
    Chakra: 175
    Stamina: 180
    Breath: 3 posts
    Endurance Points: 1

    Total Skill Points: 11
    Unspent Skill Points: 0

    Specialty Perks:
    D-Rank Jutsu
    C-Rank Jutsu
    Chakra Increase
    B-Rank Ninjutsu
    A-Rank Ninjutsu

    D-Rank Jutsu
    C-Rank Jutsu
    Sealed Puppets
    B-Rank Puppetry
    Stringed Items
    A-Rank Puppetry

    D-Rank Jutsu

    Jutsu List:
    Clone Technique
    Transformation Technique
    Substitution Technique
    Escaping Technique
    Body Flicker
    Puppet String Technique
    Loose Shadow Possession Jutsu
    Shadow Imitation Jutsu
    Shadow Possession Jutsu
    Hidden Mist Technique
    Raining at Will
    Water Whip
    Water Shark Projectile
    Shadow Swimming Technique
    Water Melding
    Invisible Strings Technique
    Genjutsu Kai
    Earth Corridor
    Swamp of the Underworld
    Earth Style Barrier: Earth Dome Prison
    Earth Style: Rampart
    Water Style: Water Shark Bomb Jutsu
    Seismic Sensing
    Ice Release: Ice Field
    Ice Release: Demon Ice Mirrors
    Ice Release: Shattering Ice Spears
    Ice Release: Tiger Strike

    Item/Weapon List:
    Exploding Note
    Flash Bomb
    Chakra Draining Poison

    Gear List:
    Forehead Protector
    Flak Jacket
    Trick Shoes
    Flak Jacket [B-Rank]

    Puppet: Piero
    - Anchored Scythe
    - Deadlights
    - Hidden Napalm Launcher
    -Demon Brother Gōzu




    Missions Completed:
    Lead a Horse to Water... (B vs B opponent fled) (B vs C, defeated opponent)

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    Tatsuya Nara Character Sheet Empty Re: Tatsuya Nara Character Sheet

    Post by Admin Mon May 11, 2020 3:54 pm

    Tatsuya Nara Character Sheet 6wd-NC1586479087

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