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    A Nightly Patrol [Solo] Empty A Nightly Patrol [Solo]

    Post by Ryojin on Mon May 11, 2020 11:32 am

    The Objective:

    Name: Patrol the Village
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Details: There is always something going on in the village. Low level criminals, basic thieves, or natural disasters like fires can pop up at any moment. Patrolling the village is the duty of all shinobi, and you must make sure all is well in the village. Patrolling consist of walking the streets, watching over business, looking into rumors, and just keeping an over all eye on things.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words.

    It looked like Ryojin was up for patrol duty this evening. People were returning to their homes and the village had grown pretty Silent. This simple patrol gave Ryojin some time to think. He was ordered to patrol the cliffs. The cliffs were a housing district not too far from the village itself. Truth be told, Ryojin needed the time for the self reflection. He walked about that rooftops eyeing the bridges below, the various buildings with lights on or off, and stragglers still headed home from work and/or their usual daily dealings. This was one of the tamest areas of the village. The people were simply hard working who just liked to live outside their daily dealings. In this particular district, the people were elder and had grown to a point where they were over xenophobia. This was Ryojin's favorite district. There were no shouts, nasty name calling, or bullying in this district just because he wasn't born here. The people were pleasant enough that Ryojin made an effort to remember most of them by name and occupation. There were surgical assistants, carpenters, some were in food service, and there were even a couple of the mission clerks here.

    Ryojin simply strolled along the roof tops. He came upon one of the mission clerks that was often frustrated with his father for being picky and choosy about the missions Ryojin was sent on. He approached her carefully as she was standing at the edge of the roof top. "Miss Meyumi. I don't think I've ever seen you out this late while I was patrolling. Is everything okay?" The woman didn't answer at first. She knew Ryojin's face well enough and for a moment Ryojin didn't even expect her to answer, but she caught him off guard. "I'm fine Prince Cold. Thanks for asking. I was just enjoying the sunset." Was she lying? And if so for what purpose would she? He stepped closer and chuckled a bit at the nickname. "Prince Cold huh? What does that make my father?" She had paused a moment. She thought about it. "The King of Cold... Shoulders." With that, they both laughed and he nodded. "You're not wrong one bit about that. I would almost think he himself was a talented ice user." She had laughed once more then turned and stepped toward him. "Thank you Ryojin. For patrolling. I was the one who requested you here. I wanted to ask... have your missions been going okay?" Ryojin had paused. He thought about it. Ryojin had been doing his best to take lead lately just as his father had stated he should do, but if he were to be honest, he didn't feel it was one of his own core values. "Overall, I would say my missions have been going okay... I just.. my father has such high expectations of me I think... He wants me to be a medical ninja, he wants me to be a leader, but to be honest, I don't know if I'm cut out for leading, and I'm definitely not cut out for being a medical ninja. Tell my father if you want I'm sure you will..." Miss Meyumi cringed slightly at Ryojin's cold words. "It's safe with me. Your secret. But give yourself some credit. You really are something Ryojin. You carry yourself well even despite other's words to you and actions toward you. Truthfully, I think that one day you'll be a real admirable shinobi... and trust me when I say leadership doesn't just come to you. It's something you work for and learn a lot to be able to do. Someone I admire the most has taught me that all my life." She was following Ryojin as he patrolled now to finish their conversation. It was still quiet. Ryojin took her words in earnest. They continued to speak to one another briefly. He walked her home and then was left back on his own again. At the end of the day, he was just another cog in the machine right now. He knew he wanted to be more, but in what capacity? He sighed softly having consumed himself in his own self reflections. He didn't feel like a great leader tonight, but he knew more than well that tomorrow the coin could flip.

    Once he had walked her home, he continued checking the various alley ways and walkways of the housing district. He eventually came upon an elder woman who was trying to get into her house, but after a moment her old key gave out and snapped inside the door. Ryojin walked over, and utilized a single makibishi in order to pick the door lock. It was simple enough. He helped her into her home and then she offered her thanks and he continued with his patrol. There was nothing particularly exciting on this night. He had walked Miss Meyumi home, and he had helped a woman into her home. He had heard a rumor that there was something odd in the housing district, but he himself didn't run into anything particular on this night. The mission was done and it was his time to head home. As he approached back to the entrance of the housing district, he was met by the next genin to take the nightly stroll. He held up a hand, and the other Shinobi proceeded to high five him. "You're turn." Ryojin said and with a body flicker, he was off.

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