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    Yurei Bloodline Empty Yurei Bloodline

    Post by Guest Mon May 11, 2020 8:43 pm

    Name: Kogo Ikiryo
    Possessors: Yurei Clan
    Type: Other
    Location: Sun Village
    Appearance: There are no distinct features about the Yurei clan other than the fact they have red eyes. Due to this they are sometimes mistaken for the Uchiha Clan. Apart from such things, they have a sort of pale porcelain complexion to their skins.


    The Yurei clan are a strange group. While most shinobi have dedicated their efforts to physical and chakra nature warfare, The Yurei Clan employs the use of spirits. Previous members of the clan who pass away have their spirits sealed so they do not move on after death. When a member of Yurei clan comes of age, a spirit of their ancestor is sealed within them. The clan uses this method as a means of both harnessing powers and ensuring the clan's secrets are passed down. The experiences of the spirit are gradually taught to the host body. The host and ghost telepathically communicate with one another. Those who are stronger often seal more spirits within them.

    1 Spirit at C-rank  
    2 Spirits at B-rank
    3 Spirits at A-rank
    4 Spirits at S-rank

    - The Yurei family has immunity to Genjutsu. When they are affected by a Genjutsu the ancestral spirit snaps them out by disrupting their chakra flow.  This is however only applicable to Genjutsu level the same as the Yurei member. Higher grades require chakra usage and Kai by the spirit to break them out.

    - Ghost Release Techniques which is a Yin Release type. These include jutsu where they use the spiritual ancestor for various attacks and utility jutsus. These Jutsus are ethereal and phase through solid objects and such. Each limit and restriction of jutsus will be outlined in their individual applications. A telepathic connection between host and spirit. They can communicate with each other regardless of distance as well as feeling each other's pains.


    - Ghost Release has a weakness for Lightning Release.
    - Cannot invade individuals who have Sage Chakra.

    - Yurei Shizuka

    Jutsu List:
    - Ghost Release: Possession [D-Rank]
    - Ghost Release: Ghost Blade [C-Rank]
    - Ghost Release: Return [D-Rank]
    - Yurei Nishiki: Dokuhebi Kogeki [C-Rank]
    - Yurei Sanshiki: Ichi Hangeki [C-Rank]
    - Ghost Release: Heart Stopper [B-Rank]
    - Ghost Release: Ghost Clone [B-Rank]
    - Kogo Ikiryo: Kurusu [B-Rank]

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    Yurei Bloodline Empty Re: Yurei Bloodline

    Post by Kensei Sat May 16, 2020 7:52 pm

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