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    Irezumi Family


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    Irezumi Family Empty Irezumi Family

    Post by Kannagi Mon May 11, 2020 9:14 pm

    Name: Irezumi Family/ Irezumi Clan


    • Traditional Gender Roles: Women are the soul, Men are the body
    • No Pets: Animals are for eating or travel purposes. Horses, mules and camels are considered sacred within the family and even receive funeral rites
    • Afterlife: Spirits and ghosts are real and can be communicated with through special means or special people
    • Hospitality: Generosity and hospitality are signs of good and honorable people. Share with others, but never take more than what you can share in return as a guest. This belief applies to the environment as well and ties into the nomadic lifestyle.
    • Meals: Peaceful talks, policy changes and meetings with strangers and enemies during a truce should be done during a meal to prove no ill will as weapons are not allowed out during mealtimes
    • Survival: Strength, honor, survival are all rolled into one. The health and safety of one's family determines your individual worth.

    Location: The family is physically located in the Debon Plains, the Dry Lands, and the Sun Scorched Earth. They work under the Nikkousato VIllage but are largely independent. They travel to the big city only when needed preferring their nomadic lifestyle.

    Status: Village Restricted

    History: The Irezumi have always been an independent and nomadic family with their own structure and traditions. At the end of the day, they follow Nikkousato as a rule and have made an agreement that if there is a time of war that will be the side the family supports. They occasionally send shinobi with the special ninjutsu technique to the Academy there but by and large prefer instruction to be done within the family. The large family is dispersed across the land but meets up once a year for a reestablishment of policies, celebration of new lives born, and funeral rites for those who passed on. This is to keep the family bonded and reminded of loyalty and the larger community of which they are a part. Some families are merchants, some are survivors, some are bandits or hired protection for other travelers. The largest structure within the family clan is its patriarchal base.

    For simplicity, safety, or tradition's sake, each smaller group debates the reason for its patriarchy but the men have the say so regardless. They don't view women as lesser people, as slaves or as child bearers solely but women have a different set of responsibilities in the family. They gather plants, herbs, minerals and cook. They are the doctors, responsible for healing the sick and curing poisons and infections. They are the teachers, directing the youth through the traditional beliefs and helping them find their places while learning to read and write. Women are the keepers of the home and are responsible for the mental health of the family, working as spiritual guardians as well. Male members make up for 90% of those who have the Irezumi bloodline ability. They make the economic policies, hunt, fight, and protect the family physically. Men are encouraged to fight and undergo rites or independent trips in order to face survival and hone shinobi skills. Women are the soul and men are the body of the clan.

    These people are hardy survivors overall and through brute force or analytical means they address dangers to the clan together, the men functioning like a small oligarchy. To this day, members that try to break tradition or repeatedly go against their duties or roles within the family are asked to fall in line or leave the family to keep order and peace within the larger clan.

    Members: The clan has 200-300 members traveling between the plains, dry lands and Nikkousato. They are broken up into smaller family groups as small as a single family and as large as 5 or 6 families each.

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    Post by Admin Tue May 12, 2020 11:40 am

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