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    Kinjutsu: Chakra Cannon Empty Kinjutsu: Chakra Cannon

    Post by Genkumaru Sat May 16, 2020 9:31 pm

    Name: Kinjutsu: Chakra Cannon
    Specialty: Ninjutsu
    Rank: S-rank
    Element: Bakuton
    Cost: 50 chakra and 35 Stamina
    Range: 0-60 meters
    Duration: 2 posts
    Description: A Bakuton user concentrates a massive amount of their unique chakra nature into a hand held sphere, that they charge up over two posts going from the size of a softball to that of a basketball, and then release it outward in a 3 meter radius beam of purely condensed Bakuton infused chakra. This technique carries a massive amount of destructive force behind it being able to disintegrate small to medium objects on contact. Being hit by the beam can be absolutely  devastating as is most offensive S-rank jutsu, and is used as a last resort attack by the Iwamura clan. The user endures such great force from using the Jutsu however, that whatever arm was used to launch the beam is broken and unusable for the rest of that topic as its Tenketsu points are completely overloaded. This cannot be undone by any means including use of the eight gates or any other type of high end healing.
    Status: Open to Explosion release clan members

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    Post by Kensei Fri May 22, 2020 5:46 pm

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