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    Amanogan Bloodline Empty Amanogan Bloodline

    Post by BoscoBoi Sun May 17, 2020 6:27 pm

    Name: Amanogan
    Possessors: The Danjunrei Clan
    Type: Doujutsu
    Location: The Shinobi World. The nomadic nature of the Danjunrei means that this Doujutsu appears across all of the shinobi world.
    Appearance: Bearers of the Amanogan tend toward the lighter colored hair and eyes, but their skin is often on the darker side. When active, the Amanogan transforms the eyes into golden orbs. It becomes a brighter gold as it gets closer to the pupils, which themselves are blinding white.

    Zentaizou: Behold the Truth

    The first ability of the Amanogan is its ocular capabilities. Upon activation, the user's eyes transform into Amanogan. And they gain additional Amanogan orbs based on their shinobi rank. These are constructed of chakra, and have no pain receptors, and are not connected to the functions of the body, except by chakra. However, if damaged by a chakra bearing effect such as a jutsu, that single Amanogan becomes inactive until the end of the topic.

    Rank-C: The user gains three additional Amanogan, one on the forehead, and one on each palm. These do not affect the use of the hands, as they are recessed into the palm. Total Amanogan: Five
    Rank-B: The user gains three additional Amanogan on their one on the back of the head, one on the chest, and one between the shoulder blades. Total Amanogan: Eight
    Rank-A: The user gains three additional Amanogan. One on both of their elbows, and one on the belly button Total Amanogan: 11
    Rank-S: The user gains no additional Amanogan. But their Amanogan are no longer deactivated until the end of the topic if damaged. Instead, they recover from all damage at the start of their post.

    An Amanogan's true strength lies in the adaptability of their vision. Depending on the user's rank, an Amanogan can perceive many things.

    Rank-C: The Amanogan can see light, and infrared radiation. Their Infrared vision extends out to 20 meters.
    Rank-B: The Amanogan can see sound, it appears to them like ripples in the air. Their sound sight ranges up to 30 meters, their infrared becomes 30 meters
    Rank-A: Sound Sight's range increases to 60 meters. Infrared becomes 60 meters
    Rank-S: Sound Sight increases to 80 meters. Infrared becomes 80 meters.

    The user can switch between them at will without an action, and each Amanogan can be tuned to a different sight type. This results in most genjutsu effects that target sight to be almost useless against them, as they do not effect enough of their visual capability to fool them. An Amanogan cannot be tuned to more than one sight at a time.

    Terikaeshi: Confound the Lie

    The Amanogan has many jutsu based around its visual capabilities. But they do not lack offensive capability. An Amanogan can be used for a jutsu known as a Gaze jutsu. These jutsu involve the transference of chakra through beams projected from the Amanogan. The effects vary greatly depending on the user. And can be used in conjunction with most specialties and elements. Depending of course on the imagination of the user.

    An Amanogan user is struck nearly blind from the moment their abilities first manifest. They can only see clearly while their Amanogan is activated. But while it is not active, they can only see up to 5 meters away. Further away is a fuzzy blur.

    In addition, while the Amanogan are active, any jutsu or effect that has a flash or blinding effect specified deactivates any Amanogan that perceives it until the Activation Jutsu is used again.

    An Amanogan used for a gaze jutsu cannot see during the jutsu and until the start of the user's next post.

    Jutsu List:
    Amanogan Activation (not created yet)

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    Post by Admin Fri May 22, 2020 2:58 pm

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