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    Shadow Possession | C-Rank KKG Empty Shadow Possession | C-Rank KKG

    Post by Admin Mon May 18, 2020 1:55 am

    Name: Shadow Possession
    Specialty: KKG
    Rank: C-Rank
    Element: N/A
    Cost: 15 Chakra
    Range: 15 Meters
    Duration: 3 post

    Description: The Shadow Possession jutsu is the bread and butter technique of the Nara clan, and is their go to technique for most combat or recon situations. This technique utilizes shadows, and allows the user to extend their shadow out from their body in an attempt to connect it with their targets. After completing the needed hand signs, the user will send their shadow out in a straight line, causing it to creep across the ground in the desired direction. The shadow can creep across solid surfaces, such as the ground, walls or even underground and over obstacles, as long as it is continuing in a straight line. The user must remain still as they move their shadow forward, and can move it around for up to three post before the shadow fades away.

    If the shadow passes through another shadow on its way towards its target, it will increase the total range of this jutsu by 5 meters, up to a total of 15 extra meters, allowing for a final total of a 30 meter range. While holding the jutsu the user can also spend an extra 5 Chakra to change the direction of the shadow, allowing them to move the shadow around if their target moves or attempts to dodge the attack.

    If the shadow does manage to connect to the targets shadow, the duration of this jutsu is reset, the connection lasting for 3 post after it has made connection. While the two are connected by the shadow, neither person will be able to move the lower half of their body, starting with their waist. The jutsu freezes both parties legs, feet, toes and any other part below the waist. They will be frozen in place, but can however still use the upper half of their body, preforming jutsu, attacking or blocking. Now that the connection has been made, the user can now freely move their hands and preform other attacks or jutsu, but still can not move the lower half of their body.

    Any one effected by this jutsu can attempt to break out of it, depending on their rank. They must spend stamina and use an action to try and break out of the effect. If the effected target is equal rank or lower than the shinobi using this technique, they must spend 50 stamina and 1 action, and can not do so until the third post of the jutsu duration. If the target is higher rank than the user of this jutsu, it will require 25 stamina and 1 action, and can be broken out of the post after they are effected.

    Status: Must posses the Nara bloodline

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