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    Hunt Missing Children


    Hunt Missing Children Empty Hunt Missing Children

    Post by Guest Tue May 19, 2020 11:05 pm

    Shizuka stood in the streets of the slums. She stared at the various fliers and posters stuck onto a street pole. There were dozens of them; advertising performance drugs, love potions for troubled couples, lessons for children who wanted to learn strangely instruments. They all overlapped each other with their inks smudged and veiled with a good layer of slum filth. However, her red eyes were fixated one thing. Underneath all those trivial adds was the face of a small child. She must have not been older than perhaps 6 with their baby fat cheeks.

    "Missing children?" A voiceless thought. "The poster is old... Most likely dead."
    "Most likely" Her head tilted to the side as she looked the child's face framed with the other advertisements. Funny, people were bold enough to cover up the amber alert but still had enough 'decency' to leave her face exposed.

    "It's their own shame and cowardice. I'm not a bad person for ignoring it because I left them somewhat visible."
    "Yes, it's true but what more can they do? They're so busy to keep their own family alive, trivials such as 1 Ryo for us could mean eating for the day for these people."


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    Hunt Missing Children Empty Re: Hunt Missing Children

    Post by Kensei Sat May 23, 2020 1:53 pm

    Kensei walked through the empty Sun village square as the rain poured down on the Hood wearing robbed shinobi. The day had ended as quickly as it started and the village had fallen into a gloomy silence, the sounds of the crashing rain drops against the rooftop the orchestra of the night. The darkened clouds hung heavy above the village were an ominous sign of the night Ken had ahead of him. He had been called in to investigate a series of child disappearances, or perhaps abductions was the correct term to use. He had heard only a few whispers of the events that had been unfolding for several weeks now, but was only truly made aware of the ongoing mystery upon his return to the Sun village for the Moon.

    As Kensei made his way through the village slums where he'd meet his partner for the night his stomach had turned to knots. The previous night had been rough one and tonight was no different if not worse. He remembered his own abduction and how lucky he was to have been held hostage by a group of misfits that were more misunderstood than malicious. He knew if the kids suffered a similar fate they would not turn out as fortunate as himself. He looked around at the conditions of the slums here, and how crime festered in places like these. He has seen this before, in the smaller villages and towns these were the prevailing conditions."The worse you treat your lower class, the more your society suffers as a whole." from A flashing memory dazed Kensei, as he thought back on the stormy gloomy night he had left the village unbeknownst to him it would be the last time he'd see it for over a decade. "At least made it back" He remembered the faces of the bandit leader, Loke and how the savage looking bandit turned out to be nothing more than a tool by the powers that be. "Is this the case now?" Couldn't be he thought, shaking off the notion of symphaticing for the abductors. "We have to find the Kids.. before its too late"

    Removing the hood from his head he allowed the pouring rain over his long hair. Looking up, his face met the sky and the ensuing water, he let out a sigh as he watched the water fall over him. The smooth breeze pushed open his robe revealing his bare chest beneath his cloak, rain trickling down his torso over his innumerable  tattoos.

    Hunt Missing Children Empty Re: Hunt Missing Children

    Post by Guest Wed Jun 03, 2020 9:04 pm

      Shizuka's eyes scanned the surrounding area, looking for anything out of place. Perhaps an unusually abandoned building, a thicket of brushes, a manhole cover recently used or even a standing underneath a... rain gutter? There was a man with jet black hair, he uncovered his hood and lifted his face up. Water from a gutter splattered all over him...Was this how the poor people took showers? Shizuka's heart was broken. She pulled out a note pad and began to sketch him.

      Black dirty hair... old clothes that look like he stole them from kids. The face looks like it smells like a goldfish fart. This was it... the lead that they needed was a suspect in the disappearance of the children. No one in their right mind would just begin to take a shower with all his clothes on. She finished the sketch of him, put the notepad away, and approached the crazy homeless man.

      "Uchiha Kensei-dono?" She called out to him. He was the Uchiha she had been assigned with. This would be the second Uchiha she had met. The village of the sun appeared to be full of Uchiha. She wandered if Akemi and Kensei were related or if their personalities would be the same. People did say Uchiha were a group of brooders but Akemi seemed to break the mold. Would cookie number 2 fit the mold? So far the clues said he did. Wearing all black, hair all black, standing underneath falling water...


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    Hunt Missing Children Empty Re: Hunt Missing Children

    Post by Kensei Fri Jun 05, 2020 4:59 pm

    "huh" His eyes shifted down and towards the young girl that had approached him his head still up towards the clouds. How odd this Kunoichi was he thought, approaching a near stranger in the slums of the village as if they were the friendliest of neighbors, and using his family name nonetheless. "Hello there… I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting."He looked around for any unwanted spectators, having found none he set his gaze over her. Looking her over briefly he flashed her a smile and nodded. "Well you seem to know mine, its only right I learn your name…. Assuming we've both been assigned to search for the missing kids of course."
    He ran his hands through his wet hair before adjusting his cloak over his shoulders and bowing graciously before her. "It haven't grown used to being addressed so formally, Kensei will be just fine."

    He walked forward kicking at a few pebbles beneath his feet, his eyes scanning over the run down shacks and metal rooftops. As they moved slowly down the alleyways, he made note of the scattering villagers escaping the ensuing rain, merchants and workers closing up shop, shouting in the distance. They had made it to a wooden roundabout, the foundations for a a poorly built cement condominium towered high amongst the aluminum homes, construction however had halted, the streets littered by communal garbage and discarded waste. At a distance under the wooden scaffolding two local thugs leaned against the wall observing the two passing shinobi actively. They appeared brothers both fairly large in frame, clothes ragged and ripped, their light complexion muddied by the dirt across their faces. A slim dark man wearing a yellow bandana smoked a cigarette over a fire besides them uninterrupted by the newcomers. Kensei nodded his head in their direction, signaling his teammate over as he approached them.
    "If anyone knows about any shady dealings in the night its the locals.."

    Kensei Uchiha

    Hunt Missing Children Empty Re: Hunt Missing Children

    Post by Guest Fri Jun 05, 2020 11:23 pm

    The thugs did not appreciate a stranger nodding their heads at them. Chances are it was a rival gang about to do a hit. The two guards pulled out a club and sashimi knife as Kensei approached. Things were about to get messy and with a third in the distance, he could easily call for back up.

    "Oni-san~" Imino called out in a nasally and sultry voice. She quickly hopped over to one of the thugs, taking him by the arm and resting her face on his shoulders. Alarmed and confused the guards froze, the sudden woman wasn't in the scenario. "This baka doesn't want to play with me..." She squeezed her breasts against him, whispering a secret into his ears. "This pervert likes them young..."

    The two guards exchanged a look, then raised an 'okay' hand at the third. A customer huh? 'Bingo.' "Follow us, we can show him what he wants." Shizuka squeeled like a pre-pubescent girl holding hands for the first time. She jumped up and down, holding onto the man's arm. "and maybe, oni-chan can show me what I like?..."

    Their grins were wide, the smell of a woman clouding their minds. Men... men were so simple. The four of them would walk down an alleyway. Shizuka complimenting with the men and playing coy at the poor flirting efforts of the guards.

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    Hunt Missing Children Empty Re: Hunt Missing Children

    Post by Kensei Sat Jun 06, 2020 1:12 pm

    Kensei flashed a smirk that quickly retreated from his face as the men conversed with his partner. He was impressed, Shizuka jumped straight into character without a moments notice and completely took over. He took a step back as the two eager individuals snickered and giggled amongst themselves, visibly pleased by where they believed the night was going. Kensei's eyes however followed the third individual, the bandana wearing rough looking slim man had barely reacted to their introduction, and even less amused by Shizuka and the other two gentlemen. He walked slowly behind the other three, with Kensei slowly following behind the group, He looked him over wondering exactly what the mans intentions were as he took tokes of his ciggarete bud. The yellow bandana man stopped as the three ahead exited the alleyway, the two men pushing towards a run down shack down another alleyway. Tossing the cigarette aside he cleared his throat.

    "Bo, Goro… Take the girl to look at the merchandise will ya.. Big man over here and I can talk out details."

    He turned to look at Kensei, his scratch rough voice had deeply irritated Ken, but Kensei's Blank emotionless facial expressions remained unchanged from the moment he entered the slums. One man wrapped his arms around Shizuka, while another main obscene gestures as they walked forward. Kensei stepped forward, but was quickly halted mid step, the bandanas mans hand resting on his shoulder.

    "You don't seem too cheery mate… Tell me you guys wouldn't be pulling some kind of heist or operation here would ya?"
    As he spoke the man reached into his pockets retrieving another carton of cigarettes, offering one to Kensei, which he refused, before lightning one himself. Kensei looked over the man once more, another product of his conditions, peering deep into the dark eyes, Ken wondered how men could grow up several meters from each other and end up so vastly different.

    "Im talking to you man… you don't speak…"
    The man interrupted his thoughts, shoving Kensei slightly over the shoulder before pacing back and forth, his eyes here and there staring intently at the door the other three had entered. Although he hesitated at first, he knew Shizuka would carry herself well in the face of any danger, these weren't elite threats anyway. Leaning against the wall he sighed out loud grabbing the attention of the man once more.

    "You wont regret pimping that black haired one trust me you won't be dissapo--- ……"

    Before the man could finish his sentence Kensei's hand found the mans throat, his grip quickly tightening around the mans neck, the yellow bandana wearing individual pushing and struggling.

    "I liked you better when you were silent.."

    He responded before letting go of the mans neck, the bandana wearing individual back peddling away from Ken, as he couched and choked on his own saliva.

    "Sorry man… I did too… its just small talk. I get it you're serious, I have to vet everyone or else its bad for business you understand don't you ?"

    "I undertstand ill cut your throat and pull your tongue out from the hole in your throat if you don't get to the point… What sort of operation are you running here anyway… where have your men gone anyway?"

    "I thought.. we thought you were adding one to our stash in exchange for another… is that not what you agreed on?"

    Kensei Uchiha

    Hunt Missing Children Empty Re: Hunt Missing Children

    Post by Guest Sun Jun 07, 2020 6:24 pm

    Shizuka giggled as one fondled her behind, slapping his hand away playfully. She gave him a wink as the three of them entered a building. Once inside what she saw was not to her liking. Empty. She rolled her eyes turned around to face the two. One was busy unbuckling his pants while the other was dancing to his own stupid listen tune. He walked up to her, a bottle of sake in hand.

    "What's a wrong little dove? How about you pour us a drink?"

    Shizuka smiled bitterly, as she took the drink. A plonk and shattering of ceramics and the goon were on the floor. The second was quite literally caught with his pants down as his jaw dropped. "What you do that for?" Shizuka shrugged as if she hadn't done it, the broken bottle still in her hand. The man on the floor was trying to get up, words slurring about what he was going to do to her.

    "Where are the kids?"
    "Wot ffwaking kidz you bis?"

    Shizuka's free hand gripped around his dirty hair, pulling it back to reveal the soft spots on his neck. Her red eyes fixated on the pantless man. She quick stabs and the man was gurgling his insults, wet piping sounds coming out of his mouth. THE FUCK? The man, made a run for the door but tripped on his own feet. He turned around as Shizuka approached him.

    "Where are the kids?"
    I don't know what you mean miss, please!

    She rolled her eyes once more, why were men so confident but then snivelling little babies when their pants were down? It was so...unattractive. He turned on his belly as he tried to crawl away to the door. Shizuka stepped on his ankles, pressing down on them hard as he yelled in pain. It was something outside two would surely hear. Why did they have to scream so much as well? She took a leg, bending it on his back as she sat on top of him. She slowly took his shoes off, lace by lace, the weight of the body stopping him from moving.

    "Fours kids have gone missing in two weeks. 9 This month. Where are the kids?" She could hear the panic in his voice, he was already hoarse and Shizuka swore she could smell the cogs in his brain running. "I..I don't know! The man outside, he runs the kids, we just watch the doors." Man, both of them didn't know? Well, the first could have known but... She pulled off his sock and stuffed it into his mouth. She tied one of his feet with the shoelace and then to his arms behinds his back.

    "Onii-chan~? Bring that man too~ There's isn't enough here to satisfy me." She parted the door a little bit, peering out so calling them out in a sultry voice.


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    Hunt Missing Children Empty Re: Hunt Missing Children

    Post by Kensei Sun Jun 21, 2020 6:29 pm

    Kensei heard his partner call out from a door within one of the run down shacks, as his eyes turned to meet her voice. He was relieved to hear from her, regardless of the front he posed he wasn't exactly sure about the extent of her act, not the mens capabilities. His face remain stern and duly as he turned back at the man in his grasp as the taller man shriveled shaking, knees buckling beneath him. He tried to see himself in the mans shoes, as he though about the conditions before his village. It was true, it was unsavory the conditions of the slums, the rundown homes, no place for a respectable Nikkousato Villager to call home. Banditry, theft, greed, he could see but this man had crossed a line seemingly he could never philosophically debate. Nodding to the man he closed his eyes for a moment as he pondered his fate. He stepped in Shizuka's direction, pulling along the man as he moved eventually entering the room his partner was in. The poorly lit room was small, smelled of sweat and spilled alcohol. Kensei blew out the the candle by the door near him so that he was in the shadow of the room as the door shut behind him. The light of the room was almost entirely nonexistent the wicks of both candles at the opposite ends dwindling with every moment. Turning his back to his partner he adjusted his fingers around the mans neck, tugging forward the mans face so that he stared directly into Kensei's eyes. In a flash, within the darkness of the room, something shifted within kensei as fear covered the man in the shadow as Kensei stood over him. Several moments passed of the man mumblings things only audible to kensei. Suddenly the man let out a screech of despair as he began tugging away from Kensei in a fray. He screamed over and over as if he was in unsurmountable pain as he patted at his skin relentless. Kensei turned to the others before tossing the man forward in front of him, the man rolled on the ground as he patted his skin, a fish out of water, a man on fire. He attempted to speak but his words were filled with pain, his larynx seemingly injured by the hard and intense duress it had been under. Kensei however remained quiet and still, a sinister stare flashing over the other men with his dark black eyes, as fear took over their system.

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