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    Taikairai Bloodline


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    Taikairai Bloodline  Empty Taikairai Bloodline

    Post by BoscoBoi Tue May 19, 2020 11:22 pm

    Name: Taikairai
    Possessors: The Danjunrei Clan
    Type: Physical Enhancement
    Location: The Shinobi World. The nomadic nature of the Danjunrei means that this Bloodline appears across all of the shinobi world.
    Appearance: Bearers of the Taikairai tend toward the lighter colored hair and eyes, but their skin is often on the darker side.
    The Taikairai have very little advantage over others in terms of base bodily function, save that their bodies are more efficient in preserving and producing energy, giving them an extra +15 Chakra and Stamina per shinobi rank (C-Rank 15, B-Rank 30, A-rank 45, S-Rank 60)

    Their true strength lies in their jutsu. A long time ago, they were created by a mad doctor for use as living weapons. They could adapt to any situation, whether in combat or in other mission. This basic design was based off of puppetry, essentially transforming parts of the user's body into weapons and items temporarily through the use of jutsu. There is little restriction to their transformations beyond the basic concept of mechanical alteration.

    Taikairai jutsu are powered by lightning chakra. Therefore, if a user is struck by a lightning element effect, or advanced element that contains lightning. They are unaffected by the lightning portion of the effect (a sword sheathed in lightning would still cut, just not shock). This ability only functions if a Taikairai jutsu is currently active on the user. If the user has a Taikairai jutsu active that has a duration, it has its duration extended for a number of posts equal to the rank of the Lightning Jutsu that was absorbed, (D-Rank 1 post. C-Rank 2 posts. B-Rank 3 Posts. A-Rank 4 Posts. S-Rank 5 posts)

    Because of the nature of the transformations, a user of Taikairai must always select lightning as their first element. And can never choose water. A Taikairai jutsu that is struck by a water jutsu of equal or higher rank immediately ends. This does not include ambient water jutsu such as mist, only high concentrations of it. And only if it strikes the mechanical portion of the jutsu. This will not counter projectiles or weapons unless the water strikes the actual originating body part.

    Taikairai users have a limit as to the number of transformation Taikairai Bloodline jutsu active that have a duration greater than one post they can have active at one time.
    C-Rank: 1 Jutsu
    B-Rank: 2 Jutsu
    A-Rank: 3 Jutsu
    S-Rank: 4 Jutsu


    Jutsu List:

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    Taikairai Bloodline  Empty Re: Taikairai Bloodline

    Post by Admin Fri May 22, 2020 2:19 pm

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