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    Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete)


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    Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete) Empty Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete)

    Post by Admin Fri May 22, 2020 12:27 am

    The Tomb has been discovered! The mythical tomb that houses the ancient assassin known as only the Executioner has been claimed to be found! Out in the bloodstained mire, an old stone door has been unearthed due to the efforts of local Archeologist and Shinobi alike. This has brought much excitement to the world, as it is believed to house not only the body of the Executioner, but his famed demon blade, a murderous sword with a bloody past. Lead explorers are convinced this door marks the entrance to the tomb, however no one has yet to be able to open the door.  

    Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete) 340?cb=20130219040432

    Recessed into a stone structure and buried deep underground, the door sits on a large solid slab of stone, seemingly etched into the structure. It is an odd and ominous door with several depictions and engravings in the surface of the door. People have tried to pry it open, knock it down and even blow it apart, with no method succeeding. It is believed that the secret to opening the door lies on the door itself, and that in order for anyone to gain access to the tomb, they must first solve the riddle of the door.  Etched into the front face of the stone door is a massive skull, a red painted hand print sitting in the center of the skulls forehead. In the mouth of the skull sits a small hole, about two inches in diameter, that travels back into the door, away from sight. Around the edges of the hole sits a dark crimson, crusted substances, that seems to flake away when touched. Above the skull is a set of words, an inscription carved into the stone.

    Locked away in this tomb of despair, a demon never to see the light. For those poor souls brave enough to enter, a sacrifice first to give. As he did in life, he so shall in death, to end in a bloody death. To enter here, and claim this curse, you must first prove your worth. Give up first a piece of you, to claim an eternity of power.

    This is the start of the Executioner Event! The actual event will begin on June 1st, however this is the sign up for the event, where you will gain entrance to the tomb and be given a chance to earn the final prize! Before you can post in this topic and join the event, you must first have completed the Hunt the Executioner precursor plot mission! You can still do this mission even after this sign up and even after the event has started. You can sign up for this event up until someone manages to complete it!

    Name: Hunt the Executioner
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Plot Mission (leads to future plot event)
    Solo: 20 EXP
    Group: 25 EXP
    Location: The Barrens, (Region 10)
    Details: Rumors of a tomb have been going around, a tomb that belongs to an ancient and mythical swordsman. Archeologist have been searching for the lost tomb, and have finally found hints of its whereabouts out in the Barrens. Beneath the soil, hints have been found that may lead researchers to discovering the tombs location. Due to the news, the local villages have been sending their own men to try and locate the tomb. The mission is simple, scour the region in the attempt to find something of value. (You can not find the tomb itself, but can find clues)
    Requirements: Solo must make a 600 word post.
    Group- Each person must post at least twice, with a 1000 word count total.

    If you wish to enter this event, you simply need to respond to this topic with your entry post, explaining how you gain entry to the tomb. There is only one way to enter, and the above description can help you figure out what you need to do to open the door for yourself. Each person who enters must enter on their own, and must complete the needed requirements to gain entry. The results of entry are permanent and are the only way to enter the event. Come June first, anyone who has gained entry will be given a topic to participate in, and will attempt to conquer the event until they are either knocked out or reach the end. Anyone who has not signed up yet, can continue to sign up even after the event has started, however only one person can win, meaning once the first person to reach the end of the tomb does, the event ends. Everyone who participates will earn a reward just for trying however, and every post made regarding this event will be considered a Yellow topic.

    If your post to this topic does not meet the needed requirements, you will be given a prompt that says so, and will be asked to try again.

    First Place:
    -Executioner Blade
    -100 ExP

    -50 Exp

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    Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete) Webp-net-resizeimage-16

    Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete) Empty Re: Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete)

    Post by Ryojin Sat May 30, 2020 3:13 pm

    In the distance was the tomb that had been found and was said to host the executioner. It was here Ryojin would find his first steps toward power whether he managed to collect the blade or not. That was enough to give him the motivation to walk forward. He stared at the massive stone entrance. His eyes were full of wonder and curiosity.

    Ryojin approached the awoken tomb. He could feel the same looming peril he had felt in the empty city where the executioner's blade had once been. He stepped to the entrance of the tomb. He took in a bit of a shaken breath when he witness both the words and the writing. This pain was physical. It would not be anywhere near as severe or long lasting as the pain of defeat had been. He could feel his resolve brewing. This was the path to power and he needed to be bold. He inserted his left pointer finger into the hole. He awaited what would happen next.

    "It's going to take far more than this to stop me. Take my sacrifice and show me the way to power." The wind picked up causing the dragon on his jacket to rage about. His eyes didn't leave the door in case it needed something more.

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    Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete) Webp-net-resizeimage-16

    Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete) Empty Re: Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete)

    Post by Genkumaru Sun May 31, 2020 3:05 pm

    He had known that Sojiro would be here as well trying his hardest to seal the power of the executioner for eternity, or turn it to be used for the greater good. Both options were equally viable as long as that was the true intent, in Gen's eyes. He would move to enter into the cave that had been discovered on their previous journey together, and had seen no indicators that Sojiro had been here yet or was waiting for him. Assuming he must have either went ahead or hadn't shown yet, he knew he couldn't waste anymore time. He ventured deeper in only to discover an intricate door laid blocking his path. After reading the inscription he thought for a brief moment before he noticed the hole that had blood dried and caked along its entrance.

    A sacrifice must be made....

    He looked down at his hands and exhaled deeply before inserting his right hands ring finger into the hole, feeling the back of the wall with his finger tip just as it went past the first knuckle. a good half inch of flesh sticking outside of the hole he waited for whatever would happen next. If he truly wanted to protect this world he need to be willing to sacrifice everything for it. Sonin had been the architect of his newfound resolve and it would remain until he died now.

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    Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete) Empty Re: Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete)

    Post by Guest Sun May 31, 2020 6:25 pm

      What a creepy place it was. The makers of the tomb weren't modest in the purpose. A skull door, guarding what was arguably one of the most notorious killers. Executioner implied a sort of legal sentencing, at least a firm belief in a greater mandate. The man who supposedly lay rest inside? He merely killed simply because he could. Swinging around a cleaver like a mad butcher, his execution more of a celebration of his morose nature.

      Shizuka watched many go in, each seeming to give a part of themselves before going in. When last it was her turn she approached the door. She read the inscriptions, dark red as if fresh blood was once used. She weighed her options. What use had she for executioner's sword? She let out a deep sigh.

      'Decide quickly, or it will be your undoing.' Chimed the spirit.
      "How about I stuff you in there and see where that takes us?"

      Shizuka tilted her neck to the left and to the right. This was going to suck but she needed to put her foot down or up in this case. She whipped her leg up and carefully put no... this was stupid, why on earth would she want to put her toe in? She lowered in took a deep breath and put in her left ring finger just past the first joint. She shivered for a moment before steeling herself.

    Uchiha Akegata Mikomi
    Uchiha Akegata Mikomi

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    Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete) Empty Re: Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete)

    Post by Uchiha Akegata Mikomi Sun May 31, 2020 9:29 pm

    Mikomi glared at the door. "Eternity of power? Its probably just a sword or something, don't give me that crap." She paced back and forth in front of it. Until, with an annoyed sigh, she removed her left boot. "Think you're smart huh door?" Steeling herself, she daintily put her littlest toe into the hole. "Suck on those eggs." She waited, sweating in nervous anticipation.

    Who is Uchiha Akegata Mikomi?
    What can she do?

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    Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete) Empty Re: Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete)

    Post by Nemotoashi "Nemo" Houga Sun May 31, 2020 9:40 pm

    Well, we're here. IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE MUCH. Its about what we expected though. BIT GAUCHE. That's the wrong use of that word, its more... ostentatious. WHATEVER. WHOEVER BUILT THIS HAD A VERY HIGH OPINION OF WHATEVER IS IN HERE. Whatever lies in here serves only to satisfy our curiosity about the Executioner. We expect to be disappointed by his memory. Though perhaps his treasures will do more to satisfy us.

    Nemo glanced down at the small hole.

    IT REQUIRES BLOOD. Of course it does, he was called the Executioner, did we think subtly was his strong suit? NO ACTUALLY, WE WERE STATING A FACT. Which finger could we stand to lose? ANY OF THEM. We think the middle one is actually quite important. TRUE ENOUGH. The little finger then. BAD AESTHETICS. What? MESSES WITH THE VISUAL IDENTITY OF THE HAND. Why do we care? WE JUST DO.

    With a sigh, Nemo inserted his left ring finger into the socket, and waited. The prospect of the pain setting his heart racing slightly in excitement. He'd never lost a finger before, this might actually be quite fun.

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    Hyūga Ami
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    Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete) Webp-net-resizeimage-16

    Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete) Empty Re: Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete)

    Post by Hyūga Ami Tue Jun 09, 2020 5:02 am

    Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete) VnwTp7u

    Ami would find herself nearing an object of sorts, as she followed the blood trail from earlier on in the barrens. It looked ominous, and the girl would approach with caution. She would come to find that it was the tomb that she had read about in some book, that rumored to be house the executioner. She looked at the door, at the skull and its inscription, deep in thought. She noted the small hole that was etched in the mouth of the the skull, her curiosity getting the better of her. As she read the inscription she smiled, a simple smile.

    "Are you taunting me?" she would ask the skull as though expecting an answer. The kunoichi studied the hole a little more, noticing that it may be the key. "Well here goes..." she muttered to herself as she extended her left pinky finger into the hole and closed her eyes. She expected it to be chopped off or something, as the inscription had read. She wasn't ready to make a physical sacrifice per se but a mental one wasn't a problem.

    She waited, her heart beating quickly. It was unlike her to take on such things as this, not because she was scared, but rather inexperienced. Ami would wait for a few moments, not daring to move, as the wind began to pick up around her. Although slightly unnerved she was quite excited, excited for the unknown.

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    Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete) Empty Re: Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete)

    Post by Kaguya Shinigai Fri Jun 12, 2020 4:33 am

    It would only take Jayy a few minutes before he would find the small crowd gawking at the door. The large skull door that held a deep dark mystery. "They must be in there..." Jayy would say as he walked up to the door. He would look over the door and reach for what seemed to be a handle. Ignoring the text he would pull at the door. "Ugh what the fuck is going on?" He said with anger. An older man would waddle towards him and point to the wording on the door. Reading jayy would become confused as his eyes would search the door once more. "A sacrifice huh...." He uttered to himself. His demon would snicker a bit and spoke. Maybe if you kill yourself we will get in. The demon said as jayy would roll his eyes. Suddenly the hole would call for him. As he shifted his eyes towards it. "Maybe not my death. But... Maybe." Jayy would say as he would reach up to the hole. Sticking his finger into the hole. His heart pounding more and more as he awaited what would occur as his finger slid into the slot. Feeling a bit rough as he felt the rocky texture of the door. What a brave young man... "Id be braver if you'd eat a banana and choke." He said as he awaited the outcome of the door.

    Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete) Zanyin10

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    Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete) Empty Re: Hunt the Executioner Event! (complete)

    Post by Admin Thu Jun 18, 2020 2:42 am

    The event has concluded! congratulations to Imino Shizuka for conquering the Demon and winning our first quest! Look out for our next event right around the corner!

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