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    Information gathering [Solo Mission] Empty Information gathering [Solo Mission]

    Post by Guest Fri May 22, 2020 5:12 am

    Shizuka had been sent out to gather information about a certain area. This was something she excelled at. Amalgamating with the local populace, becoming one of them, and slowly gathering any useful information for the Mission Bureau. She'd infiltrate a group of mercenaries or smugglers ring, learn their trade routes and contacts. The information would be used to the advantage of the village and if need be, used to dismantle the enemy in a systematic manner. The trick was time, never too fast or too precise. Staying out of the way was the best way to catch the attention of her targets. The good kind of attention. If you were too forward you'd get a different kind of attention. Today, however, Shizuka was on a different kind of information gathering. One that didn't require to be someone else.

    Imino Shizuka of the Yurei clan stood on the red sands. She was accompanied by locals dressed in cloaks and headwraps. They all stood together watching tumbleweed. Yes, tumbleweed. Little dried up bushes ripped clean from their root and left to wander the deserts like a drunk homeless person. So, why was a trained assassin staring at tumbleweed? See, these tumbleweeds were different from the usual kind. The twigs had a deep earthy red color, much like beetroot. These twigs weren't so dead, they were in fact very much alive. Over time these plants had changed, adapting to their environment by being able to well... move to another environment.

    Supposedly they harness the power of the wind and rolled around the deserts, sucking in what little minerals that were left from the grounds. The twigs were in reality roots, all of them. Tumbling around kicking up dust and absorbing the nutrients. So how was this beneficial to the Shinobi village? The locals snatched up a rolling tumbleweed, broke off a twig, and let it be on its merry way. He began to chew on its roots, sucking at a blood-red sap from it. He sucked on the twig, gnawing on it every so often. The trees had developed a way to filter the impurities the lands had been infected post-biju apocalypse. The locals used the weeds as sort of an all-cure. Mild headaches, a stomach reliever from food poisoning, and in larger quantities an antidote for venomous snakes.

    Shizuka took down notes from the villagers, where these weeds were abundant and how often they regrew. How would it be useful for the village? For one, it was another source of medicine that the world was so short on. It could be used as quick medicine in the field. In the long run it could be used to produce medicine for everyone. Who knew what else it could lead to? Perhaps growing it in mass could maybe purify more areas. Economically, the village would set up a trade with the locals, exchanging Ryo for their red roots.

    Shizuka believed it was a great way of stabilizing the world, to get mutual trades going instead of forcefully taking stuff. Together with the locals she gathered samples. A whole bushel and some snapped at the roots. She even took samples of powdered versions the local healers had made. Apparently the locals mixed it with their other spices to make a curry that helped with digestion and good bowel movements. She wondered if that was the reason why they all had stained red teeth. If all else fails at least it would be a great makeup ingredient.

    Once she had gathered enough bushels she paid the villagers in some of their own goods. Water purifying tablets, iron tools, and medicine for their beasts of burden. She would take what she gathered and report back to the mission bureau. Her worksheet would get stamped, she would get paid and would take the roots to the medical branch of the village and thus another day, another mission.

    Word Count : 649 Mission Complete
    Information Gathering:

    Name: Information gathering
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Location: Any Region
    Details: As a shinobi it is important to have as much knowledge as possible, weather it is about the enemy or your own area. This mission task you with gathering important information from a local area. This could be detailing the regions layout, spying on a out post or a traveling group of people, or disguising one self to eaves drop on conversations of value. This mission pays out for all kinds of information gathered, as long as you were not detected.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words.

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