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    The Danjunrei Clan Empty The Danjunrei Clan

    Post by BoscoBoi Fri May 22, 2020 5:02 pm

    Name: The Danjunrei Clan
    Philosophy: The Danjunrei are non interventionist when it comes to world politics. They gather Taikairai and Amanogan users from all over the world and train them to use their abilities. Then, when a Danjunrei comes of age, they choose a path.

    Yosutebito remain with the main body of the clan, and take a vow of non aggression. They pursue enlightenment in the wandering of the world.

    Tsuisekisha leave the main body, and pursue their personal goals. They can return and stay with the Danjunrei at any time.

    The two paths can be alternated between after consulting with the clan elders. Overall, the Danjunrei serve as custodians of the world, seeking to keep the universal balance. Peace through the Yosutebito and change through the Tsuisekisha.
    Location: The Shinobi World. The Danjunrei wander the world.
    Status: Open
    The Danjunrei consists of two bloodlines, The Amanogan and The Taikairai

    Far in the past, during the era of Higoru. A being existed named Taikairai Aizou, created as a weapon in the war against the gods, he and others like him. According to legend, he assisted in the battle against the Faceless Beast. But grew discontent, as he desired one thing. To stand above all creatures as the pinnacle of creation. He gained the moniker of "Godhunter", as he forever sought to gain that level of power, and finally kill a god.

    He challenged Higoru many times, viewing him as the strongest in creation. But eventually, Higoru grew old, but Taikairai Aizou remained young. And angry, leaving the Star Village and heading deep into the wilderness. Feeling that Higoru had given up his power to spite him. When he returned, word of the Ten Beasts reached him. Hate consumed him, and he pursued them back into the wild

    The Godhunter met the beasts in open combat. The stories of what happened vary wildly, but the truth is known to the elders of the Danjunrei. Were the Ten not functionally immortal at the time, at least some of them would have been slain. The Godhunter tore into them and they into him, bathing massive swaths of the land in oceans of blood and chakra. The battle was one of the fiercest of those days. However, they managed to fatally injure him. Taikairai had expended all of his strength and waited to die. However, he was found by Meisen. A blind monk. Who drove off the weakened Ten with his Amanogan.

    Taikairai never left the temple of Meisen. And made him promise to find the other Taikairai. With his dream of ascendance broken, and the only man he ever felt was a friend dead, the Godhunter died.

    Meisen began to find the other Taikairai from across the Shinobi World. And eventually they formed the Danjunrei. A clan that would seek to help the disenfranchised, those who were cast aside. They form no allegiance to village or country.

    Nowadays, the Danjunrei find and train those with the Amanogan and Taikairai especially. But they take in any who have no other place, and try to give them a good life and a higher purpose through the pursuit of enlightenment.


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    Post by Admin Sun May 24, 2020 11:19 pm

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