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    Post by Kannagi Sun May 24, 2020 6:30 pm

    Approaching from the direction of the main village, a steed with a pale coat and dark mane carried a tall woman with blue hair. The blazing sun above glinted off the beads in the horse's braided mane and tail. As Kannagi rode ever closer to the Kellen Plains and down Kataki road, more and more details would come into view as desert dust transformed into dry reedy plants. The shinobi was wearing her usual high neck sleeveless top and shorts but not in the color black. Today she wore white. The usual coat around her waist was replaced by a long flowing purple skirt, knotted up by her thighs, creating a high-low style that was undoubtedly for the ease of movement. The horse had an elaborate black design painted onto its left hip which now could be seen as not just a pale coat but a coat of marbled gray and white. The horse had dark eyes and dark hooves, small gray tufts of hair behind the hooves. The blue haired shinobi took only two breaks, both to hydrate herself and Cirilla.

    At the second stop, Kannagi paused by a small watering hole. There were birds of a dozen species and a hundred patterns of browns, white, and black taking up residence in the two large trees beside it. Kannagi had slowed Cirilla and dismounted in order to let the horse drink and splash her hooves through the watering pool in a refreshing quick bath. The shinobi waited for the horse's resting time to end while eating a tart green apple. Then, she climbed back onto the horse's back and they traveled onward.


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    Post by Kannagi Sun May 24, 2020 8:47 pm

    Kannagi approached Cirilla with a whistle from the plains. Her horse came willingly, as if from nowhere, meeting the shinobi with a stamp of hooves and a happy snuffle of her nose. Kannagi pet her neck eagerly. "Good girl," She crooned as she slid her hand down her back and the saddle. Conditions are warm to hot in all seasons, but significant rainfall occurs for only a few months each year. Kannagi noted that this was not the time of year for prevalent rain and she took out one of the canteens. She had one of the unused cans filled with water and presented it to Cirilla as a gift. Then she let Cirilla feed off the sweet grasses along the perimeter for a while. After a time, it was right to leave and Kannagi carefully secured each of the four plaster molds together and then wrapped it in her skirt before tying the entire bundle to the back of the saddle, out of the way.

    The blue eyed shinobi got back up on the saddle and took the reins in her hand. She steered Cirilla away from snacking and towards the desert where they had come from. As afternoon passed into night fall, they sojourned across the land as long as it would take. A flock of silent and small birds twisted and floated around in the dusk sky and she assumed they were scavengers protecting their discovery of some poor fallen beast. The sooner she got the casts back, the sooner she could put Cirilla in a place that was comfortable for her.

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