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    Post by Kannagi on Sun May 24, 2020 7:38 pm

    Mission Info:
    Name: Tracks in the Snow
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Plot Mission (leads to future plot event)
    Solo: 20 EXP
    Location: Kellen Plains (Region 4)
    Details: Trackers and hunters up in the Kellen Mountain Range have started to find massive tracks, foot prints of a creature to large to be any normal animal. They tracks occasionally come down into the plains, but always return up into the snowy mountains. No one quite knows what these tracks are, but whoever made them is big, and fast. Shinobi are being sent up into the mountains to locate these tracks and hopefully identify what has been making them. (You can not find the actually culprit in these missions, just the tracks)
    Requirements: Solo must make a 600 word post.

    Everyone knew that traveling at night through the desert was a good way to conserve water and energy. Kannagi had taken a hearty nap before the ride and stopping twice for water allowed her mount to keep the same benefits. Kannagi was concerned about this mission and why she had even been assigned to the task. Travelling and moving through the desert was typical for one from the Irezumi family. She had been to the plains before a few times when she was younger but the tall plants and grasses were foreign to her because she had never stayed there for very long. The height of the plants made it hard to see anything below them and created a perfect environment for those who were familiar with it to ambush or attack. Considering also that this place had more overt wildlife than the desert to an untrained eye, she was surprised that there were no other genin better suited to the task. Still, she would complete the mission above expectations and she supposed it was still possible that other genin had been tasked with the same mission but the tracks had been so inconclusive that Kannagi had also been needed.

    Assuming that these tracks would be hard for her identify as unusual or different, she had read up on wildlife biology for the Kellen plains and had spent hours quizzing herself with pictures of the tracks of the most common species found there. She had purchased plastering powder and obtained three large used can from the Inn at Nikkousato's Strip as well. It turned out that based on her readings, many original scientists and experts studied tracks found by making casts of them in the wild and bringing them home for more examination. To that end, Kannagi carried several bags of the powder in order to make several casts. Over concerns of ruining tracks that she did locate, Kannagi had left Cirilla to roam on her own on the outskirts by the road while she entered the depth of the plains on her own. To her advantage, the sun had started to rise and with the help of the sun Kannagi said to herself, "I will find those tracks."

    As she got closer and closer to the mountain range, the blue eyed woman picked up on more animal activity. There weren't just tracks of varying sizes, but scat, bones, and some living specimens tunneling through the grasses around her. The first set of odd looking tracks that she did not recognize she had almost stepped in by mistake. Kannagi took out a can, used water and a stick to dissolve the powder into it and then poured the liquid into the track. It would need to rest for an hour uninterrupted and Kannagi decided to stay close to the track and try to locate more. She found a second and better set of tracks not long after and set the rest of the initial plastering liquid up to pour into the tracks. Kannagi sat beside the tracks and pulled out her canteen, this time to take a good drink. She had more canteens on Cirilla's saddle and didn't mind finishing this one off. She was really thirsty and waiting in the savannah was taking a toll on her. As the time passed, Kannagi cleaned up her materials and went back to the casts.

    She gently drew them out of the ground, grateful that the climate was dry enough for the plaster to work fast. The tracks she had obtained numbered up to three in total and was more than enough for completing her mission. With still one more bag of powder to spare however, she couldn't rid herself of the nagging feeling that locating more unusual tracks and making molds of those would be helpful in increasing her chances of having found the right set of prints. Kannagi traveled closer towards the mountains and the sun started to raise up in a delightful morning angle, just perfect for exploring the area without causing dehydration. Near to the base of the mountain, hidden in the shade beneath a stubby looking tree, the female located another track with unusual features. Taking into account how much closer to the mountain this track was. Kannagi swiftly pulled out the powder and cans with confidence. She reached for her canteen and then her heart sank. She hadn't considered needing more water for more plaster when she finished off the container with such vigor earlier.

    The blue haired woman dug around in her pockets, in her pouches, and came up with a series of unusable materials: string, senbon, medical wrapping, and a pretty blue marble. She held the marble up to the light and chuckled to herself,
    "I don't even know where this came from." She put the marble down and reexamined the contents of her pouches. She discovered a medium sized sake container and blushed. It was from a night out
    over a week ago, but it had a good chance of working out. She opened it up and stirred the powder into the liquid. She made the cast, and though it looked a little lumpy, after an hour the plaster had set. That was four whole casts and not a single shinobi out there had done better than that. Smugly, she carried the casts back to the edge of the plains.

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