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    A Casual Stroll... [Private, Social]

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    Story Teller
    Story Teller

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    A Casual Stroll... [Private, Social] Empty Re: A Casual Stroll... [Private, Social]

    Post by Story Teller Mon May 25, 2020 4:42 am


    A Casual Stroll... [Private, Social] Dac2c340d79f7a050806ae8174add2b95593fa6fr1-589-1046v2_hq

    Name: The Mole
    Gender: Male
    Village: Sun
    Rank: Unknown
    Title: Blaze

    The village was busy today, as it was most day, with people moving about the streets, enjoying the warm afternoon day. Sun villagers shopped about, buying goods for their everyday needs, children played in the streets and shinobi patrolled the outer wall, ensuring the village was safe. While most people out in this part of the village would have been busy with their own goals in mind, anyone paying enough attention would have spotted a short stout man, somewhere in his late teens, bobbing and weaving through the village. The people may have noticed him, but very few, if any of them at all would have known who this man was. Known only as The Mole, he was a man very few people in the village had ever seen, and only rumors floated around of who he really was. He was a short man, about five foot five, with shaggy black hair that covered the sun village headband he wore. His skin was a sandy pale, with crisp green eyes peering beneath the man. He wore a large red shoulder drape that hug over the top of his body, hiding any of his gear beneath and a large brown bag attached to his hip.

    The Mole was on a mission today, as he was everyday. With everyone else out enjoying their day, The Mole was completing yet another assignment, working once more. He wore a jolly happy grin on his face as he skipped down the street, turning a corner and heading right for his target. The man he was after was known as Sojiro Sakura, and Inukura and Genin of the village. He had been working his way through the ranks lately, completing a large amount of missions for Nikkousato and earning a reputation of his own. The Mole had received a docket on this man, and it was now his moment to play. It only took a few minutes to spot the black haired boy and his cute little pet. With a cheesy grin, The mole scurried over, using the crowd to hide his presence and the sound of his approaching.  "Hey there Sojiro!" He would call out loud enough for the boy to hear, trying to catch his attention without drawing the crowd in. "My name is The Mole, and i have been sent to meet with you! I do hope i am not disturbing you, but i never fail a mission, and today, my mission is you!" He would then stand there, with a large, awkward looking smile spread across his face.

    Surely Sojiro would be confused, after all it was not everyday that a stranger approached you claiming to be completing a mission. Speaking up once more, the boy attempted to clear up any confusion. "It has come to our attention that you have recently been rewarded with a new rank classification, your name was updated in the database as a B-Rank! Firstly i would like to congratulate you, second, and more importantly, i would like to fight you." He would then abruptly stop once more, staring blankly with that cheesy smile again.
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    Story Teller
    Story Teller

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    A Casual Stroll... [Private, Social] Empty Re: A Casual Stroll... [Private, Social]

    Post by Story Teller Wed May 27, 2020 2:03 am

    The mole was also not a very social person, in fact anyone who knew the man personally, and that was a low number, would have told you just how awkward he really was. He did not take social cues well, and had a really hard time relating to other people. Some claim it was how he was born and raised, others think it is because of how much he dedicates himself to his work. So when Sojiro was speaking ironically, this flew directly over The Mole's head. He had no way of determining the difference between sarcasm, irony or normal conversation. "Well i have direct access to all information dockets of every member in the village. I knew who you were the moment you entered the academy. Your activity here in the village has not gone unnoticed, and i am charged with testing you! " He would continue to wear the cheesy, half forced smile on his face.

    "But yes, if Sojiro Sakura is busy today, we can reschedule our mission for tomorrow. I am in no rush. " The fake smile would spread even wider, beginning to take on a very creepy and awkward look. "Just meet me at this address tomorrow morning at eight am sharp. I shall be ready to greet. " He would reach out and hand sojiro a folded up piece of paper, bearing the address in which he wanted to meet the man at. Then, without waiting for a reply, he turned instantly on his heels and scurried off into the crowd, vanishing between the multitude of people.


    The following day would have come quickly, atleast it would have for The Mole. He did not spend much of his time doing things other than training and completing missions. In fact he did manage to complete a mission the day before, after interacting with sojiro in the market. But now he sat there in an open sandy field, down in the shinobi training fields. He had given the boy the address and told him to meet him here. The Mole sat criss cross on the sandy ground, dead center of a 30 meter diameter ring. He had just finished eating an apple, and was now patiently waiting for his new mission to arrive. The sandy ring was surrounding by an open field of sand, with a large wall of rock and sand stone circling around the training ring. This was where he was going to put Sojiro to the test.
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    Story Teller
    Story Teller

    Posts : 241

    A Casual Stroll... [Private, Social] Empty Re: A Casual Stroll... [Private, Social]

    Post by Story Teller Thu May 28, 2020 7:30 am

    It was nearly time for Sojiro to meet The Mole, and the young boy was getting antsy awaiting the newly appointed B-Rank Genin. Sitting cross legged in the center of the circle, he began to hum a tune, off key and way out of sync with whatever the real song was meant to be. He was getting excited and could barely hold it in. Thats when his gaze caught the figure of Sojiro approaching the training field, a few minutes earlier than the time written down. So he was determined and punctual, impressive so far. The man with his odd white rabbit would pass between the two stone walls that circled the training area, and would enter the sand pit, stopping at its edge, about 15 meters from The Mole. With a large grin the boy would hop up onto both of his feet without even using his hands. His thick, bushy black hair would flop side to side as he greeted his opponent. "Welcome Sojiro Sakura! I am very pleased you joined me today! I am sure we are going to have a great time. My objective here today is simple, i am to push you to your limits and see what you are capable of. As for me, no need to worry, i shall be just fine. So give me all that you got, don't hold anything back!"

    He could crack his neck, twisted his head from side to side, then did a goofy wiggle, shaking off the morning rust. While he was very confident in his skills, he never took an opponent for granted, and always came prepared. While he loved fighting, he was given specific commands to test the boy, and that this was simply a mission. The Mole was going to have to control himself, as he often got carried away when having fun. Either way, it was for sure going to be a good time. "Now i normally would not wait away for my opponent to make the first move, but as this test is for you after all, i find it only fair you start the party off, dont you agree?" While he would still appear relaxed and a bit silly, The Mole was already prepared, his mind moving a hundred miles a second.
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    Story Teller
    Story Teller

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    A Casual Stroll... [Private, Social] Empty Re: A Casual Stroll... [Private, Social]

    Post by Story Teller Sun May 31, 2020 5:40 am

    The Mole smiled, blood beginning to pump faster and faster as his eyes narrowed. This was what he lived for, the thrill of combat, the chance to prove your worth in the field of battle. Sure today's bout was against an ally, a comrade and a friend, but it was still a fight, and he was going to do what he always did, his best. Sojiro had started the party just the way he liked, in a full sprint towards his opponent. He was quick, and allowed The Mole very little time to prepare his defense, the boy moving with the speed and ferocity of a wild animal. This was not the first time however, that the shaggy haired boy had fought a quick fist enemy. The Mole allowed wind type chakra to form on the bottoms of his feet, waiting for the perfect moment to spring as his combatant already hunched over and dropped to all fours, increasing his speed slightly. With a flex of his calves, The Mole pushed the wind chakra through his body, energy being forced out of the soles of his feet.

    This would launch The Mole straight up into the air, rocketing up about 10 meters high as sojiro would make it to his previous location. The boys deadly leg technique would come crashing down where he had just been standing, and if it was not for his wind jutsu The mole would have taken a serious blow. However the leg instead collided with the ground, sending a massive cloud of sand up into the air, and shaking the very ground he had been standing on just moment before. Hovering in the air for a second, the boy watched the area fill with sand, and while it was not high enough to reach him, it did block out the view of the ground and Sojiro beneath. With his view obstructed for the moment, he needed to even the playing field, forming another set of seals.

    Taking in a massive breath, The Mole would then exhale, spewing out a massive wave of compressed air. The blast would push him back slightly as it was aimed at the ground, allowing him to hover for a bit longer in the air. "This compression wave should do the trick" He thought as the wave of wind would blast not only the cloud of forming sand, but the surface of the earth and even Sojiro himself. While the wave of wind did not deal any damage at all, it was intended to apply a massive amount of pressure. It would first push all of the sand back down onto the ground, clearing the air. It would then compress the sand onto the surface of the ground, and Sojiro with it. This would make the ground more solid, harder and not as loose as it was before. This would also apply a lot of force to Sojiro, he would have his movement for the next post reduced by 5 meters, but would also be unable to leave the surface of the earth. This wave of wind would keep his feet planted solid to the ground, meaning he could not jump or attempt to lift himself up from the ground in any way.

    The Mole's cloak would begin to billow as the wind blew around him. Now that the sand was cleared out, he would lock onto Sojiro, confirming his location and watching as the gale of wind would continue to pressure the boy. Sure this technique was not very good for ending battles, but it was the perfect technique for keeping an enemy where he wanted, and out of his face. "Your move once more Sojiro."
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