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    Have your travels been fruitful? [Travel]


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    Have your travels been fruitful? [Travel] Empty Have your travels been fruitful? [Travel]

    Post by Mirai Mon May 25, 2020 8:24 pm

    It was the break of dawn. The sunlight swallowed the shaded road below. The smell of dew was fresh in the crisp morning air and it was time. They had discussed, just the night before, a mission in order to prove the worth of the woman herself. She was to be inducted into the crucible. It was admittedly far more lack luster than she had imagined. In truth, in stead of the trash talking and berating, she had expected the King of Blood himself to instead wrap his bony fingers around her neck. She had truthfully romanticized the idea in her mind. She didn't expect to be swung off her feet, or to be thrown into a wild frenzy, she just wanted more. That was what had motivated her to get up once more and continue her way down the long road in order to approach the barrens.

    Her heeled feet clacked along the stone road. In truth, the more she reflected, the less it mattered in the end. At the end of the day, her job was simple enough. She just needed to prove herself, but at this point, it would be a lie to say the lord of the long night hadn't disappointed her to a point that her faith guided by mysticism was shaken. There was no longer blind faith. Just as she had to prove herself, so did he. A smirk had made it's way on her face and she pushed her red hair behind her ears. It was time to prove she was more than a pretty face.
    Nemotoashi "Nemo" Houga

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    Have your travels been fruitful? [Travel] Empty Re: Have your travels been fruitful? [Travel]

    Post by Nemotoashi "Nemo" Houga Mon May 25, 2020 8:50 pm

    WHY DON'T WE JUST KILL HER? That would be rude. DON'T TRY TO BE FUNNY. We are pretty bad at it huh? YES

    Nemo though back to the day before. He hadn't expected Alvah to take such a brutal and forward approach with the woman. And his attempt to tear free Nemo's mask, to make him and Mirai fight had made Nemo reconsider some of his opinions on the Blood Angel.

    NOT BADLY. No, not badly. We expected him to be without mercy, we expected him to be an agent of desire and chaos. We knew he would be fire. Now we know that ice must temper it to the fullest. We do not know how cunning he will end up being. He is powerful yes. He is the head of a clan yes. He is a lord. A lord of the long night he called himself actually. We know that must carry weight. We have seen his power, his passion, his rage, his wrath, his desire, and most importantly we have seen his hate. Now, we must see his cunning, or we must shoulder that corner of the Crucible. Perhaps he will be the heart that pumps blood and hate, we must find our place in the Crucible. We are no longer a creature of base desire, we are a creature of a purposeful want. Correct? WE WEREN'T PAYING ATTENTION, WHAT DID WE SAY? So we are right then, if we are so reluctant to admit it.

    He passed through the gates of the Moon village, heading towards the barrens.

    WHERE DOES THE BIG BREASTED RAVEN FIT IN? Crude. BUT TRUE. Still. We do not know yet. Perhaps she is a bump in the road. A creature that fell before the wheels of the cart, only to be crushed underneath. The cart was only just made complete, it will not falter at such an obstacle. BUT WHAT IF SHE IS NECESSARY? Do we have a crush? ABSURD. If she is necessary than she will be used, as a piece of the crucible, just as I and Alvah will be. FUN. Yes... wait what did we mean by 'fun'?

    No answer huh? We are falling apart slowly aren't we? We need to fix it.

    The unassuming figure traipsed down the road, the Barrens were but a few days travel now. The answer would be found there.

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    Have your travels been fruitful? [Travel] Empty Re: Have your travels been fruitful? [Travel]

    Post by Alvah Mon May 25, 2020 9:26 pm

    Alvah was impatient as he waited at Gekkousato's village gates, his lithe frame leaning against the village gates with elegant yet brooding disdain, a permanent scowl seemingly plastered to his face as he waited for Mirai and Nemo to appear before him so they could leave and be on heir way to hunt down the legend of the Executioner blade. He was wearing a messenger style bag that laid against the small of his back, as well as being cladded in a jet black oriental suit with crimson cuffs and collar, Golden filigree forming a phoenix on the backside of the jacket.

    After the two companions of him arrived he would leave with them to be off to find the location of where the executioner had been laid to rest. He knew that more then likely they would find nothing, but any bit of information would be useful. Alvah sought to understand what had made the man into a demon, and what caused his downfall, so as not to repeat it. This mission was also a chance for Mirai to prove her self to Alvah once and for all. Hopefully Nemo would be on board with whatever decision Allvah would come too about the woman who traveled with them now, her being a Ketseuki might nothing to him. However, mayhaps she would show him something that would make him change his mind for the better about her, although perhaps she would not, and then she would be forgotten just as fast as she had entered into his life.

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