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    Hit Hare - Banira


    Hit Hare - Banira  Empty Hit Hare - Banira

    Post by Guest Thu May 28, 2020 9:03 am

    Name: Banira
    Type: Normal
    Size: Large

    Rank: A
    Contract: Rabbit/Hare
    Elements: Raiton
    Specialty: Ninjutsu
    Meters per post: 9 MMP

    Hit Points:
    -Can be hit by 2 A-rank attacks
    -Can be hit by 3 B-Rank attacks
    -Can be hit by 4 C-Rank attacks

    Chakra: 200 Chakra
    Stamina: 100 Stamina


    Hit Hare - Banira  Icon3
    ]Face-Claim:; Carrot from the anime One Piece]

    Standing at six-feet tall with ears of nine-inches, this particular breed of Hare is the Usagi Clan’s main combatant that is characterized by her humanoid form much like her mother, Moka. Unlike her mother, however, she has a much more defined body as she has long legs, arms, and a body built like that of a larger than average female. As she has developed more features that are characteristic of a human, she also resorts to wearing clothing that is usually characteristic of a blouse as well as a skirt. She is more wild in nature, much like the hair, so she has a more sculpted pelvic region to have larger thighs. Her hands and feet are equipped with nails. Her irises are red swimming in the pool that is her black orbs. This is likely due to her exposure to Senjutsu chakra. Her body is covered in a light white pelt, but the main traces of hair that comes from her head and backside are always long and wavy instead of puffy like that of a rabbit. This is likely due to her being more exposed to electricity and religiously practicing the Chidori arts in order to send streams of electricity into her palm that emanate and affect her fur.

    Hit Hare - Banira  Icon2

    Banria [Vanilla] as her name describes is depicted by her creamy white fur (Although she can change the color much like a Hare). Unlike the other Usagi Summons that are either playful or carefree, she is much more serious, saying very little to nothing at all. Due to her quiet nature and how she chooses to fight, this gives her the moniker as “Assassin.” Although she has shown to have a smile every now and again, her scowl is trademark and is usually upon her face to intimidate enemies and to send them fleeing. As the Usagi Clan’s main combatant among summons under her mother, Banira is very feared due to her skills.

    Hit Hare - Banira  Edit4

    When it comes to her casual personality, she is quite serious to the point that expressions and analogies go over her head. She understands the Usagi Clan’s lewd humor perfectly, but scowls upon it due to her being more attune to the tradition of her grandmother rather than her mother Moka. She does not like the nonsensical behavior of the Usagi Clan, often quarreling with matriarchs like Akemi Usagi and, due to this, adamantly acts as the Gatekeeper to allowing Moka to teach the Usagi Clan members Sage Mode (as her mother is much more forgiving of the clan). Banira is thought to be quite compassionate herself, but is very blunt and keeps to herself as she is paranoid that the Usagi Clan will try to manipulate her as they have manipulated situations with their indecency.

    Hit Hare - Banira  Edit1

    Banira is best categorized as a very powerful fighter in terms of her all out offense. She acts much like a spear, using her impulsiveness to act as the perfect defense without any regard of what could possibly happen as a result of her actions.  She thinks hesitance leads to disaster, and thus, will often be the one to prioritize striking without a plan, but doing so enough that she tries to get pre-emptive strike from the shadows before finishing off the rest of the targets. She may seem to act like she is attacking fully due to impatience, but it is out of concern as she has a way of trying to nip things from the bud before they grow into a problem.

    Abilities: Can have 2 abilities

    Usagi Legacy - As a Usagi Clan-based summon and a rabbit species, Banira has all the traits of a Usagi Clan Kekkei Genkai. Therefore, she can use the jutsu of the clan (without restriction of element). She is treated as if she is always using the skill “Pulse” but sees the range of 25 Meters that are around, above, or below her area. However, the one catch to this is that she is limited by the same drawbacks as the Kekkei Genkai. When struck directly from an explosive or wind-based technique, Banira is unable to use any jutsu related to this Kekkei Genkai nor is she able to use the vigilance of her ability for the turn she is struck by that attack.

    True Severe Hare Hurricanel - As a Usagi Clan  summon and a Hare, she is in touch with her true abilities as a Hare. The difference between a Hare and a Rabbit lies within several traits: their leg strength due to them being wild. Due to her raw strength and kicking prowess, she is able to add a powerful extended range to her kicks in the strength of a powerful velocity impact (5 Stamina = 5 Meters). This makes it so most of her kicking attacks, regardless of their short range will gain a direct impact to the body of her opponents from the force alone. Alternatively, this range can not just be extended in length, but also in width (5 Stamina = 3 Meter radius) as anyone who is within range of her when she lands a direct impact kick while near the target or while sweeping out her leg will feel the impact of this attack.

    Jutsu: 7

    Chidori Nagashi (A) [Chidori Current]
    Chidori (B) [Chidori]
    Needle Jizo (B) [Hari Jizō]
    Needle Hell (B) [Hari Jigoku]
    Rabbit’s Run (D) [Usagi no Hashiri]
    Heahoppu (D) [Hare Hopping]
    Earth Release: Tunneling Like a Rabbit (D) [Doton:Usagi no yōna ton'neringu]

    Items: None
    Status: Restricted || Summon - Hare/Rabbit Contract


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