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    Post by Kannagi Sat Jun 06, 2020 5:52 pm

    Mission Info:
    Name: Supply Delivery
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Location: Within a village's Region
    Details: You have been hired to take basic supplies from the village out into the wild. Several shinobi have been posted up in the region to patrol, and are in need of basic things like food, water and a restock in ninja tools. You must brave the wild with a bag full of these supplies, and deliver them to the outpost located in the region.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words.
    Kannagi Irezumi had been given an assignment to help a local trader. She went by the name of Dinah Kreskof and had no husband or children. Plenty of genin had helped her in the past with various chores for her business was in breeding and raising camels. Even Kannagi had helped clean out the stalls or groom the golden camels for Dinah. This mission however was a delivery mission and specifically the blue haired shinobi had been requested. It made plenty of sense to Kannagi: she knew the desert well and her people believed that camels, horses, and other similar creatures were sacred ones with strong lively spirits. Who else would have the best combination of skills to help supply an outpost with a herd of camels?

    Dressed in light gray pants and a white shirt, her shinobi forehead protector settled at her waist, Kannagi approached the small stables. A slumped wooden sign with hand painted words dictated this was Kreskof Stables. It rested crooked to the side, but the last time she had offered to fix it for Dinah, the old woman had given her a verbal strike. She was as proud as she was old. The stables were a place devoid of manners, etiquette and societal refinery. It was a place that many would have said wouldn't have lasted a month in Nikkousato, but Dinah's rough demeanor hadn't dissuaded any from purchasing from her once rumors got out that she had the best herd in the Sun's whole lands. The gray haired woman surprised Kannagi by informing her that she was not needed to escort an entire herd of camels but just the one. She explained it was a special case scenario and wouldn't say more when Kannagi pressed her about it. The blue haired woman wasn't going to argue about a mission that seemed this easy and had set on the road shortly after, riding atop the golden camel, Minnie.

    "Aren't you a little old for traveling?" Kannagi asked the camel. The heat bore down on them and the kunoichi stroked the camel's dusty coat. Camels had always seemed less expressive than horses to Kannagi so she wasn't abundantly shocked when the creature continued lumbering forward through the sand. Due to the age of her mount, Kannagi had stopped overnight to ensure the health of the animal for delivery. Kannagi used a kunai to slice a few apples into smaller pieces. She reached into the camel's pack and withdrew a small basket, filling it with the cut halves of fruit. Minnie munched on them noisily, the slurping sound combining with the crunch of chewing to Kannagi's dismay. She didn't care for the slobbery sounds they made. The kunoichi collected the blanket from the camel and spread it over the sands. When the camel knelt down to rest, Kannagi curled herself up and also slept through the chilly night. At dawn, a red sun woke them both and hurried them on their way.

    After some hours of trudging, the pair finally made it to the outpost. Kannagi asked around the busy outpost until she was directed to a young man there, not much older than herself. Kannagi spoke to him about the general care of the camel, handing over the camel's woven blanket, the modified saddle and pouches, the little basket and leftover fruits, and finally a dense looking camel brush. Kannagi reminded the man how to brush the camel's teeth and showed him the basic commands for a rider to use as well. After all of the information she had to share was unloaded on the young man, he gave her a pouch of gold to return to Dinah. Kannagi gave Minnie a good pat on the flank before heading back out into the desert and home to Nikkousato.

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