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    House of Horrors Pt 2 Empty House of Horrors Pt 2

    Post by Kannagi Sat Jun 06, 2020 7:01 pm

    Mission Info:
    Name: Patrol the Village
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Location: Within a village
    Details: There is always something going on in the village. Low level criminals, basic thieves, or natural disasters like fires can pop up at any moment. Patrolling the village is the duty of all shinobi, and you must make sure all is well in the village. Patrolling consist of walking the streets, watching over business, looking into rumors, and just keeping an over all eye on things.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words.

    A chest high wrought iron fence wrapped around the dusty old house before Kannagi. She leaned on it and could see the street lights long shadows constructed by the dark busts of men adorning the front lawn. The scorch marks were invisible at night, the eerie building simply looking unremarkable and old. She had promised the old man, Tobei that she would go inside and sort out his concerns. The windows laden with dust were still too dense to see through but it didn't matter. Kannagi had come prepared with a lantern. Most would think of her as old fashioned for using one, but it was more reliable and she had used it for traveling to Nikkousato from her family that very first time she entered the village, riding on Cirilla's back. She flicked the lantern on and turned the knob, adjusting the height of the flame to shine light for her to see by and then made her way through the gate and to the door.

    The blue haired woman approached the door and did the respectful thing first: she knocked and established to the house, or its spirits as Tobei believed, who she was. "I am Kannagi, shinobi of Nikkousato. I am coming in and looking around." It felt so strange, so wrong, to talk to a door of an empty house. Everyone knew this place was abandoned. Maybe the family had moved away and nobody else stepped in to take it. Maybe it belonged to an old woman who had already passed, but the house remained locked in her will. Maybe it used to be an orphanage but all the children had found suitable homes. The last one was a doubtful thought so she amended it out loud, "Maybe a newer better orphanage was built." The floors creaked when the kunoichi entered, having gotten no discernible response from the building. She walked around the first floor with her lantern first, marking out important places.

    The first floor contained a kitchen with beaten up cabinets, a table, and chairs, and a row of half empty wine bottles upon the counter top. The table was dusty but also smeared, as if fingerprints were present. The evidence from this room alone had her shouting out to the house again, "Anyone here? Make yourselves known!" She looked around the kitchen in the dim light and made her way into the next room where a moth eaten couch sat stained and and dark in the center of the room and a fireplace filled with ash and soot that littered the floor rested across from it. A series of paintings on the wall above the fireplace showcased only images of large fluffy dogs of different patterns and personalities too apparently. Some of the dogs had open mouths and lolling tongues while others had shoulders hunched and a snarl on their face, tails wagging behind them. What strange person had placed all of those up there, she wondered. At a closer look, the dogs looked somewhat like wolves. "Hmm," Kannagi whispered. She listened carefully and heard nothing from the house still. She stomped her fit a few times, but other than a cloud of dust floating upwards, there continued to be nothing.

    A small washroom connected to a small library finished out the first floor. The books lined the shelves and the shelves lined all but one of the walls; that one wall being where a desk sat. Again smears of hands, small palms upon the desk edge identified that maybe Tobei had been right about something being in this house. Not spirits, but people. Kannagi turned to walk out of the study and head to the stairs near the front door. The second floor still needed to be examined but she didn't get that far. As she started to walk out of the room, the door slammed closed in front of her. Kannagi jumped in surprise and reached for the handle to open it. "Yee-ouch!" She yelped, jerking her hand back. She almost dropped the lantern as the metal door handle had burned her hand. Angrily she kicked the door once. It was solid wood, thick and made well, so her kicking came with demands, "Open this door at once! You're not being funny!"

    She was struck hard in the back and winced, turning to see a small tornado of books behind her. A dozen or so heavy volumes circled about in the room and every few seconds, one of the texts would launch themselves at her. Kannagi frowned hard unable to believe her eyes. She bit down on her thumb hard enough to make it bleed, hoping to break any present genjutsu cast over her. Another solid hit in the stomach this time informed Kannagi that she was not in an illusion. Something had to be causing the books to float! Kannagi returned to the door and wrapped her burned hand in her skirt's fabric before trying the door again. It burned a hole through her dress but she managed to get the door open. The blue haired woman huffed hard and stepped into the doorway, staring at the living room with incredulity. The couch was overturned. The paintings had all tilted sideways and rattled against the walls. A loud voice echoed in the room as flames exploded to life in the fireplace, "Get out! Leave my home! You disturb my rest!"

    Kannagi squinted at the fire until her eyes hurt. Another book flew at her from behind and she dodged it this time, taking a step forward. "Who are you? Where are you? I am a shinobi and these attacks are unlawful!" "You entered my domain! You are weak! Leave or die!" She crossed her arms. Either her spiritual radar was really off or there were none to be found here. "Spirits don't do this. I'm not falling for your folly!" For everything she knew, spirits were guiders, healers, messengers. They did not mettle in the affairs of people nor did ancestors return from the dead to plague the living. "I warned you.." crackled the voice from the flames. The fire suddenly winked out and another thrust text smashed into the lantern Kannagi was holding. It broke open and oil spilled onto the floor. What were the chances of such a hit being an accident? Thoroughly frustrated, Kannagi turned back to the library and closed the door behind her. The door threw itself back open and she jumped backwards.

    "I swear I am imagining things. All of this can be explained. There are people here, no spirits. No angry spirits."
    Kannagi headed towards the front door, planning to leave. Investigating without light was pointless and during the day she would be able to bring another in to have her back if those books or flames came at her for another try. As she approached the front door, it was already open a crack, letting in the night wind and street lights. To the side of her, Kannagi heard a metallic clang and she jumped. She pulled out a kunai from her pouch, "I've had enough games. Reveal yourself! Now!"

    Emerging from the darkness of the kitchen was Tobei. He stumbled towards her with his cane and she lowered her kunai. "What are you doing in here, old man? I told you I would handle it." Tobei took another faltering step and Kannagi grabbed for his elbow to support him. "Let's get you out of here," She said softly. "I heard the voices. I told you and you didn't believe me." Kannagi nodded, "I know. Come on, let's go." A searing pain fell over the woman's right arm and when she looked down she saw dark blood rising from the cut upon it. "Tobei?" She asked perplexed. He wielded a kitchen cleaver and it confused her like crazy. The sight of it made her suddenly very angry. Has this all been a set up. The flames burst to life in the other room again, sending flickers of orange light along the hall. "Don't let her live. She is weak. She has tampered with the dead! Kill her or you will die too!"

    Tobei looked apologetic and frightened and made a lunge for Kannagi with his cleaver. Being so close to him, she hadn't many options for defending herself without harming him. Kannagi through herself backwards and into the stairs. The floor rattled and suddenly released, the stairs folding downwards and depositing her into a metal box in the cold dark basement below. The stairs folded back up and she was left in the black. She had dropped her own kunai somewhere in the tussle. The blue eyed woman heard and saw nothing. Her whole body hurt from falling into the metal chamber. "Hello?" She called into the darkness. "Hello?" Her hands slapped frantically at the walls but there seemed to be no way out. "Hello!" Kannagi shouted louder. A clicking of a lock and the opening of an eye slot just above her own eye level appeared. An orange and yellow glow filtered in through the small hole and the powerful voice from the fireplace before set out laughing boisterously at her entrapment.

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