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    A Petal-Scented Wolf (Group Mission)

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    Uchiha Akegata Mikomi
    Uchiha Akegata Mikomi

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    A Petal-Scented Wolf (Group Mission) Empty Re: A Petal-Scented Wolf (Group Mission)

    Post by Uchiha Akegata Mikomi Wed Jun 10, 2020 2:27 pm

    Mikomi picked her way through the street, weaving between vendors and shoppers. As she walked, her thoughts turned to the other morning, in the hospital. It had all gone so wrong, so quickly. The more she met these people, the more she felt unsafe. Hikari's sudden and erratic actions. Gen's blind faith. Sojiro's sudden coldness had struck her especially hard. The phenomenal power that all shinobi carried with them belonged to these people? The more they interacted, the more she was coming to believe that this world was balanced on the tip of a knife. She had met, and knew about, several shinobi who were far too young for this, to emotionally unstable to wield such abilities. But now it seemed that every shinobi she met was on the verge of complete breakdown. Like everyone she met was too damaged to be trusted with the powers they had.

    The one who most disturbed her was Sojiro. Many times, he had implied a superior position to the others in the group. He was a genin like them. Just stronger. Did he think that might made right? And if the shinobi who had assigned them to those missions agreed with that sentiment, was that worse?

    While she had been thinking, she had found her steps had carried her to the Infinite Canyons. She had been told that Sojiro was here, perks of being an Uchiha. So she picked her way through the twisting tunnels. Until she finally came upon the cave that he was in. she pushed her way into the entrance. Before she entered she spoke, her tone light "Soji? Bored yet?" she spoke to alert him of her presence, so that he wouldn't attack her, not knowing who it was.

    Who is Uchiha Akegata Mikomi?
    What can she do?

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