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    Zap Fosho
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    Kataki Road, traveling to the Barrens Empty Kataki Road, traveling to the Barrens

    Post by Zap Fosho Tue Jun 09, 2020 1:22 am

    Karite sighed as she got up that morning. She took her shower and got dressed. She put on her normal shinobi outfit. She put on her black shorts and then started with her tops. Her black shirt hug close to her fishnet long sleeve undershirt. Her curves showing properly. She threw her cloak over her outfit and put her arms threw the sleeves. She decided to close it and put up her hood. She did a couple warm up stretches to make sure she was ready for the patrol. She yawned and walked down to the kitchen, where her sister was waiting. "Hey Hitomi, going on a mission with a teammate. I'll be back as soon as I can." She smiled and and ran out of the house.

    She ran to the front gates and smiled as she waited for Ami to show up. She was happy that she would have a teammate in this long journey to the Barrens. It was hopeful thinking on her part that it would be a quick one. She was unsure of what she would find when she got there. She noticed Ami running to catch up to her at the gate. "Hey Ami!" She giggled and waved. "I hope that you are ready to go. Let's do this." She giggled and stretched her neck softly.

    She began walking off with Ami at her side. She took off to Kataki Rd. She walked down Kataki Rd, hopeful that the journey would stay safe until their destination. She kept conversing with Ami about random and unrelated topics to pass the time. The journey was a long one. She kept the travel up to the Barrens at a decent pace as they finally reached the Barrens after a long journey.


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    Post by Hyūga Ami Tue Jun 09, 2020 1:55 am

    Kataki Road, traveling to the Barrens TtAoDFx

    Ami woke up slightly more groggily than she had expected to. It was still the early morning as the girl slowly rose out of bed. It took her a moment to realize that she had a mission to do today, remembering her talk with Karite about another mission they would do together. The Hyuuga really enjoyed having company, much more exciting than doing missions alone. She made a quick piece of toast while brushing her teeth, thinking about the adventures ahead. As she tried to pick an outfit, the young shinobi remembered about the antidote she had to take with her.

    Phew, almost forgot, she thought to herself as she took the antidote for her heart condition and put it in her pocket. It was merely for safe keeping since she wouldn't want to cause any unnecessary problems while on a mission with Karite. She quickly got dressed in her usual black dress, took her katana and was out of the Hyuuga compounds. It was surprising to her to be going out so frequently recently, having not gone anywhere since becoming a Genin. She guessed it to be a good thing and smiled to herself for making some new friends.

    She would meet Karite and head to the Barrens. Although she wasn't exactly sure what was ahead, she knew that she could count on her friend. Karite always looked so confident, something she respected a lot. Ami on the other hand wasn't always so, half because she never pays attention to things. So in a way she was really glad to have met people who were completely opposite from her. The Hyuuga especially enjoyed these missions with Karite because they clicked so well together without seeming foreceful.

    They would chatter about all things irrelevant while they walked onto Kataki Roas, which was a long-winding road to the Barrens. The two girls talked, laughed and enjoyed their time together, all the while keeping a mindful eye of their surroundings. This was the first time for Ami to take this road and she had heard that there were cases where some shinobi got into fights or accidents along the way. She secretly hoped that they would make it to their destination peacefully, as the last thing she wanted was unnecessary trouble. The two girls would find themselves at their destination some hours later, all the while Ami wondering what lay ahead.

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